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Pentz Revival Carpet Tiles Reviews

Pentz Revival Carpet Tiles
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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  Great flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Hershey,PA wrote...
We ordered five samples to help us decide on color. The samples were smaller in size it’s sufficient for us to make a decision. We use the flooring in our basement and were able to install it ourselves using double-sided tape. The carpets is soft on your feet and adds warmth to the basement. It’s perfect for our needs. Great product.
  Good office carpet
Installed in office
Walter from Houston wrote...
This hides dirt really well and holds up against the comings and goings of the office. It's a good carpet.
  Affordable quality flooring
Heidi from Alachua, FL wrote...
These carpet tiles were the perfect option for my home office flooring. They're inexpensive and look great, adding a little zazz to the room!
  Beautiful floor
Anonymous from TN wrote...
I am pleased with the quality and look of the tiles
  Great in my weight room
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Bellevue Washington wrote...
I bought these tiles to go over a concrete floor in a basement weight room. To save money I used Gorilla tape to attach the tiles together instead of the product that Flooring Inc. suggests. The carpet tiles are almost the same size as my hallway's ceramic tile so the room has a nice even transition. At one point in the installation a rubber foot on a machine left a dark greasy smudge that made me think I would need to pull up the tile. My husband suggested trying a little acetone on the smudge. It lifted it up and the tile looks great. I don't know how long the tiles will last, but I would recommend these carpet tiles to others.
  I like it
Anonymous from Philly wrote...
Cheap price but looks good.
results 1-6 of 6
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