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Polyboard Questions & Answers

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Customer Questions

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The dimensions listed for the polyboard indicates it is 1”x4”x20’. Is the thickness actually 1”?
Ted McKinnon
Our Polyboards are 1" thick by 4" wide by 20' long.
I live up in Maine, how does this product hold up in freezing temps, or below freezing temps?
Jeff Johnson
Our Polyboard is made from plastic and is freeze/thaw stable so it will be able to withstand the freezing temps of Maine to the scorching temps in Arizona.
Does this come with stakes? if so, how many?
Our Polyboard doesn't come with stakes, but you can purchase them. You can find these on the product page for the Polyboard.
I have a small planted area approximately 8'X8'. Two sides are concrete, two sides are grass. You state your product is flexible, can it bend to 90°, perhaps with a little help from a heat gun? Also, how would I attach it to the concrete areas? I can drill the concrete if necessary?, or the base is dirt. How would it attach to the turf sides? There isn't enough info on your web site to allow me to decide if it can be used for my planter. I wish you had a distributor in So Cal so I could see it, to better understand and exactly how I might be able to use it. Currently it has bricks lined up as borders, but I want something neater and more professional looking. I've looked into pouring a concrete curb, but estimates for concrete are $150 for the curbing, and extra $200 due to such a small job. Your product would save me hundreds if I were able to make it work. Do you have installation instructions available so that I might learn if this can be adapted to my needs? Thank you in advance
Don Bunnell
Polyboard provides exceptional flexibility and can be bent as needed with the help of proper accessories. Please check our product page, under the "installation" tab, I have added a detailed installation guide which will be helpful for you to understand the entire installation process in detail. You may also check this video for more installation information
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