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Shock Turf X Reviews

Shock Turf X
Price from
$95.85 Linear Foot
reg: $8.52 sqft
linear foot $127.80
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Average Rating 5.0/5
Customer Reviews
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  Love it!!!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Kendrick Rodriguez from Austin,Tx wrote...
At first I had the performance turf, which was alright my issues were that it was abrasive and wasn’t able to handle lite impact weight dropping or placement. Spoke with customer service and they were more than helpful. Although I spent a lot of time on the phone with them they were able to come though and hook it up with there finest turf the shock turf x! Totally in love with this turf! Not only does it look amazing in my garage gym it’s incredibly soft, allowing my to stretch on the turf with no issues and it’s able to take a beating from my weight dropping. I highly suggest this item!
  Easy to cut and lay.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Dale from North Carolina wrote...
Love this turf in my garage gym. It meets all expectations for the price. The only thing that surprised me was how it came when ordered. I laid a 6 ft strip between rubber rolls on either side. When I placed the order I asked for 5 ft by 20 ft. The other rolls I got came 4ft wide by 20ft long and the turf came 12 ft wide by 6ft long. I was just surprised when it came off of the truck. The company left additional footage in the order to allow me to make square cuts and not run out of material.
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  No regrets
Verified Purchase
Installed in Studio
Anonymous from Hamilton, IL wrote...
Amazing quality & finisher to our personal training studio. Just the beginning - Rubber flooring will go around the turf! We love it
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  Fantastic Products
Self-installed in Gym
Andy from Tuscaloosa, AL wrote...
I was so pleased at the quality of the flooring I received. It is heavy duty and high quality materials. The look is fantastic. The weight of the product is very heavy and I have no doubt this will be extremely durable for years. We went the cheaper route and used double sided tape for install, this along with the weight was ideal for my small budget. Installation was challenging due to the angles and amount of cutting my facility needed but with a bunch of help I was able to get it done in 4 hours and it looks awesome!
  Looks great in the gym
Installed in Inside gym
Anonymous from Pennsylvania wrote...
The gym looks great with this addition.
  Nice product
Jeff from Kansas wrote...
This turf is extremely durable. Great product.
  Great color
Self-installed in patio
Anonymous from Pittsburgh wrote...
Color of this turf is super saturated and bright. Love it.
  Durable floor
Torrie from San Diego, CA wrote...
This turf is perfect for tough workouts. I love working out on it!
  Happy customer
Emily from Nevada wrote...
I love working out on the turf. Great product!
  Perfect for sleds
Self-installed in Indoor gym
Anonymous from Kansas wrote...
We opted for a glue down installation for sled pulls. Works great!
  Happy customer
Self-installed in gym
Chad from Indiana wrote...
This stuff looks awesome in our gym and it's really high quality. I'd highly recommend it.
Kim from TX wrote...
Love the bright color of the turf in our gym
  Love the color variety
Self-installed in Gym
Peter from Houston wrote...
We picked up some colorful turf for our gym. It looks great!
results 1-13 of 13
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