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Performance Turf Rolls Reviews

Performance Turf Rolls
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$16.58 Linear Foot
reg: $3.40 sqft
linear foot $22.11
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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  Great New Addition!
Self-installed in Gym
Kyle from Cantonment, FL wrote...
We just got our new turf installed last week. After a week of use our members are thrilled with the new addition and we are very happy with our purchase. It was super easy to install and looks amazing! We will definitely be ordering again to add on to this existing strip.
  PT clinic turf
Self-installed in Physical therapy clinic
Aaron Dudley from Trophy Club, Texas wrote...
Ordered 48’ of performance turf for high traffic use in busy PT clinic. Quality product. Relatively easy to install having had minor experience with flooring in the past. Ordered ramps for elevation change in floor surface. Also easy to install. Definitely recommend for gym/clinic use!
  Awesome turf
Self-installed in Gym
Anonymous from Durham NC wrote...
My clients really enjoy this turf!
Customer review image of  in Gym
Customer review image of  in Gym
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  Love It!
Self-installed in Gym
Ryan from Littleton, CO wrote...
I love the flooring from flooring inc. I use it for my garage gym.
  Great product
Anonymous from New Mexico wrote...
Bought this for my CrossFit gym and my athletes love it.
Brad from NV wrote...
  Great for sled pulls!
Anonymous from North Carolina wrote...
So nice to not have to do these outside in the weather anymore. Thanks for a great product!
  Durable yet still comfortable for work outs
Todd from Anaheim, California wrote...
Would recommend
  Multi purpose / sleds
Kyle from Boston wrote...
Great for multi purpose gym
  Great turf for working out
Allen from WI wrote...
Highly recommend
  Great product
Craig from Georgia wrote...
Ordered samples and got help with placing the order from a nice sales representative. Thanks!
  Multi function
Wayne from OK wrote...
Kettlebell, ropes and agility approved
  Looks Great!
Self-installed in gym
jen from Anna Maria Island, Florida wrote...
Installation was definitely not as easy as some of the reviews or product info make it out to be. We had a large area that had to have several seams. The turf had to be re cut for each seam which was rather difficult. Once we got all the seams situated and glued it down, it turned out really nice. It has been a great addition to our gym!
  Great For My Gym
Self-installed in Gym
Jim from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
I have been wanting to get turf in my gym for a while now. We have had a lot of people wanting to push and pull sleds, and doing it on rubber just wasn't going to cut it. I wound up coming across this site while doing some Google searches and thought this product looked promising. It was the right size for the lane that I wanted to create, so I got a sample to see its durability. It was great. I really liked that it came with a foam backing. We have had it installed for about a month now, and man my clients love it! Definitely will and have recommended this to other friends of mine. A+.
Self-installed in Garage Gym
John from Pasadena, CA wrote...
Perfect size and quality.
  Can't Beat It
Self-installed in Gym
Chris from Chicago, IL wrote...
I have been doing a lot of shopping around for turf and this by far has been the best one I have come across. The size was perfect. We added this to our gym as a training lane for pushing and pulling sleds. All the other turf out there is 12' wide or 15' wide and we would have had to cut it to fit the space that we had allocated for this. With this one only be a little over 6' wide, it was perfect. We went with the non-foam backed version because we were trying to save some dough, but eventually we will probably add some foam underneath the turf. This company has a foam pad that will easily go under this so will probably will get it from them. I also like how much softer the blades are compared to several other turf products we looked at. When we have clients on the floor, we aren't worried that they will get poked or scraped up doing stretches or floor exercises. Overall this was a great buy and I can't say enough about the quality and service.
results 1-16 of 16