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1" MMA Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
1" MMA Mats
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can you use these for wrestling mats? Is it possible to take a shot on these?
Our 1" MMA Mats can be used for some wrestling moves. Since these are tiles, there is a potential for them to separate with some moves. A shot will not be move that could be done on these tiles without a high probability of separating. For wrestling, we do offer a wide range of mats that would handle this move and our two most popular mats are our Home Wrestling Mats and our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats.
I live in an upper floor apartment and would like to exercise without bothering my downstairs neighbor. I want to jump rope and do exercises like jumping jacks, etc. The floor is already covered with a thin 1/4" carpet. Can you recommend a product that I can lay over the existing carpet that would eliminate or reduce any noise as to not bother my neighbor below? Thank you.
Our 1" MMA Mats are very shock absorbent, but would not be appropriate for the types of exercises you are wanting to do. For those exercises, we would recommend using one of our rubber mats. The mats that would work the best would be our 1/2" Mega Mats or our 3/4" Extreme Mats. Both will help to absorb the noise created when you are doing your jump training and will also provide you with optimal shock absorbency.
My neighbor's kid (2 years old and thin) is constantly running and jumping upstairs. I live downstairs and can't bear with those noises on an everyday basis. Can your MMA mats significantly reduce the noise from that kind of running and jumping? If it does I have to buy some for them.
Our 1" MMA Mats are very thick and shock absorbing and will help to reduce the noise from the upstairs apartment.
I'd like to put this floor in a room in my basement, but the room is 14' 1" x 12' 10". Is it possible to cut these tiles to fit and still be able to lock them together properly?
Our 1" MMA Mats can be cut easily to fit your room with a sharp utility knife and straight edge. These tiles will still interlock with each other since you are cutting the side(s) that will go along the wall.
Are these a good choice for a home gym that will be used for cardio equipment, light weights, yoga, and aerobics?
Our 1" MMA Mats can be used in your home gym under equipment, for light weights, yoga, and aerobics. Under the equipment, you may see some indentations. These can be mitigated by the use of our furniture sliders. For some aerobic exercises, you may get some movement. To help reduce this, we recommend the use of some double sided tape.
We'd like to use these first as play mat for baby. Does it slip easily if just placed on carpet? How about on tile- how slippery is it? Once baby outgrows it, husband would like to use for bjj: do the tiles stay together well enough to handle jiu jitsu? Thanks!
Our 1' MMA mats are very slip resistant over carpet and tile. These tiles will work great as a play mat for your baby and were specifically​ made for BJJ, jiu-jitsu, and other martial arts. So no need to worry about the tiles coming apart or notwithstanding the intense nature of the workouts.
My daughter is in gymnastics. Would this flooring work for practicing her floor routines?
Our 1" MMA Mats would work to help your daughter practice her gymnastics. We do offer a wide range of Home Cheer Mats that are ​better suited for this purpose. You can find these mats on our foam mats page.
How well do these work installed on top of carpet? The area I want to use is carpeted and don't really want to pull it up.
Our 1" MMA Mats work well over commercial grade low pile carpet. Over high pile carpet, the tiles may separate a bit which may cause a tripping hazard; This is due to the carpet pad being depressed under the carpet.
I'm looking for a mat that I can block knitting projects on. This would involve pinning and stretching a damp sweater on to a mat to shape it. There are smaller, but similar, foam interlocking mats sold in knitting stores, so I thought this would be a great larger alternative that would also disassemble for easy storage after use. Anyone know if your mats are the same material as the ones sold in knitting stores?
Our 1" MMA Mats can be used as a block for knitting products and has been successfully by many of our customers.
What kind of cleaning products are recommended for this?
We recommend using a mild soap and water solution for stuck on stains with a rag or synthetic mop and a broom for any large debris.
Hello I want to put these under a putting green I have. I was going to use double sided carpet tape to adhere the green to the tiles. Do you think this might work? I noticed a few reviews stated these are slippery.
You can adhere putting green turf to our 1" MMA Mats with double sided tape. Our double sided tape is very strong and would bind tightly.
I’m interested in the 1” MMA mats for my fitness room. I do a variety of exercises (mostly fitness videos) including plyometrics (lots of jumping), aerobics, calisthenics (jumping jacks, etc.), yoga, weight lifting, pilates, etc. Are these appropriate for that?
Our 1" MMA Mats are ideal for high impact workouts but are not the best for certain side-to-side movements. If you do these types of exercises on these tiles, we recommend using double sided tape to keep the tiles together. The tape would go under the tiles and keep the tiles from separating.
I am using this for an indoor gym for preschool aged children. Do you have any stats or certifications regarding fall height?
Our 1" MMA Mats are not fall height rated. They do help to cushion falls but are not tested to the standards needed for fall height certification.
What adhesive should be applied to glue this EVA foam rubber to the bare wooden floor?
You can use our 5900 Series adhesive to glue our 1" MMA Mats to a wooden floor or any pressure sensitive adhesive.
If I purchase enough to make a 9'10" square, do they automatically ship with the correct assortment of beveled edges and corners to trim all of the edges?
When you order our 1" MMA Mats, each tile will come with removable edge pieces. These attached edge pieces are not beveled. For the beveled corners and borders, you will need to purchase them separately. If you need assistance purchasing these, please feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat or email.
I have to store these mats in an attic that can reach 120F+ during a remodel. Will the heat damage or melt them?
120+ degree heat will not damage or melt our 1" MMA Mats.
Are the MMA mats ok for bare feet? Which would be better, the MMA mats or the Tatami mats? I do martial arts with bare feet, frequently sliding, pivoting, etc. Which would be best for bare feet? Thank you!
It is ok to have bare feet on our MMA Mats. A lot of our customers like the texture of the Tatami Tiles versus the MMA mats due to fact that the pattern minimizes rug burns. But other than that, they are both equally great with bare feet.
Will these "slide" on hard wood floors? Would rollup mats work better? These will be used primarily for martial arts with stand up sparing and ground grappling applications as well as yoga. We are looking to cover a 10x10 area. Thanks, Sue.
There is a possibility that our 1" MMA Mats will slide on hardwood floors when not installing a whole room installation. To prevent this, we recommend using double-sided tape or a rug pad to keep them in place.
Can these mats be used outdoors?
Our 1" MMA Mats can be used outdoors and have. Since these tiles are made from foam, there is potential for the tiles to degrade over time in the elements. Also, since these tiles are not UV stable, they will fade in direct sunlight. Since they are interlocking tiles, when a tile does become damaged, you can easily replace it with a new one.
Did you test for formamide in your EVA foam product?
Our 1" MMA Mats are tested for formamide and are formamide free. To get the testing for this and all of our other testing, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat, or email.
Is it ok to use it as a playground for 6 months old babies?
Our 1" MMA Mas can be used a playground flooring for a 6-month-old baby. These tiles are tested on a regular basis and are safe. They will also provide ample shock absorption while the baby is at play.
We would like to use these 1" mat for baby protection on top of the granite in front of our fireplace, will the flames/fireplace damage or melt the foam?
Our 1" MMA Mats and all of our foam tiles will melt if placed in or near extreme heat. These tiles have been placed in front of fireplaces with ease and do not melt in those conditions.
What would be the reasons for choosing either 2x2 tiles or 3x3 tiles.
There is no real advantage to choosing one tile size versus the other in our 1" MMA Mats. For smaller spaces, using our 2' x 2' tiles is more ideal. For larger spaces, our 3' x 3' tiles are typically desired since it will help to reduce the amount of time it takes to install your new floor.
Does the MMA 1" mat come in a 3'x3'?
Our 1" MMA Mats do come in 2' x 2' tiles and 3' x 3' tiles.
So I bought these mats for a section of my garage around my punching bag but found that they slide around now when I'm hitting the bag, do you have any type of under sheet of grippy rubber to prevent slipping?
If you have movement with our 1" MMA Mats, we recommend placing some double-sided tape underneath the tiles to help keep them in place.
I noticed the feedback for aerobics use. Would this be a good solution for HIIT workouts, CrossFit, P90X3?
Our 1" MMA Mats are great for HIIT workouts, some CrossFit, and P90X. When installing these as a full floor, they will not move when worked out on and will provide you with ample shock absorbency. When installed as a mat, these mats do have the potential to move around when performing certain moves. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using some double-sided tape under the tiles.
Do the mats slide on carpet? If so, what can I use to secure its grip to the floor?
Our MMA Mats, under normal use, typically do not slip when placed over carpet. If during your workout, they were to move, we do recommend placing some double-sided tape under the tiles. This will help to keep them in place.
Will wearing athletic or crosstraining shoes on these mats damage them? Or do you need to be barefoot while on them?
You can wear shoes on our MMA Mats without damaging them. You will want to make sure that any shoes that you do wear don't have any spikes or other sharp objects on them. Also, we recommend not wearing high heels on our foam tiles as they will leave impressions in the tiles and could potentially damage the tiles.
Can this be installed on an uneven concrete floor? We are converting our garage into a playroom. We want to find something that can hold up to heavy use from young kids but can also cover over the concrete which has some spalling and pitting.
Our 1" MMA Mats can be installed over floors that aren't perfect. As long as the cracks and pits aren't too large, these tiles will go over them with ease. If the cracks are pretty large, you run the risk of the tiles becoming damage due to use. In those instances, we would recommend repairing the concrete before installing our tiles.
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