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3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls Reviews

3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls
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$205.28 Roll
reg: $2.73 sqft
roll $273.71
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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  Solid and durable
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Rochester, MN wrote...
I ordered the product with at least a minor level of curiosity/concern as to whether the product would stay firmly and securely in place during the course of active workouts. Very happy and confident in saying that without question this is a heavy duty, durable product that can take a beating AND stay in place. The rolls fit very seamlessly together side-by-side. I used 2-sided carpet tape at the seams--between that method of adhesive and the weight of the product, it's not goin' anywhere!
Customer review image of  in Fitness Center
Customer review image of  in Fitness Center
Customer review image of  in Fitness Center
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Fitness Center
Laurie C. from Federal Way, WA wrote...
We installed the rubber flooring we purchased for a new fitness center for our corporate employees here at Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way, Wa.
  Heavy Duty Floor
Self-installed in Inside home
Jean J from Charleston, SC wrote...
We wanted a product to protect a hardwood floorr that was just like a gym floor. Finding a product that also helped the environment by using recycled tires was perfect. We purchaed the 3/8″ 50'' roll and are very happy with the results. Thank you.
  Home Gym Solution
Self-installed in Home gym
CM from Kansas wrote...
Laid this down in a 16x24 home gym for my wife. She's very happy with its appearance and feel. It laid down with a few bubbles on the seams but we warmed up the room and the seems laid flat and now appear seamless. Make sure you square the end before starting, the rolls do not come cut square on the ends.
  Beautiful and functional
Self-installed in Closet/work-out room in Master bedroom
DannyT from San Antonio, TX wrote...
Material laid down very nice - seams are perfect -- I used 3″ double-sided tape down the middle of the seam. Next time I would use two strips, one on each side... It would have been easier to manipulate the flooring... That said, the seam is perfect. I used a straight-edge (it was a sheetrock square) and a sharp utility knife -- changed the blade a few times... Worked perfectly. It does not compress much... So this type if very good if you have heavy equipment. I am super-satisfied with everything about this product.
  Great quality!!
Self-installed in Training Studio
Forever Young Fitness from South Bend, IN wrote...
Love this floor! The first thing I did after I installed it was a leave a barbell loaded with 300lbs sitting on it overnight to see if it dented and it did not! It doesn't color flake like some less expensive versions do. Super heavy to work with but that's what you want. Delivery went great, couldn't be more pleased! I didn't even glue it down and it lays beautifully.
Anonymous from Usa wrote...
  What asked for is what I got
Self-installed in Apt complex fitness center
Dave from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
I’m very very happy with the product We put it into an apartment Fitness Center and the rolls we the perfect length. We did two rooms. The first I had our flooring installer put it down and he insisted that gluing it down was the best way to go. He used to much glue and wasn’t good about keeping the edges tight and yellow glue leaked up. It took as much time to clean up his mess as it took to put it down. I watch the install instructions on YouTube and decided to do the instal in the second room myself using tape under the seams. Though This was my first time trying to lay this type of floor it went down quickly and looks great! Follow the instructions and it goes down great. I was concerned about how much it might smell, but it was not an issue. I would buy this product again in a heartbeat, but I’m looking for a new flooring installer!
  good product
Installed in homegym
Anonymous from WI wrote...
good product, easy to install w/ their adhesive, easy clean up. like it better than the individual tiles and its cheaper
  Residential Workout Room
Self-installed in Home Gym
Jon B. from Frankfort, IL wrote...
I purchased the 3/8″ Pre-Cut HD rubber rolls, 4' x 25'. I have to say, getting the 4 rolls into the basement was the most difficult part of the job. Rubber cut with ease with a utility knife, went througfh several blades however, because I kept making contact with the concrete underneath. Rolls laid out with no problem. Did not use adhesive or double-stick tape. Rubber is heavy enough that it won't move once you have them butt up to each other. Would do it again if I had to.
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Awesome for Agility
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from McComb, OH wrote...
We converted our basement into an agility room for our dogs to use during the winter months. This product is absolutely perfect! It is exactly what is used at facilities that host agility competitions. Great price, excellent customer service (Whitney knew exactly what we needed!) and easy to install. No glue or tape was needed. We are very satisfied and highly recommend this product.
  Looks good, no smell
Self-installed in Office gym
General contractor from Santa Rosa, CA wrote...
I was worried about using recycled product. But it looks like a real gym floor with no smell. Holds up to heavy Universal weight set so far. I rolled flooring out overnight to acclimate to room then installed 1/2″ away from wall. Product did expand a bit so holding back from the wall was a must..
  Gym flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Ormond Beach, FL wrote...
These rolls are perfect for a home gym. The product does not smell and looks great! Installation was not hard and I recommend it for any DIYer. I found the rolls were extremely difficult to maneuver so I cut them to length in the garage and then carried the pieces upstairs to a home gym. There's really no need to glue them down unless you're using much smaller pieces than a typical room width as the weight holds the pieces in place. I cut through the product easily with a utility knife and the t-square was priceless. One hint, the factory end is NOT straight...trim it first.
  3/8" Pre Cut Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls -excellent
Self-installed in Pinball Game room
Anonymous from York Maine Pinball game room wrote...
Ordered 4 25' rolls. Came as ordered. EASY INSTALLATION!!!! Installed this over a concrete floor for a pinball game room. Installed easily although as you can imagine a 25' roll is about 240 lbs so it might be good to have a helper. I had to make two big cuts but with t square and sharp knife it was not an issue.. This was installed in a 14 by 24' 6″; room in just over an hour. I purchased the t square which worked perfectly and is a quality commercial grade tool that you could use for the rest of your life. With a new razor in the utility knife the flooring cut easily. the edges lined perfectly. The smell of rubber was very strong initially but went away within a few days. We researched this product and without doubt this is the best priced and best product we could find. I recommend it in the highest degree. Lies Flat, seams line up to the point of disappearing, comfortable to stand on and with the multi-colors looks great!! Awesome company awesome product!!!
  Product delivers on its promise
Self-installed in Basement home gym
Andy Hunn from Leesburg, VA wrote...
Got the 10% grey rubber precut rolled flooring - look when the delivery freight is included, it's not cheap. But damn it looks good. At 3/8″ the flooring is more than thick enough for a home gym, and it is unbelievably heavy - this helps it lay down and uncurl - you couldn't see the seams in the flooring almost immediately, and after a few days they were completely gone. Also - i hoped and confirmed no adhesive was needed to make this lay flat on my concrete floor - it's so heavy that the weight alone does it. One caution - because rubber is a petroleum based product, it does have a strong rubber odor, it seems to be gradually dissipating as each week passes. Would recommend the product wholeheartedly.
  Pre-cut heavy duty rubber roll
Self-installed in garage
Bill Jones from Lewisburg, WV wrote...
The roll came, delivered to the door, in excellent condition. We unrolled it and easy put it down on the garage floor where our SUV usually sits dripping water and snow in our garage. The water is now contained on the flooring, easy to sweep out the garage door or evaporate on it's own. We feel sure the snow, when it comes, will be just as easy to get rid of instead of wetting the entire garage floor. Thank you for an excellent product, great service, free shipping and a good price.
  Great high quality product
Self-installed in Home gym
Ryan from Cheyenne Wyoming wrote...
Great, high quality product! Very durable, easy to install. Worth the $.
  Love it!!
Self-installed in In our garage
Cait Stanfield from Skiatook, OK wrote...
We are so in love with our new flooring. It was so easy to install and works perfect for our home gym!
  Exactly as advertised
Self-installed in Home Gym
Jason from Portland, ME wrote...
Rubber floor rolls are exactly as advertised. Great product and works and looks great in our home gym. The ends of the rolls aren't always cut straight but super easy to fix. All you need is a straight edge and a utility knife! In my experience the rolls came slightly longer (few inches) to allow for trimming to length with a squared edge.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Fantastic Quality Flooring!!!
Installed in Home Gym
Jerry B. from Atlanta, GA wrote...
This was great purchase. The 3/8″ rubber roll flooring was surprisingly HEAVY, and when it arrived on the pallet, I lifted those 4 rolls into the house and down into my gym...and my back was feeling it. I knew right away that this wasn't some Wal-Mart quality item here. I was oddly more excited about the flooring than the gym equipment that was going to be sitting on it!!! When the installation was complete, I walked around on it for a while and realized that this felt 100% real deal...the same commercial grade stuff you'd find in a big-name gym. I love it!!! This flooring makes a says ″this is a serious workout space″, and it really does a great job of setting the foundation for the years of work we'll be putting in on that flooring and in that room. We had it professionally installed, and we also bought the adhesive, tape, cleaner/de-greaser, and the flooring finish/sealer to go with it. The cleaner did it's job, and the sealer really but a nice sheen on the flooring to top off that ″finished″ look. We are THRILLED with the finished product, and would highly recommend this product to ANYONE looking for a product that will really add appeal and durability to whatever you choose to use it for.
results 1-20 of 75
1 2 3 4