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Bow Wow Pet Turf Rolls Reviews

Bow Wow Pet Turf Rolls
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$12.93 Linear Foot
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linear foot $17.24
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Front Yard
Customer review image of  in Front Yard
Customer review image of  in Front Yard
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  Looks Great!
Installed in Front Yard
Chuck from Chandler, AZ wrote...
I can't be more happy with this turf. It has transformed my yard. I live in AZ and I had rocks in this area before. Now with the turf, it looks like I have a lush, green yard. I didn't install it, but the installers said it was a breeze. Time will tell how it will perform in the AZ summer heat!
Customer review image of  in Backyard
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  Great turfgrass
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Backyard
John from Neptune city, NJ wrote...
Product is excellent except came in three separate deliveries. Dogs love it and looks great. I did all the work myself, just need to take time do prep and make clean cuts. Very happy with quality.
Customer review image of  in Yard
Customer review image of  in Yard
Customer review image of  in Yard
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Installed in Yard
John from Chandler, AZ wrote...
I live in the middle of the desert, well not exactly but Chandler, AZ is close enough. Keeping the grass and changing it out every year was becoming a chore, so I needed a solution. I came across this site and talked with a rep and got some samples. I really liked this sample and how much softer it was compared to some of the other stuff out there. I have a few dogs, so I for sure wanted something they could enjoy year round. This stuff fit the bill. I didn't install it, but from what I saw it didn't look like it was too terrible to do. 5 stars to this company and their product! Will consider them for other projects I have coming up.
  Happy with the turf
Brandon from San Mateo wrote...
It wasn't as bad of an install as I was anticipating. It feels nice and will stay green all year.
  Good experience
Sammie from Berkeley, California wrote...
Shipped quick and good service.
  Thumbs up
Ricky from Plano, TX wrote...
I just needed a small area for my dog to be able to relieve himself in the corner of the yard. Once he got the hang of it, it's been soooo easy to do his cleanup all in the one spot. I recommend putting together a small area and get your animal trained to stay within that area. Way less work with poop scooping.
  Bow wow Terrific
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Next to shed in back yard
Sandy from 55421 wrote...
I purchased the Bow Wow Turf Roll and It has worked out great. I created a run for the dog to use as a potty area. The grass is softer but the blades hold up great. My dog had gotten used to it right away. Great investment
  Great improvement to my back yard
Self-installed in Back yard
Anonymous from Odenton, Maryland wrote...
My decidion to go with artificial grass is because my town house back out to a wooded area. No matter what I did to get real grass to grow, it just became a wasted of money. (Pine-needles) It's been a few weeks since I laid the artificial grass and I can't believe the transformation. The turf is soft, my dog loves rolling around on it, and the maintenance is zero to non. I would highly recommend this product. I am 61 and completed this project from start to finish alone.
  Easy to install, durable, comfy.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Kennel
Anonymous from 81328 wrote...
Easy to install, durable, comfy.
  So far so good
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Backyard
Fred from Hobbs, NM wrote...
So far I’m enjoying the pet turf, fairly easy to install the prep was harder than installing! Definitely have recommended to friends already
  happy pups
Rebecca from Calhoun, GA wrote...
Glad that we found the turf from this company
  Dog loves it
Installed in Backyard
Peter from Tuscon, AZ wrote...
I was worried my dog wouldn't like these, but he does! It doesn't seem to bother his paws any!
Ben from Tennessee wrote...
The turf has been a total lifesaver. very happy and have recommended to many people
William from Ca wrote...
Feels good without shoes on
  Love our turf
Self-installed in back yard
Charlie from Salt Lake City, UT wrote...
The turf rolls look great and feel nice underfoot. Very happy with the product and shopping experience. Thank you!
  Good balcony space
Self-installed in Balcony
Hallie from Chicago, IL wrote...
I got these for my small dog on the balcony. It doesn't seem to poke his paws and he uses them. Great product!
  Drains and I don't have to water it.
Zachary from Thousand Oaks wrote...
I'm so happy to have a backyard that doesn't need to be sprayed down or have a PITA sprinkler system installed. It's literally 0 maintenance
  Family and pet approved
Danielle from Carmel, CA wrote...
Competitive price and quality compared to other products I've seen at the bigger stores that shall not be named. It's also 'softer' than I thought it would be which makes sense since it is pet friendly. Family approved
  Great product
Self-installed in yard
Paul from Santa Barbara, CA wrote...
I'm very pleased with how soft the ″grass″ is and my dogs are adjusting to it well. They love having a play area just for them! This didn't take us long to install and seems to be a quality product.
Ben from Sunny Phoenix Arizona wrote...
It was a large purchase for me and took some time to really figure out what I needed. The installation wasn't too labor intensive, definitely something that can be knocked out in a few hours with some buddies. Will review again in a few months to see show how it's holding up.
results 1-20 of 24
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