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Garage Flooring

Are you ready to create the ultimate man cave? We know that style and fun begins with the floor, and we have just the custom garage floor covering to start your space off right! Welcome to the garage floor world beyond epoxy where DIY, ease and a custom, sharp and expensive look come together effortlessly. You have many options when it comes to flooring for your garage, but we think the best garage flooring comes in either garage tiles or garage rolls. These garage flooring options give you an easy, DIY garage flooring solution that will make your garage pop, and set the groundwork for your perfect man cave. We know you want the best garage flooring, so let’s figure out which garage flooring solution truly is the best...for you!

garage flooring

Hard Plastic Garage Tiles
For the most garage floor customization, the coolest design options, and the studliest look, hard plastic garage floor tiles are going to be your jam. If you are ready to give your garage floor the update it deserves, and you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, take a look at the many garage tile flooring options. Customize the look with vented garage tiles, coin garage tiles, diamond garage tiles, smooth garage tiles and more. The texture is just the beginning. Treat the floor of your man cave with 25+ color options, making it easy to achieve a classic checkered look or a more unique color pattern.

Vented Garage Tiles
Perhaps the most versatile of the garage flooring systems, vented garage floor tiles give you the hard plastic look and feel while still allowing for drainage, making these bad boys a tough, durable and long lasting garage floor covering. Our vented garage tiles are our most customizable garage flooring. These garage tiles come in the largest variety of colors and the Vented Grid-Loc Garage Tiles can interlock with Diamond Grid-Loc Garage Tiles or Coin Grid-Loc Garage Tiles.

Diamond Garage Tiles
Diamond garage tiles feature a raised diamond pattern. This diamond garage floor pattern is something that is often seen in professional garages, so it will make your garage floor look just like the professionals. Many of our diamond garage floor tiles are USA made offering a 10+ year warranty (not true of all products, so please check the specs on your particular product). Just like our vented garage tiles, the diamond garage tiles are designed to stand up to harsh garage conditions and give you a space where you can really work on your cars and kick back and relax with your friends.
Coin Garage Tiles
An other option in professional-look textured garage floor covering is our coin garage tiles. The coin-patterned tiles are available in Coin Grid-Loc and Coin Grid-Loc XL Garage Tiles.Our Coin Grid-Loc Garage Tiles offer you the price point of discount garage flooring, but do not be fooled: this is not cheap garage flooring as far as quality is concerned! Our Coin Grid-Loc Garage Tiles and Coin Grid-Loc XL Garage Tiles offer the same quality in garage flooring that you would expect from RubberFlooringInc. All grid-loc tiles can interlock with other grid-loc tiles (diamond and vented); XL grid-loc garage tiles can only be interlocked with other XL garage tiles.

Soft Plastic Garage Tiles
If what you’re looking for in your garage floor system is low maintenance, eye-catching and extra support for long periods of standing, then these soft plastic garage tiles are a perfect fit! Why choose these soft PVC garage tiles over the (less expensive) hard plastic tiles? These PVC garage tiles are a little friendlier on your joints, a little less maintenance and just a bit more versatile than their hard plastic counterparts. You can still get your favorite coin and diamond patterns in the soft PVC garage flooring tiles in 10+ vibrant colors.

Vinyl Garage Rolls
Welcome to the land of easy installation, crazy low prices and long lasting roll out garage flooring! Garage rolls are kind of like a garage floor mat. You simply roll out the garage flooring to cover and protect your garage floor. It’s truly as easy as can be. Think of it as the finish to your garage floor, like a garage floor lining. Many of our garage rolls come in both custom cut and pre cut options, giving you even more control over your order and helping to ensure that you don’t waste money on too much garage flooring material. Just like our garage tiles, you can order your roll out garage flooring roll in coin and diamond patterns, and you can even get octagon and other patterns as well.

Commercial Garage Flooring
Please read the following in one of those monster truck announcer voices.

Get ready for the toughest, beefiest, most hard core garage flooring options on the market! Commercial garage flooring needs to be tough enough to withstand heavy machinery, forklifts, and multiple cars. Tough shop owners and homeowners who are looking for the extra bit of durability and garage flooring protection will love all of the commercial garage flooring options available. Our commercial garage tiles still offer you customizable color and texture options. Just because you’re getting the brawn, doesn’t mean you’re losing the beauty!

Garage Tiles vs. Garage Rolls
So which is better: garage tiles or garage rolls? Honestly, it just depends. Both tiles and rolls are excellent, durable and dependable garage flooring options. Garage tiles offer a more customized garage floor system with more control, but rolls out garage flooring mats or rolls offer ease and an attractively low price point. If you don’t mind spending a little extra time to put together your custom garage floor finish, you will love the cool patterns you can create with garage tiles. If you’re looking for something a little simpler to protect your garage floor while still making your workspace or man cave impressive and stylish, then it’s likely that garage rolls will be the best garage flooring solution for your needs. If you still can’t decide, hit us up! We’re happy to answer questions about your garage flooring system.

Color and Design Options for Garage Flooring
The possibilities are truly endless. You can keep it simple with a roll out garage mat or you can get creative with multiple colored garage tiles in patterns or checkers - the choice is yours. If you need a little inspiration, many of our customers have created some sensational garage floor looks. We recommend you browse through the review photos and see if there’s a garage floor design that catches your eye. Want to get creative, but need help? Just hit us up, and we’ll get one of our most creative flooring specialists on board to help you out.