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How to Install Outdoor Paver Tiles

Make sure that the base surface the tiles are being installed over is clean, level, and dry.
Choose a method of installation:
  • Method 1- Connect the tiles with metal connecting clips for a semi permanent installation. This is the method most often recommended when installing tiles over compacted dirt or compacted crushed gravel and is the most common method used by home users. When using this method, a landscaping cloth is usually recommended to be laid over the dirt or gravel before the tiles are laid to prevent any weed growth and still allow for proper drainage.
  • Method 2- Adhere either the outside perimeter tiles (mats, corners, and/or ramps) or all of the playground rubber tiles with the recommended adhesive. This method is the most economical normally and is recommended for permanent installations over asphalt or concrete base surfaces and is the method of choice for public playgrounds to ensure that the tiles are not stolen from the play area.
Start in one corner of the installation and lay out all the borders in 2 directions to form an L shape.
Fill in all the center tiles and add any border, corner, or ramp tiles to complete the job.

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