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Shaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet

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Sale price: $2.69 /sqft
$32.28/linear foot
Available For Order - Ships between Jul 26 - Aug 2
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Weathered TeakShaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet
Straw WeaveShaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet
FernwoodShaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet
Clay PotShaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet
Natural TwineShaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet
FlagstoneShaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet

Product Highlights

  • Versatile outdoor carpeting.
  • Attractive colors sure to match.
  • Made in the USA.

  • Versatile outdoor carpeting.
  • Attractive colors sure to match.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 5 year warranty.
Description - Shaw's Casual Boucle outdoor carpeting is the perfect outdoor berber carpet for your unique space. Patios, sunrooms, rooftop bars, and other versatile spaces can all benefit from this durable and attractive carpeting. Casual Boucle is Made in the USA and backed by a 5 year warranty.
Roll Width 12' Wide
Origin USA
Fiber Type 100% Hi UV Polypropylene
Style Tufted Berber
Face Weight 18.5 oz/yd²
Backing ClassicBac
Traffic Type Medium/High
Pile Height 0.25"
Pattern Repeat N/A
Resistance Fade, Stain, Wear
Recommended Uses - Shaw Casual Boucle outdoor carpeting is suitable for residential or commercial use. Install it on patios, barbecue pit areas, outdoor shower walkoff areas, around pools, sunrooms, lounge areas, and more.

Available For Order - Ships between Jul 26 - Aug 2

Carpet does not require special equipment or cleaning products. Maintaining your carpet is as easy as follows:
  • To keep your rooms clean and inviting, carpet should be vacuumed frequently.
  • Spills should be removed immediately with an absorbent cotton cloth and clean water.
  • Periodic maintenance can be performed as needed using a hot water extraction-cleaning machine (I.E. carpet cleaner).

For more detailed cleaning instructions, please Click Here.
Installation of carpet can be a tricky matter, but we work to make it easy. Below are instructions for the most common methods of installing carpeting.
  • Before installing the carpet, make sure the ambient temperature is between 65 and 95 degrees.
  • The installation surface must be dry and free of debris.
  • Spread adhesive directly on the surface. Not on the back of the carpet. 3/32" x 3/32" x 3/32" V notch trowel.
  • Allow adhesive to tack.
  • Indoor/Outdoor grade for outdoor use.
  • If the glue is not allowed to tack or the humidity is too high, the carpet will not adhere to it.
  • Non woven needle punch carpet does not have a non woven backing, so any uncured adhesive may come through the carpet.
  • Do not use a roller on this carpet. Roll the carpet using the carpet core or the flat end of a push broom.
  • There is a pile direction, so every section must run in the same direction.
  • To remove seams, simply rub them with your fingers.
  • Excess adhesive can be removed with a mild soap and warm water solution.
  • Do not walk on the carpet during or immediately after installation.
  • No foot traffic on the carpet for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure.

Shaw Carpets

Established in 1946, Shaw started out as a business that dyed tufted rugs and steadily transformed into the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. They attribute their success to a people-focused approach: they meet with customers to determine their needs and then supply the perfect product to meet those needs.

With innovative technologies, Shaw has produced high-quality carpet built with features to make life easier. Just take a look at their LifeGuard waterproof carpet or their RX2 stain and soil resistance system. Shaw is more than just an industry-leading flooring company. They are people united in a mission to create a better future for their customers, community, and company.

CRI Green Label Plus® Certified

  • A Higher Standard for Indoor Air Quality

When you see the CRI Green Label Plus® Certification, you can rest assured that the carpet product you’ve chosen is safe for the whole family. This certification is part of the Indoor Air Quality Testing Program to ensure that carpet, adhesives and carpet pads emit low emissions of VOCs, all in a larger attempt to help improve indoor air quality. These scientifically established standards ensure that approved products provide a better environment for living, working, learning and healing.

Made in the USA

  • Keeping Production Local

Products that are Made in the USA provide jobs for our citizens as well as future generations. Domestically made products ensure that the items we bring into our homes are passed through higher quality control standards and are better not only for our families but for the environment.

Indoor / Outdoor

  • Versatile and Durable

This product is incredibly versatile, and can be installed virtually anywhere! Built to stand up to the harsh outdoor elements, but also comfortable and attractive enough to be used indoors, this product really does it all.

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Can this be laid directly on a three season room deck floor without padding, glue down, or attaching? Can it easily be cut to achieve a snug fit?
Patty Baney
Without attaching the carpet in any way to the subfloor, it has the potential to move. You can try using double sided carpet tape around the perimeter to lessen the likeliness of this.
I have two outdoor porches that need to covered. They are both cement and not cracked, just ugly. I want to put the carpet down with out gluing. We are in PA and get all kinds of weather and want to be sure that it will withstand all the elements of the weather, especially snow and below temp, it will not be brought in in the winter. Thanks. Sue
suzanne harris
This carpet is approved for outdoor use in all environments.
Does the casual boucle outdoor carpet have a fire rating?
This carpet does not have a fire rating.
what is the actual color of flagstone? (Shaw Casual Boucle Outdoor Carpet) Is it brown or black?
Dawn H
The Flagstone leans more towards a brown hue.
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