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ReDesign Scandinavian Acoustic Wall Tiles

This product has been discontinued.
Please see comparable products below.
  • 2-in-1 Design to decorate and enhance sound quality
  • Blocks sound reverberation and echo
  • Dampens noise disturbance in any room
  • Easy to install with no tools or permanent fixtures
  • Creates your own unique design
  • 3-dimensional tiles for enhanced sound absorption and design
Description - ReDesign Your Wall acoustic wall tiles are the most attractive way to absorb sound reverberation in your room and brighten up your living and work spaces. Each of the hexagonal acoustic tiles ranges from 1/4-3/4" thick in a 3-dimensional panel that greatly increases sound absorbtion and creates a modern and unique accent to any room. With the easy-to-install honeycomb design, your wall becomes your own creation andcuts down on noise disturbance and echo from hard surfaces that surround us in every room.
Acoustic wall tiles are becoming more and more popular as individuals look to enhance their home audioscape. Whether you are installing acoustic tiles for home theatre or looking to cut down on echo during phone or zoom calls, acoustic tiles can enhance your room with both audio and visual appeal.
Specs -
Package Contents 50 tiles per pack (~18 sqft)
Pack Colors 10 each: White, Pink/gold, Peach, Gold, Silver
Tile Size 8" from edge to edge
Material HD Memory Foam with faux leather cover
Thickness Range": 1/4" - 3/4"
Application Indoor wall or ceiling
Weight Each tile is a lightweight 4oz
Tile Shape Hexagonal
UV Stable Yes
Warranty 1 year

Recommended Uses – ReDesign Your Wall acoustic wall tiles are ideal for indoor use in home theatres, zoom background (to reduce echo) and anywhere sounds reflect off of hard surfaces. Each pack is designed for use in a 200 sqft room, larger rooms may require multiple packs.
Note: – We are currently unable to offer color substituions outside of what is shown in our product images.
ReDesign Your Wall acoustic tiles can be cleaned with standard cleaning equipment, however we do not recommend harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Dusting can be done regularly and tiles can be vacuummed or wiped down for dust.
  • For stains and blemishes, dampen a rag and clean the surface. Never use bleach.
  • If needed in higher traffic locations or commercial settings, ReDesign tiles can be disinfected with common cleaners and disinfectants.
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