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Tuff Turf Peel & Stick Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Tuff Turf Peel & Stick Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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I'm looking for something for an indoor garage gym floor that is cement. It does get humid (ie cement gets wet). Will this hold up to cold, heat, moisture (chicago weather)?
Jennifer Reyes
The Tuff Turf Peel & Stick Tiles are great at handling those weather conditions. We recommend sticking these to a clean surface that is free of debris and dust to make sure the glue as a good surface to adhere. These tiles come with a pressure-sensitive adhesive so it’s always a good idea to press firmly and walk on each tile after installation.
We are looking for something to put over our wood deck. i like the idea of the squares so I can stick them down. Our deck is made with 2 x 4's and they butt up next to each other. do you think these would stick to a wood surface.
Yes, the Tuff Turf Peel & Stick Tiles can be installed over a clean wood surface.
Are these waterproof? Does it let water penetrate though it?
Christine Henderson
Yes, our Tuff Turf Peel & Stick Tiles are waterproof and will let water pass through.
Will these stick to new roof EPDM roof rubber for a second floor deck?
Zach Clark
Yes, our Tuff Turf Peel & Stick Tiles will stick on your rubber roof, as long as the surface is clean and dust-free. However, you may have to apply some decent pressure to the tiles for them to stick. We recommend you to get a sample before you make a purchase to test the product out first.
Will these stick to tile?
Yes, our Tuff Turf Peel & Stick Tiles will stick to tiles. Please make sure the tiles are clean, dry, and dust-free.
Will these work with a garage floor with cars parking in it?
Yes, these tiles can be used in a garage.
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