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Crash Mats Reviews

Crash Mats
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Average Rating 4.4/5
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  Excellent for home bouldering wall
Self-installed in Garage
Eric B. from Ann Arbor, MI wrote...
Recently built a MoonBoard bouldering wall in my garage. It's 12' tall with a 40 degree overhang. Falls can be uncontrolled, so it's important to have a flat and padded landing surface. This crash mat is more than sufficient, and fits perfectly, as the wall is 8' wide (just like the mat). Incredibly durable, well-constructed, and clean design. Highly recommended!
  Perfect as a climbing pad
Verified Purchase
Ted from Boulder, CO wrote...
I bought this for my home climbing wall and it’s been a great addition. It covers a big area and the 8” depth is perfect. Definitely worth it!
  Great product
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gym
Julie Seen from Tennessee wrote...
Better than expected arrived on time in great condition. Very good Mat.
  Crash mat
Verified Purchase
Installed in Home
Anonymous from San Diego wrote...
Really happy with the crash mat, exactly what we were looking for, looks great, outer leather-ish material is thick and looks durable. Only problem was late shipping/delivery…supply chain problems…I guess par for the course these days.
  Not what I was looking for.
Verified Purchase
Installed in karate dojo
Anonymous from 39532 wrote...
The mattress arrived in a big box (two separate parts inside). It requires more than one person to put it together. It is very tough, not soft (as I was told). So either this is a different crash mat or I was using a bit up one. If you land sideways on this mat you will not hurt yourself but it will not be soft. I was expecting a not-so-hard mat. If you are looking for a soft mat go somewhere else. Not bad quality, but not soft.
results 1-5 of 5
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