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Premium Felt Underlayment

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Super FeltPremium Felt Underlayment
Super Felt Premium Felt Underlayment Super Felt
Product Highlights
  • Underlay, moisture barrier, and sound reducer in one.
  • Made using recycled fibers.
  • Hides minor subfloor imperfections.
  • Underlay, moisture barrier, and sound reducer in one.
  • Made using recycled fibers.
  • Hides minor subfloor imperfections.
  • Great for use under engineered and laminate flooring. Can be used under other floating floors such as luxury vinyl interlocking installations.
  • Radiant heat approved.
  • IIC 67, STC 66.
Description - Premium Felt underlayment provides generous sound reduction qualities in addition to adding comfort underfoot. This 3mm thick insulation underlay comes with a vapor barrier built in, so it helps to protect your hardwood or laminate flooring from moisture. Adhesive strip and 1-3/4" overlap is included with linking multiple rolls.
Material - Made from recycled fibers, this felt underlayment is compressed using a high heat manufacturing process to create the roll.
Size - 44" x 27.3' roll
Thickness - 4mm (~.16”).
Weight - 44" x 27.3' rolls weigh ~11 lbs
Recommended Uses - Premium Felt underlay was specifically designed with hardwood and laminate floors in mind, but can also be used with a variety of flooring options such as interlocking vinyl, bamboo floors, cork flooring, and more.

In Stock - Ships between Oct 28 - 30

Premium Felt Underlayment Instructions Jobsite Conditions
  • The room, underlayment, flooring materials and adhesives must be maintained at 65 to 85 degrees F and the relative humidity below 60% for 48 hours prior to, during and after the installation.
Subfloor Preparation
  • All subfloor work should be structurally sound, clean and level. The moisture content of the subfloor should not be more than 10 lbs. Per 1000 s/f 24rs as measured via a Calcium Chloride test, before the underlayment is applied.
  • Start in the corner of the room and unroll the underlayment over the subfloor with the vapor barrier film down, touching the subfloor.
  • Be sure that the tape strip side is next to the wall and that the overlapping lip is facing towards the middle of the room.
  • Roll out your next row in the same fashion, this time butting the felt up against the first row and covering the overlapping moisture barrier lip. Do no overlap the felt itself.
  • Remove the tape liner to secure the overlapping moisture barrier to the adjacent roll barrier. Continue in the same manner with the remaining installation.
  • When finished, seal all of your open seams with an adhesive plastic tape.
Note: Gaps in the underlayment may “telegraph” through some resilient floors, so the underlayment should be installed as smoothly and as well seamed as possible.
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Can this be used under nail-down hardwood floor?
Yes it can.
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