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Playground Swing Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Playground Swing Mats
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$89.98 each
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Are the playground mats available in larger sizes? What is the approximate cost of shipping per mat?
Our Playground Swing Mats come in one size only, but we do have other sized mats on our Playground Mats page. The largest Playground Swing Mat we carry is a 3' x 5' mat. The price for shipping of one mat is $126.99, but the shipping for multiple mats will vary depending on your location from our facilities. You can get an exact charge when you take the mat(s) into our shopping cart and put in your zip code.
Do the swing mats go above the wood chips or under them?
Our Playground Swing Mats are meant to be placed over your wood chips to prevent the wood chips from being displaced underneath your swing set or slide.
How do the mats react with rain? Will they build mold if exposed to moisture?
Our Playground Swing Mats will not build up mold if exposed to moisture and hold up just like your tires would in rain. These mats are made from recycled tires.
Do you have any playground mats that are ADA compliant?
Our Playground Swing Mats are ADA compliant.
We are looking at using your mats on top of a solid surface at exit points of slides and other features. will they stay in place or will the need to be attached?
Our Playground Swing Mats are heavy enough to stay in place on their own. They do not need to be attached.
Can these go on concrete?
Our Playground Swing Mats can be installed over concrete, or any other hard, flat surface.
Am I able to cut these down to a smaller size?
You can cut our Playground Swing Mats to a smaller size with a band saw or with a very large bread knife. If you do cut them with a bread knife, you will want to make sure you have plenty of elbow grease handy.
Can the mats be placed over grass?
We recommend placing our Playground Swing Mats over hard surface but they may be used over grass.
Will this work over sand?
John Campbell
We recommend placing our Playground Swing Mats over a hard surface but they may be used over leveled sand.
Are they hot underfoot? Compared to grass, artificial turf or mulch.
The mat would get warm, depending on how much direct sunlight it receives. About as warm as artificial turf, the slide itself, or a swing seat. We always recommend wearing foot protection/footwear no matter what the outside play surface or temperature is.
Does water go through the swing mat? We are putting it over tree roots to protect the tree from the kids swinging and wearing down its roots
These mats will hold up water on the surface, and will not allow it to pass through.
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