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Gym Floor Covers Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Gym Floor Covers
Price from
$5.24 Linear Foot
reg: $0.59 sqft
linear foot $6.99
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Is your product paintable?
Our Gym Floor Covers can be painted on.
I am looking for a gym floor cover that tennis can be played on.
road tennis academy
You can put our Gym Floor Covers down to protect your gym floor and also play tennis on. You will need to secure the covers to the subfloor so that they do not move. The best way to do this would be to cover your gym floor with and underlay, and then place the gym floor cover over top of that. You can adhere the gym floor cover with double sided tape or a pressure sensitive adhesive.
What NFPA classification do the mats have. Need to know flame spread index classification for our project .
Our Gym Floor Covers are fire retardant to all standard fire codes and pass NFPA 701, CA Fire Marshal, and UL 300 testing.
How thick (mm) would the 32oz cover be?
For our Gym Floor Covers, we cannot provide the mil thickness because the fabric cannot be measured in mil thickness as a standard. Only weight per sq yd.
Does the floor covering need to be taped down to the floor for normal foot traffic?
Our Gym Floor Covers don't have to be taped down. We recommend taping them down so dirt, debris, and liquids don't get under the cover and damage the subfloor below.
Is the 22 oz floor cover ounces per SY? What is the tensile strength & tear resistance?
Terry Cromack
Our Gym Floor Cover weights are per square yard. The tensile strength for the different weights is as follows: 32 oz - 375 x 360 (Warp x Filling) ASTM D5034, 27 oz. 315 x 300, 22 oz. 295 x 285, 18 oz. 280 x 270, 10 oz. 495 x 340. The tear strength for the different weights is as follows: 32 oz. 210 x 210 (Warp x Filling) ASTM D2261, 27 oz. 125 x 90, 22 oz. 110 x 75, 18 oz. 90 x 65, 10 oz. 76 x 76.
Would this floor cover work for an indoor foam party to make a non-slick surface over a finished concrete floor?
Our Gym Floor Covers would work as a floor protectant for an indoor foam party. These covers are very easy to clean and when installed properly will not allow any liquids to penetrate to the subfloor below.
Could this flooring be used to cover a lawn or brick surface to be used under an outdoor tent for events?
Bernard Walters
Our Gym Floor Covers can be used over any hard flat surface that you would like to protect from spills, foot traffic, and the like.
Can I adhere a carpet to the floor cover?
Yes, you could adhere carpet to our Gym Floor Covers. If you were to do this, we would recommend using a pressure-sensitive adhesive. If looking for a more permanent bond, you would want to use a polyurethane adhesive.
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