Flooring Adhesives / Glue - Polyurethane, Latex, Vinyl, and Wood

Rubber Flooring Adhesive, Seam Sealer, Rubber Floor Glue

Tired of your floor moving every time you do a power clean? Or maybe you’re tired of that hollow sound your floor makes. Whatever the reason, at RubberFlooringInc we are certain to have perfect adhesive for you. For our rubber flooring, we recommend the use of a Polyurethane Adhesive. This rubber flooring adhesive provides the strongest bond between the floor and subfloor. So no more fretting over your floor moving when you decide to go all out in your new gym. Our pressure sensitive adhesives are great for all flooring types. Similar in tackiness to tape, pressure sensitive adhesives are our most ‘DIY’ friendly adhesives. These adhesives are very easy to clean and allow for mistakes.