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  • Used to glue turf seams together.
  • Apply adhesive to the dull side of the turf seam tape.
  • Used to glue turf seams together.
  • Apply adhesive to the dull side of the turf seam tape.
Description - Turf adhesive is a one-part polyurethane adhesive that has multiple uses. It can be used under the turf to attach it to the subfloor and can also be applied to the dull side of seaming tape. This glue can also be used to glue turf seams together. Our turf glue works best when a spritz of water is added. Once applied, it is recommended that a minimum of 19 pounds of pressure must be applied to the glued area for six hours in order to achieve optimum results.
Material – One part polyurethane adhesive.
Color – Light Brown
Size – Available in 1 and 4 gallon pails.
Weight – 1 gallon pails weigh 11 Lbs. and 4 gallon pails weigh 50 Lbs.
Recommended Uses - Turf adhesive is great for both indoor and outdoor artificial grass applications. This adhesive has a spread rate of 72 sqft. per gallon when using a 3/32" x 3/32" U-Notch Trowel.

In Stock - Ships between Oct 2 - 5

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I want to stick a polyester padding with rubber backing to concrete and then want to glue the artificial putty green with polypropylene backing over this pad Can I use same adhesive on your website for both ?
Amit Dudhela
That's possible, you may use the adhesive to stick the turf to the padding as well for added security.
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