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1/2" Mega Rubber Rolls Reviews

1/2" Mega Rubber Rolls
Price from
$9.76 Linear Foot
reg: $3.25 sqft
linear foot $13.01
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Average Rating 4.9/5

Customer Reviews

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Great Product
Self-installed in Garage - Home Gym
from San Antonio, TX wrote...
Great product – easy to measure and order. Installation was a breeze. Two sided tape is the way to go! Not the cleanest picture – but we just drilled the holes for the gym rack.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great, high quality product - cumbersome
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
from KY wrote...
Just put down five 16' long 1/2" thick rolls in my basement for a home gym and it looks great - like a commercial gym really. I love it. Be warned though, each roll weighed close to 200 lbs, so they are tough to work with. At 1/2" thick they are tough to cut as well. I used a utility knife, but it takes maybe half a dozen passes to cut all the way through the roll. My basement is unfinished and one wall of my gym is still open, so I went ahead and glued it down. If your space is wall to wall you could probably get by without the adhesive. It's heavy, and rubber - so not like it is really going to be sliding all over the place. I'm very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a high quality home gym.
Great Product - Pro Tip for cutting discovered
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Maple Grove, MN wrote...
Great product - very heavy duty. Discovered about 1/3 of the way into my project that you can use the cardboard tubes the product ships around to help cut the rubber. Score 2-3 times with a utility knife (frequently changing blades) using a t-square as shown in the rubber flooring inc videos but then, for these very thick ones, position the tube underneath where you are cutting and with one hand behind (out of the way) of the blade stroke, spread the rubber over the cardboard tube. This way your knife isn't also "fighting" the friction of the 1/2" rubber. Works great!
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Redmond, WA wrote...
Love my gym floor!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Way better than expected
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Northeast wrote...
After scouring the internet extensively for gym flooring options, I decided on rubberflooringinc, as its website had the most informative detail on flooring, and the quality of the reviews seemed the most consistent and highest. Moreover, it seemed that rubberflooringinc was the only one to distinguish among the different types of recycled rubber, which gave me confidence that it used the highest quality recycled rubber available. This was important, since the better the rubber, the less the smell. There was one website that offered virgin rubber mats, but their cost was prohibitively expensive. The phone representative at rubberflooringinc that helped me with sizing, and placed my order was courteous and knowledgable. Nearly a week earlier than scheduled, the delivery driver called me to schedule a convenient time, and I asked if he could place the mats on my driveway, as opposed to the sidewalk. My 5 rolls of 4' x 11' mega rubber arrived perfectly, strapped together, piled on top of a wood pallet, all 700 something pounds, placed nicely on my driveway/walkway, well in from the street. I understood the rolls were heavy, but when you look at them, you just can't imagine how heavy they really are until you try to lift them. The rolls were all cut slightly larger than my 4 x 11' spec, which I guess is good, but I measured my 11' x 20' room exactly, and didn't want to cut them very much. I laid the first 4 rolls down easily, and the side edges were all machine cut and perfect, so they lined up seamlessly, which was very cool. But they all were about 2 ft longer than my specs, and I realized it is not easy to cut the ends across, since the roll is so thick, it doesn't fold into the corner/edge right angle, so you have to approximate the cutting point. They also can scrape your walls black if you are not careful about letting the excess length down gently when laying it down. In addition, be advised that each roll was about 1-2 inches wider than spec as well, which left one section that needed to be cut lengthwise. You definitely need a straight edge and a solid cutter to make your cuts. The actual cutting is easy. For the lengthwise cut on the final roll (call it #5), I simply laid it down along the outer wall, with only an imperceptible space to account for any overlap, then I laid the excess width on top of mat #4 next to it. The mega roll is so heavy and thick, it lays pretty flat on the other mat, so I placed the straight edge down on mat #4 right up against the overlapped edge of mat #5, and cut a straight line into mat #4 (the one underneath). I then removed the thin cut portion of mat #4, and pushed the edge of mat #5 down into the cut side of mat #4, and it fit almost perfectly. If anything, it will be a little too tight, so you can use the imperceptible space you left between mat #5 and the wall to level that out. It all should end up looking seamless as long as you made a straight cut. The matting had an very minor rubbber smell, not unpleasant at all for a few days, and I am very sensitive to bad smells. I didn't really even "air it out", and at this point, a couple of weeks afterwards, there is almost no smell at all. The rubber feels great under foot, feels indestructible, with just the right amount of give and resilience for jumping activities. I cannot express how happy I am with both rubberflooringinc, the company, and the quality of my mega roll gym floor. If you are looking for the perfect gym flooring, there is no need to look any further. The only things you have to be prepared for, are the cutting, and the heavy weight of the rolls.
horse barn asile way
Self-installed in Barn
from Reidsville, NC wrote...
Put 2 4x60 rolls down the middle of my horse barn. I love them.. Great product. Laid completely flat.
Very Happy
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Sandy Hook , CT wrote...
I love the product.... this is the 1/2 inch with the teal flecks.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer RubberFlooringInc- Customer RubberFlooringInc- Customer RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Absolutely Perfect
Self-installed in Weight room
from Michigan wrote...
I did a lot of internet research on rubber flooring and decided to go with the 1/2" Mega rubber rolls. The shipping was fast. The installation was easy with a tape measure, T-square and a razor knife. The rubber smell was not too bad and had dissipated after about a week. I have weight equipment on top of this rubber flooring and it doesn't even put a dent in it. The seams blend in when the rolls are placed side by side.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Exactly What We needed
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Houston, TX wrote...
The weight was tremendous, but so was the quality. The floors are actually better than my crossfit floors. They came perfectly as ordered in the projected amount of time. They are easy to install IF you have a very strong person around...again the weight of the floor is crazy! We did a 13 x 16 gym space upstairs. Looks fantastic and professional. Great product.
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
About the Rubber Flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Austin Texas wrote...
I am a powerlifter that puts this rubber flooring to the test. I spent some money and got the 1/2 inch thick. I have a slab underneath with laminate on top of that. I can drop an Olympic 7 foot bar with 350 lbs. (and more) on this floor no problem without damaging my bar, my weights, or the floor (which is what happens when you are dead lifting heavy weight). Worth every penny. Don't waste your time buying some cheap crap that will flake off and fall apart. Plus it looks awesome and also absorbs the sound blasting in my home gym from the super loud speakers. Do your self a favor and buy the good stuff. This floor will last forever. If you really want to make the rack area super badass then put an extra piece on each side of the rack and that way you are dropping your bar on a full inch of solid rubber. This is what I did :)and yes I will send a picture of the gym area where my rack is.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Solid Product
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Scottsdale wrote...
Installed as gym flooring in a 16' by 19' room. Product is very heavy and requires a helper to set it up and get it in place. Once in place, forget about it and enjoy. We had a lot of small cuts to make to fit in doorway openings and such, so keeping a sharp blade was essential. Once the rolls are down and tapped into place so they butt each other, they seem to be set for good. We didn't use tape or glue and after 3 months there isn't the slightest hint of separation or spread anywhere. Extremely dense and strong product. Does not show any indentations from machines or weights. I would highly recommend this product.
Great flooring
Self-installed in Weight room
from Ohio wrote...
The floor looks great and was easy to install. It took a little longer to get it than the 7-10 days I was told but the snow might have had something to do with that.
Awesome result
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Memphis, TN wrote...
Love this floor, took some careful measuring and cutting, but the results look awesome. Each roll was 200 lbs, so needed help getting the floor upstairs.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Easier to install than you think
Self-installed in Home gym in garage
from Dallas, Texas wrote...
1st the flooring itself is great, is great gym flooring-- not to soft not too hard. 2nd easy to clean. I've been just spraying with water and moping it dry. Takes me maybe 1 minute for 8x8. 3rd Great quality for a great price. Spent half of what we had budgeted. 4th was easy to install. Watch the video and put a little thought in to planing and it will go in fast. A sheetrock adjustable square makes cutting the flooring square a cinch. Hope this helps!
Meh. It's ok.
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Chicago wrote...
The 1/2" roll material is sturdy and shock absorbent. The rolls are really heavy so you'll need 2 people to install it efficiently. Keep in mind that the rolls are not cut to the exact dimensions specified. Cutting the 1/2" material is challenging. You'll need a carpet knife and a few blades. The biggest drawbacks are: (1)The surface is not smooth. It's somewhat rough and can "pill" like a fabric. There are smoother options out there. Check out some gyms for examples. (2) The rubber odor lasted 2.5 months before diminishing. Not sure I'd buy it again.
Black mat shows dirt everywhere
Self-installed in Gym
from Westport, CT wrote...
I ordered the 1/2" mega rubber roll in all black and can not keep the floor looking clean. After every client the floor gets dirty over again. Do not choose solid black or you'll see footprints/dirt every time someone walks in.
Home gym complete
Self-installed in Home gym
from Lancaster, CA wrote...
Didn't order a sample so wasn't sure what I was going to get. Fortunately it was exactly what I wanted. Something clean looking, somewhat easy to install and durable. The hardest part is it's so tough that the rolls are hard to move because they weigh a ton. I recommend you have a dolly or help to move these rolls. I had 3 3'-21' rolls and did the install by myself. The were .5 inches and I couldn't be happier with the product. For those who want an effective and great looking home gym this product is for you.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Best move we made
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Beaufort, SC wrote...
We started out with foam tiles from somewhere else for our home gym floor but after a few weeks of running, jumping, lateral moves and mountain climbers they separated all the time and were dangerous because they would slip out from under your feet. So.....after looking around we found this AWESOME rubber floor and are very happy with the results....very easy to install, thick and DOES NOT MOVE!!! We have run, jumped, done mountain climbers, lateral moves with no issue! We cannot be more pleased!
We finally have the basement gym look!
Self-installed in Basement
from Atlanta, GA wrote...
I am so glad that we decided to go with the 1/2 inch thickness and the speckled gray mat. With a rowing machine, treadmill, elliptical and a weight cage, paying for the extra thickness made a huge difference! The speckled gray flooring will help it not look so dirty, as I am, a little bit of clean freak. It was definitely heavy like others have stated but we completed the flooring ourselves. Purchase was well worth it!! We are all excited about using the equipment and working out, instead of feeling guilty that is is just sitting down there all alone.
Gym floor
Self-installed in Gym
from Long Island ,NY wrote...
This floor exceeded all my expectations. I have it laying on cold concrete and the rubber isn't that cold. My gym looks amazing gave me that feeling of being in a top of the line gym .

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
results 1-20 of 105
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