12mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment

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4' x 25' roll
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Description - Our 12mm pre-cut underlayment has been designed specifically for commercial use. When looking for an underlayment that will give you the ultimate in sound absorption and is cost effective, this is it. This flooring underlayment offers all the benefits attributed with rubber underlayment and can be adhered with adhesive, staples, nails or with double-sided carpet tape. This sound proofing underlayment can also be free floated in a floating floor assembly, and can be installed in areas where water may be present. This flooring underlayment can be installed at grade or above grade and a vapor barrier may be needed if specified by a manufacturers’ warranty. Also because of this flooring underlayment’s inherent compaction characteristics, it is also great to use under synthetic turf.
Material - Our 12mm rubber underlayment is made from 100% recycled material.
Width - 4 feet wide/ roll.
Length - Our pre-cut rubber underlayment rolls come in 25’ lengths.
Thickness - 12mm (Approx. 1/2”).
Weight - 2.00lb./sqft.
Origin - Made in the USA.
Recommended Uses - Our 12mm rubber underlayment is a popular choice for hard surfaces such as hardwoods and natural stone. But it has also been successfully used under luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and plank, ceramic tile, laminate, engineered wood, real wood, marble, brick, pavers, parquet, carpet and tiles. It is not recommended for VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile), vinyl, and linoleum.

  • 12mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment typically ships within 5-7 business days and delivers within 7-12 business days depending on your location.
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For complete rubber underlayment installation instructions, please Click Here.

Subfloor Type Wallboard Ceiling Floor Covering IIC Rating STC Rating
1-1/2" Gypsum Concrete Slab Yes Wood 56 58

Tested in Accredited Laboratories as per ASTM E-90/E-413 (STC) and ASTM E-492/E989 (IIC).


  • Can be used with natural stone, hardwoods, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, laminate, engineered wood, real wood, and tiles.
  • Do not use with VCT, vinyl, or linoleum.
  • Designed for commercial use.
  • Can be adhered with a polyurethane adhesive, nails, staples, or double sided tape.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant.
  • IIC 56, STC 58.


How To Install Rubber Underlayment

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    While looking at the 6 and 12 mm rubber underlayment, it's recommended for sound suppression, would the regular pre-cut rubber rolls or the heavy duty rubber rolls (I was thinking 3/8") also help with sound? I am on a second floor condo and would like to install this under carpet to block sound from below and not have my footsteps or running around bother the 1st floor neighbors. Thanks, love the site!


    Our rubber rolls do help to reduce sound from traveling from floor to floor, but our rubber underlayments are specially designed and tested for noise reduction. The underlayments are recommended for this use. Glad you love our site. We love it too!

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    Can this be used under carpet?


    Yes, rubber underlayment can be used underneath carpet.

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5/5 12mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment
Anonymous from Buffalo, NY
To whom it may concern, I would like to highly commend Kanar for the excellent customer service that she provided. It was key to my purchase. Kanar answered my technical questions this past Saturday to the best of her ability and sent me the relevant technical data that I requested. She stayed on the phone to make sure I received the datasheet and was satisfied. After further questions, Kanar informed me that she would look to provide the specific technical information that I was asking for on Monday. When Monday came around, Kanar followed up right away with the information. I though she would be annoyed by my barrage of questions but Kanar was very patient, courteous and reassuring. During this experience, I did not feel pressure to place an order or any sense of displeasure because of my many questions. Kanar's support and the product information that she provided positively influenced my decision to purchase the rubber flooring product. Definitely A1 customer service! Regards, Paul
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