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Pro Putt Premium Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Pro Putt Premium Turf Rolls
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$45.75 Linear Foot
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can the Pro Putt Premium product withstand the harsh winters of New England or do other provisions need to be made?
Daniel P Casanta
Our Pro Putt Premium Turf Rolls will withstand winters.
Can a vehicle be parked on the turf for any length of time without the mat being damaged?
Don 'franson
Yes, you can park a car on our Pro Putt Premium Turf Rolls without damaging it. The blades will be bent after the car is removed and can be put back in their upright state by simpling brushing the turf, you may also use our turf rake for this purpose.
I've received 2 samples, Putting green Turf Roll and Pro Putt Premium, they look very similar what are the differences between the two. Website lists a 1/4" difference in thickness, however samples I received are the same thickness.
Putting green Turf Roll and Pro Putt Premium Turf Rolls are both 1/2" thick. The biggest difference would be the face weight, Pro Putt Premium Turf Rolls have a higher face weight than the Putting green Turf Rolls.
Assuming the turf has an appropriate base/foundation, can it handle approach shots without being damaged? If so, up to how many yards?
Approach shots will not harm the turf at all, but the ball will often bounce high in the air giving an unnatural ball reaction.
Are there any durability differences between the Putting green Turf Rolls vs the Pro Putt Premium? I live in an area that has both high intensity sunlight (6,500' altitude) and relatively harsh winters. (occasional subzero temps and many feet of snowfall). Which will hold up better and still roll fairly fast?
They're both durable, great for any weather, and come with a 15-year warranty. the only difference is the face weight.
If I use the Pro Putt Premium for a 600 sq. ft. green what turf should I use for the fringe?
George Stockton
You may use any of our Landscape Turfs as a fringe around your Pro Putt Premium Turf.
Can i use a 16/30 green/black sized infill or does it have to be 30/50
16/30 will work fine.
With the 15 by 25 can that include fringe and is that extra prize..?
The 15'x25' won't include fringe. You may use any of our landscape turfs and use them as fringe that are available for purchase separately.
Hello looking to purchase a roll of putting green turf about 15x45, 15x50. What is the difference between the premium and the pro putt turf. Which one would you recommend.
Gerardo Flores
They're both great products and are popular amongst our customers. The major difference is their thicknesses and face weight. The Pro Putt Premium is thicker and has a higher face weight than the Pro Putt. If you're looking for a rougher game, go with the Premium.
Can this Pro Putt Premium Turf mat be putted over a stone patio? Is it going to impact the practice result?
Qian Peng
Yes, you can certainly roll out the turf on the stone patio, but please note that the turf will take the form of the patio. If the stone patio is not smooth the ball will not roll smooth.
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