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Learn how a floor can do more by making peoples lives better with floors that are safer, quieter, and more ergonomic.


The Ecore Commercial Wellness Collection of surfaces is ideal for all wellness spaces, including corporate, education, and fitness applications. These surfaces provide wellness by absorbing shock and preventing falls, while remaining easy to clean and maintain. Whether you are in a hotel for a business meeting, listening to a lecture at a university, or taking a yoga class in your apartment building, the surface in the space should provide safety, acoustic, and ergonomic benefits.
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Since 1871, Ecore has been transforming reclaimed materials into unique performance surfaces that make people’s lives better. What started with cork evolved to include vulcanized composition rubber in the late 1980s. As a result, the two staple surfaces in the Composed Collection feature cork, composition rubber or a combination of these two materials. These surfaces, honor Ecore’s legacy.


Rx products are unique because they offer a prescription for MORE. With any Rx product, you will experience a floor that is more quiet, more ergonomic and more safe. Leveraging Ecore’s patented itstru technology, Rx products provide force reduction and energy restitution in every step.
ecore at home - Rx
ecore at home - Turf


Ecore’s Turf Collection features surfaces designed to provide an ideal fitness, functional training and competitive experience. All Ecore Athletic turf products are durable, resistant to slips and feature a vulcanized composition rubber backing, designed to provide safety, acoustic and ergonomic benefits to the end user.

Benefits of Ecore Flooring

Great for People


Ecore’s Rx and Performance surfaces feature itsTRU technology, which fusion bonds a rubber backing to the surface, and lowers the risk of impact and surface hazards. Tests have shown that these surfaces can reduce the risk of injury from falls, creating safer commercial and public environments. These surfaces are also comfortable underfoot, preventing the likelihood of stress injuries.


Many Ecore surfaces, such as the Performance and Rx products, are built to prioritize the comfort and wellness of anyone who uses them. These surfaces support long hours of walking and standing. By better absorbing the negative stress of repetitive impact of footfalls through force reduction and energy restitution, these ergonomic floors can reduce discomfort and fatigue.


Enjoy better sound quality in your space with improved noise reduction ratings. At the same time, everyone benefits from reduced sound transmission from room to room, which creates a functional, less noisy environment.


Innovative technologies put Ecore a step ahead of other flooring manufacturers by providing the best of style and substance. With itsTRU Technology, you can depend on a functional surface that also makes your space look modern and professional.

Great for the Planet

It’s not just that Ecore flooring improves your life with more safety and comfort. It also benefits the planet, without compromising on quality. Recycled from the treads of commercial truck tires, Ecore floors offer sustainability and performance in one complete package.

The proprietary zero-waste upcycling process results in a floor with improved performance that also minimizes the impact on our planet.

Circular Economy

Smarter resource management allows Ecore to manufacture better products using 40% less energy than standard industry procedures. A closed-loop chilling system also uses water more efficiently. Together, these sustainable manufacturing processes make Ecore a leader in the circular economy movement.


Ecore goes a step beyond recycling to turn rubber waste material into a product more valuable than the original. This process of upcycling has been part of the Ecore identity for over a century, and with itsTRU technology flooring, the results have improved to produce flooring with enhanced safety, comfort, and sound quality.

Carbon Negative

itsTRU Technology flooring isn’t just carbon neutral – it’s actually carbon negative. The zero-waste manufacturing process reclaimed more than 112 million pounds of tires from landfills in 2019. Meanwhile, it only produced 8.7 million pounds of waste – a net landfill diversion of 103.3 million pounds.