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8mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series

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$2.99 sqft
$10.97 Tile
reg: $3.99 sqft
tile $14.63
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Average Rating 4.7/5
(45 reviews)

basement replacement
5/58mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series
Anonymous from Appleton, WI 8/23/2010

Looks great-replaces carpet and pad that was ruined with basement "waterfall" from faulty seal on window. Goes together easily and cuts relatively easily and cleanly as well. I laid it all by myself-and I'm a nolonger under 50 woman. The biggest problem was moving the tiles collectively since they are so darn heavy. They have to be carried a couple at a time, but they don't move once put on the floor. I didn't have to do any special basement floor prep, just cleaned and locked them together. Not cushioned, if that is what you are looking for, but great for the workout area, and put an area rug down on top of the tiles in the kids tv area. I got the designer tan coloring, to go along with the carpet left on the other half of the basement and it looks great. I would do it again without hesitation.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Basement
Porch Flooring
4/58mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series
Anonymous from Poquoson, VA 8/19/2010

We installed the rubber tiles in our outdoor, screened in porch to cover the concrete and help make it safer for our infant while playing out there. The tiles are very easy to install. They mostly all fit together tightly and most of the seems are very difficult to see. The tiles were easy to cut with a razor blade. So far we have had several rain storms and it has held up quite well.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Outdoor, Screened in Porch
Porch Floor
4/58mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series
Anonymous from Big Stone Gap, VA 6/21/2010

I purchased the rubber tiles to replace indoor/outdoor carpeting on a screened-in back porch. The tiles were simple to install - even around the tough door corners. I really like the look and feel of the tiles. The only negative comment I have is that there was some inconsistency in how well the squares interlocked with one another. Being a novice, I really appreciated the ordering page on the website. It was nice to have the number of required squares calculated for me. We had sufficient number of tiles to complete the project and enough for a small mat as well. I would definitely purchase these tiles again for similar projects in the future.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - screened-in porch
Exceeded my expectations
5/58mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series
Tony from Indiana 5/27/2010

I had high expectations for this flooring after reading the reviews. I use it for weight lifting so durability is very important. The install was somewhat timely but not difficult. The seams are nearly impossible to see and it fit perfectly under my existing baseboard. I ordered based on 'wall-to-wall' and had quite a bit left over. In retrospect, I would have made more cuts and ordered less. Overall, however, I am very satisfied.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Home Gym
Good Product - Top Quality
5/58mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series
Richard and Regina from Sedona, AZ 4/16/2010

My wife and I bought these tiles even though they are newer due to the positive reviews for the standard series strong rubber tiles. I can assure everyone these were very good quality and you really have to try hard to find the seam once you lock them together. They actually lock together so tight that I found using a rubber mallet came in handy to make sure they were locked together the best way possible. You don't necessarily need the mallet but your fingers can get tired after awhile without it. The only part that can be a little tricky when installing is that I did a wall to wall install and had to cut the tabs off of the tiles along the wall to fit it in but it was pretty easy to do if you have any decent handyman skills. Basically I used a utility knife like they recommended and cut along the side of metal yard stick. As long as you measure twice and take your time, you should be able to do this pretty easily. Oddly enough, I purchased the Sedona color since I live in Sedona, AZ and those colors best matched my home decor.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - My Den/Mancave when my wife is mad at me.