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Product Highlights

  • Has a breathable moisture barrier.
  • Resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and odor-causing elements.
  • Adds bounce and comfort underfoot.
  • Has a breathable moisture barrier.
  • Resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and odor-causing elements.
  • Adds bounce and comfort underfoot.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Great under sport and field turf.
Description - Add bounce and cushion to your gym turf or sports turf with our Gym Turf Pad. Working on concrete can be very hard on your joints, and with our Gym Turf Pad, you will not only provide protection for people's joints, but also protection from injuries. We offer our Gym Turf Pad in 6' x 100' lengths. Gym Turf Pads are backed by a 10-year warranty.
Material – Made with a high-density frothed urethane foam with a breathable moisture barrier.
Size – 6' x 45' long.
Thickness – Available in .2" (~5mm).
Weight – 5mm thick pads are 160 lbs. per roll.
Recommended Uses - Our Gym Turf Pads are commonly used under gym and sports turf, but can be used under any type of turf for added comfort and bounce.

Available For Order - Ships between May 29 - Jun 5

Gym Turf Pad Instructions Jobsite Conditions
  • The room, underlayment, flooring materials and adhesives must be maintained at 65 to 85 degrees F and the relative humidity below 60% for 48 hours prior to, during and after the installation.
Subfloor Preparation
  • All subfloor work should be structurally sound, clean and level. The moisture content of the subfloor should not be more than 10 lbs. Per 1000 s/f 24rs as measured via a Calcium Chloride test, before the underlayment is applied.
  • Underlayment can be installed perpendicular to the length of the roll or parallel to the length of the roll being installed and the moisture barrier must be facing up towards the floor.
  • Cut the underlayment to the desired length and position it in the space to be covered.
  • To glue the underlay to your turf, we recommend using a spray adhesive or our 5900 Series adhesive.
  • To adhere the padding to the subfloor, you can use either double-sided tape, a pressure sensitive adhesive, or commercial grade velcro strips.
  • Cut the second sheet of underlay to length and position it with seam butted tightly to the first sheet.
  • Proceed to cover the entire room, making sure the sheets are tightly butted together, without gaps.
Note: Gaps in the underlayment may “telegraph” through, so the underlayment should be installed as smoothly and as well seamed as possible.
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Can this be applied to a concrete basement floor? If so, how? And can you put a turf roll on top?
Katie Speicher-Ramirez
Our Gym Turf Pads can be applied to a concrete basement floor. You can apply this to a concrete floor with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This pad is meant to be used in conjunction with turf, so you can put a turf roll on top of it.
How easy is the Gym Turf Pad to cut?
Todd Jackson
These pads can be cut easily with a sharp utility knife or an electric foam cutter.
Can this be used outdoors on a wood deck before putting down turf?
You can use our Gym Turf Pad outdoors under turf.
Can this pad be used outdoors?
Mauren Piucco
Yes, these pads can be used under turf outdoors.
do you apply glue to both side to prevent turf from moving
Kyle Renfrow
You may use glue for a more permanent installation, or loose lay the pad under the turf for a more temporary installation. Please read the installation instructions under the "Installation Info" tab on the product page.
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