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Performance Turf Rolls

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Forest GreenPerformance Turf Rolls
Forest Green w/ Shock PadPerformance Turf Rolls
Product Highlights
  • Indoor/outdoor turf.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

  • Indoor/outdoor turf.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Non-cushion backed version has perforations for drainage.
  • Great for pushing and pulling sleds, high-impact workouts, and CrossFit®.
  • Max cut length 82'.
Description – Take your workout to the next level with our Performance Turf Rolls in your gym. These turf rolls are perfect for pushing and pulling sleds, CrossFit, and high-impact workouts and come in cushioned and non-cushioned versions. Since these gym turf rolls are made with polyethylene, they are softer than standard nylon turf rolls allowing you to do floor exercises without being injured. These turf rolls are also UV stable, and the non-cushioned version features perforations for proper drainage when placed outdoors. A 5-year warranty backs our Performance Turf Rolls.
Specs -
Material PE fiber w/ unitary or Shock Pad foam backing
Color Forest & Lime Green
Width 6.5'
Thickness Approx. 3/8" no pad, 5/8" with pad
Length Custom (max. 82')
Weight Approx. 0.62lb/sqft no pad, 0.92lb/sqft with pad
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Drainage Yes
Good for heavy workouts Yes
UV Stable Yes
Warranty 5-year
Face Weight 30oz
Recommended Uses – Performance Turf Rolls are great for residential and commercial use and can be used indoors and out. These turf rolls are great as flooring for pushing and pulling sleds, floor exercises, as flooring for CrossFit exercises, high impact exercise flooring, and much more.

In Stock - Ships between Jul 4 - 5

Performance Turf Rolls are very easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance for these turf rolls typically includes the following:
  • Periodic sweeping of loose dirt, dust, and debris may be necessary to keep the flooring surface clean.
  • For stains and blemishes, clean the rolls with a warm water solution of household detergent and water. Never use bleach.
  • For animal urine, use a mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water. Make sure to flush thoroughly and vacuum any excess solution.
  • For chewing gum, the use of dry ice or refrigerant packets may be necessary to remove gum from the flooring surface.
  • If your turf rolls become matted, brushing the surface may be needed to restore the aesthetic appearance. Always use a synthetic brush and never a metal or wire-bristled brush when performing this task.
Installation of our Performance Turf Rolls is very easy and typically done by our customers. Below are instructions for both outdoor and indoor installation of our rolled flooring.

Glue Down Outdoor Installation
  1. First, you will want to make sure that your surface is level, clean, and dry. Our turf flooring can be installed on concrete, asphalt, pressure treated decking, and composite decking.
  2. Next, you will want to dry lay your turf to implement roll sequencing to minimize normal variations. Manufacturing details will be back stamped on one side of the backing; this will help determine fiber direction.
  3. Apply pressure-sensitive adhesive or double-sided tape and then lay the turf.
  4. Apply a bead of seam sealer to all seams.
  5. Roll the product with a 75 lb. weighted roller across the product surface’s width and length.
  6. OOnce completed, the installation must remain in dry conditions for 72 hours so that the adhesive can properly cure.
Non-Infilled Synthetic Lawn Outdoor Installation
    Area Prep
    1. First, you will want to remove all grasses, sods, mulches, etc from the marked areas. Note: If you are landscaping around trees, shrubbery, flowers, light poles, utilities, etc., remember to mark around those areas and account for the turf edge configuration. Remember to leave ample area uncovered around the bases of trees.

    Base Construction
    1. It may be necessary to compact the native soil/subgrade before base construction.
    2. Add a base of crushed rock and level it with a landscaping rake. Ideally, the base should be approximately 3” thick.
    3. After spreading, spray with water and use a hand tamper to compact the area. This typically takes 2-3 passes. Let the compacted area dry and check for any inconsistencies in the area.

    4. Lay Turf
      1. Roll the synthetic turf out on top of the constructed base. Note: If the site requires multiple rolls, be sure to have the fibers’ grain on each turf roll running in the same direction.
      2. If using multiple rolls, trim the untufted edge.
      3. Around the borders, trim the turf to mat the edges.

      4. Gluing The Seam
        1. Fold the adjacent trimmed edges of two rolls of turf approximately 2’ apart from the entire length of the seam.
        2. Roll out the seaming tape and apply the adhesive with a 1/8” trowel.
        3. Center the seaming tape and lay the edges of each turf roll directly onto the tape, making sure not to bury or trap the synthetic grass fibers. Make sure no tape is showing and that the two turf pieces are butting up against each other so that the joint is invisible.
        4. Add weight to the seams and allow time for the adhesive to cure overnight.

        Secure Turf On Edges And Brush
        1. Stake down the turf along the perimeter every 3’ or so with landscape spikes.
        2. Fibers are usually matted down, so use a stiff-bristled broom to stand the fibers up.
        3. Sand infill is optional.
Glue Down Indoor Installation
  1. First, you will want to make sure that your surface is level, clean, and dry. Our turf flooring can be installed on concrete, dusting, powdering concrete, pressure treated decking, wood, or backer board.
  2. Next, you will want to dry lay your turf to implement roll sequencing to minimize normal variations. Manufacturing details will be back stamped on one side of the backing; this will help determine fiber direction.
  3. Apply adhesive or double-sided tape and then lay the turf.
  4. Apply a bead of seam sealer to all seams.
  5. Roll the product with a 75 lb. weighted roller across the product surface’s width and length.
  6. Once completed, the installation must remain in dry conditions for 72 hours so that the adhesive can cure properly.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
I am looking for a turf we could possibly use to workout with. We have space to use it, but we would need to be able to put it out and put it away between workouts. I just need an opinion, or is it something that needs to be installed and kept out?
Our Performance Turf Rolls are the perfect turf rolls to use as a temporary floor in any gym or home. These turf rolls are smaller in size than most turf rolls making them easy to roll up and roll back out. Since these fake grass rolls are made with polyethylene, they can also be used outdoors without fading in direct sunlight.
I am looking for turf to use strictly with a push/pull workout sled. It will not be stationary; I will be rolling it up after each use and rolling it out for each use. It will be used for indoor (garage) only. Do I need the padding to go underneath or just the turf itself?
Padding is always a good idea when you need extra cushion underneath while working out on the turf. But if you are only looking to use the turf under the sled, you may skip the pad. These rolls come in both padded and nonpadded versions.
I want a turn to place on my backyard cement for sleds and short sprints along with doing workouts. Will this hold good on cement and if yes how do i make sure it doesnt move? I also will place this and roll it up, is that easy to do or it has to be a permanent fix?thank you so much
Performance Turf Rolls can be installed over cement. To hold the turf in place, you may use our Turf seam tape on the ends and attach it to the floor. This turf is easy to roll up and can be removed very easily, just like how you'd place and remove a rug.
How wide are the rolls from the factory?
The Performance Turf Rolls are 6.5' wide. More product details are available under the "details" section on the product page.
I am looking for a turf to play field hockey on, can this turf be used for sports too? I was planning to put it on my driveway and I liked the thickness of it, but I wasn't sure if this turf would work for sports.
Yes, you may play field hockey on our Performance Turf Rolls.
Can the padded version be used outside? It seems like only the NON-padded version has drainage. We're looking to use it for field hockey practice in our backyard.
The padded version isn't perforated for drainage. For Field Hockey, please look at any of our Sports Turf.
What type of adhesive is recommended for indoor use?
We recommend using the double sided carpet tape when installing turf indoors.
Is it comfortable enough to kneel, stretch, and do warm up drills on?
Yes, these turf rolls are very popular among fitness enthusiasts. We recommend getting a sample before your purchase to make sure you're okay with the feel of the turf.
If using a sled on this turf, do you recommend just taping along the edges or taping as much as possible?
You should be okay with taping along the edges, however, if you feel that the turf won't stay in place, consider using the tape in more areas.
Is the turf able to be cut if needed?
Yes! These turf rolls are very easy to cut, just use some sharp scissors.
Would the performance turf roll be if weights are dropped from overhead? Im looking for something that can be easily moved if I want to go from my garage and do a workout in my driveway instead, and not ruin the weights if dropped or ruin the concrete underneath.
The performance turf rolls with a cushion attached would be safe for you to drop weights on. We recommend getting a sample before your purchase to make sure it works for you. For additional support, using a rubber underlayment underneath is a good idea.
If I want to play field hockey with this turf (I will be diving and slide tackling), do I have to get the shock pad with it so it doesn't move or can I get the non padded version? Basically, I am asking if the padded version will make a noticable difference when playing and if it's worth it. I am hoping to place the turf roll (s) outside on my driveway.
The padded version gives you an added comfort, especially if you intend to use it for workouts. When using outdoors, you could get the nonpadded version. If later you feel the need for extra padding, you may use our rubber underlayment underneath.
Can this be installed with carpet tape instead of glued down?
Yes, you may use a carpet tape or a double sided tape to install these, however, this will be more of a temporary installation.
Can I install this turf to be glued down for a few months but then be picked up and stored away if need be?
Yes, you may remove the turf as needed.
I need 17 by 17 for patio
The width of this product is fixed, but you can customize the length. To cover a 17x17 area, you may need two cuts. Please order directly through our site, or call us for assistance.
I'm am looking to use turf in our family/living room. We have two dogs, lots of traffic and I don't like any of the large area rugs that I've seen. Is this doable or just weird. Weird is ok if its doable.
Cheryl Cathcart
You may use this turf, however, please choose the "without shock pad" option.
Can these turf rolls handle impact from workout equipment? I have steel clubs from Onnit ( that have sharp edges.
Our Performance Turf Rolls can handle the impact from workout equipment. These turf rolls were designed to be used in commercial gym environments where pushing and pulling of sleds and fitness equipment would be dropped and placed on them daily. So you can use Onnit's Steel Clubs on our Performance Turf Rolls.
I’m looking for a flooring option for a garage gym. The gym is bare bones now. Can exercise equipment be installed leveled on top of the grass?
You can install fitness equipment over our Performance Turf Rolls easily. The only thing you will notice is that the turf fibers where the equipment sits will be depressed. You may be able to brush those fibers back into place once removed.
Would the performance turf also be appropriate for putting? We’re looking for flooring for our basement gym (for equipment and weights) that could also be used as a putting green. Are you aware of any indoor turf that could serve both purposes?
While the performance turf rolls are not designed for putting, the product is low pile enough for this to work for your application. We do not have any stimp ratings on this product.
Can you use this turf in front of a golf simulator and to putt onto?
Yes, the Performance Turf Rolls can be used for this application. You could also use any turf under the Putting Green Turf section.
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  Great New Addition!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gym
Kyle from Cantonment, FL wrote...
We just got our new turf installed last week. After a week of use our members are thrilled with the new addition and we are very happy with our purchase. It was super easy to install and looks amazing! We will definitely be ordering again to add on to this existing strip.
  Easy installation, but not comfortable
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
J from 48154-4669 wrote...
I loved this turf, it rolled right out and was so easy to cut. If you are putting this in your garage do not worry about gluing it down, you can also buy really cheap underlayment for extra cushion and keep some weights on the edges for a few days. With all the positive, DO NOT GET THIS IF YOU PLAN ON DOING ANY GROUND WORKOUTS. This turf is very uncomfortable on your arms and legs and hurts. I wish I would have known this before buying this kind. But, for everything on your feet it's great.
  Love the Turf Roll
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home
Jason L from Atlanta, Ga wrote...
I love this product. Easy to install and is very manageable.
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