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Catalina Premium Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Catalina Premium Turf Rolls
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Is there a grain to follow when installing Catalina Premium? I've ordered some more but haven't installed the previous 2 rolls yet that I ordered earlier. When installing is there a particular way to install as far as grass line? Thanks
When installing our Catalina Premium Turf Rolls, there is a direction to the roll to a certain extent, but for our orders, they all come from rolls that are all made the same way. Since you will be brushing the blades when you are installing the turf and placing infill in the turf, you typically don't need to worry about the direction of the blades as they will be standing up.
What is the method of cleaning artificial turf - blower or vacuum to remove leaves, flowers and tree debris?
You can clean our Catalina Premium Turf Rolls with a blower or with a turf vacuum.
How easy or difficult would it be to remove dog poop from this? And would the drainage rate allow it to be rinsed with a hose?
It is pretty easy to remove dog pop from our Cataline Premium Turf Rolls. Pickin up dog poop off of our artificial grass rolls would be the same as on natural grass. For solid, dried poop, you would be able to use a pooper scooper, and for looser stools, you can use a hose. When hosing down the turf, the drainage rate will be substantial enough that you will not have any issues with pooling. If you used crushed granite, the drainage rate of your turf would be better than natural grass. To help keep the smell down on your turf, we do recommend using two items. The first is our Zeolite Max infill. We recommend adding this under the turf and on the turf. This infill helps to neutralize the odors that come from urine and stool. Also, to help keep your turf smelling fresh, we recommend using our Turf Fresh spray. You can use this as much as is needed to keep your turf smelling fresh.
How will this hold up, or should I say down, during high winds?
If it were a windy day and your turf was installed the way we recommend, you would have no issues with the turf being blown away. If there were a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado, there would be potential for the turf to come up.
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