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Turf Tiles Questions & Answers

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Turf Tiles
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Can these grass tiles be used outside? I have a gravel road base, ?and this area is a pet area.
Our Turf Tiles use a nylon fiber will fade in the sun, so we don't recommend their use outdoors. You can use them outdoors if you are ok with this. As long as the base is solid, these tiles will work great for your pet area.
Can the turf be used in a garage where a car is parked?
Our Turf Tiles can be installed in a garage. If a car were to be driven over these tiles, you might see some depression in the turf where the car is parked. This indentation may never spring back. Also, if there is any dirt or oil on the tires, some staining may occur that may not come out. Depending on how you drive in and out of the garage, there may be some separation of the tiles.
Can these be vacuumed?
Our Turf Tiles can be vacuumed with a suction style vacuum.
I'm interesting in installing turf in my football themed basement. What is the recommended method of applying the yard lines, team logo, etc? Is there speciality paint? Is the paint more commonly done as a DIY project or applied by a professional?
To add lines to our Turf Tiles, you can use a variety of white paints, both removable and permanent. Installation of these lines can be done by anyone whether an amateur or professional. Just have to make sure you chalk out your lines so that they look straight and professional.
Can these tiles be cleaned with a shampoo cleaner like a Rug Doctor or something similar?
To clean your Turf Tiles, we recommend using a vacuum or broom to clean off any large dirt and debris. For any stuck on dirt and debris, we recommend treating those messes with a mild soap and water solution and rag.
I'm interested in using these in my basement. How do they handle slight moisture?
Our Turf Tiles are able to handle moisture very well. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant and are very easy to clean and maintain. Since these tiles are interlocking tiles, in the event of a major flooding event, you can pick up the tiles, clean them off and replace them.
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