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Do something today you'll thank you for tomorrow.

70% of people who begin a fitness plan give up.
The Why

Why does this matter to us?

At RubberFlooringInc, we challenge ourselves to go above and beyond and, as real people who have stood where you’re standing, we believe it is our responsibility to help you succeed. To make sure you are in that 30%.

The Why

The best part about doing what we do...

is seeing our customers succeed and change their lives. We know first hand how fitness and a healthy lifestyle can transform your life. And we understand how difficult it is to get started.

The Why

That's where we come in.

We've hired certified fitness professionals to answer your questions. Forever. And for free. We will answer your questions about how to transition to a healthier diet, and we will send you workouts to try in your new home gym.

The Why

We believe that most people...

give up because the process feels overwhelming, or they don't have any support. We will take you through your journey one step at a time, and we will be your support. We want you to call us when you hit a milestone, and we encourage you to reach out when you're struggling. You cannot find success in silence.


The obesity statistics are startling.

• 1 in 5 American Deaths are now associated with obesity.
- American Journal of Public Health

• Obese adults spend 42% more on healthcare costs.
- State of Obesity

• Obesity problems begin earlier than you'd think. In 2010, 43 million preschool children were overweight or obese; a 60% increase since 1990.
- Harvard

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Ari is a 3x marathoner, avid CrossFitter and expert healthy recipe creator
Ken is a certified CrossFit coach and owner of CrossFit Tempe


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Have a success story? Share and inspire others!
Ken A. Success Story
Ken M. from Tempe, AZ - 09/28/2016

I spent my 20s eating and drinking my life away. Work, pizza and beer was my daily routine. Before I knew it I was 32 and weighed 580. I couldn't sleep in a bed or I'd suffocate, my knees and back always hurt, and I was always covered in sweat. Even worse then my health was my self esteem.

I thought about dying every day and cried myself to sleep every night. On August 17th my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and died 3 weeks later. Before she died she made me promise to get healthy and be happy. While she was in hospice I was watching TV next to her and a commercial for the Crossfit Games came on. I was fascinated by what I saw. It was something I had never seen. I was so used to the boring typical gym way of doing things.

Two weeks after she died I walked into the my first CrossFit gym and my life was changed forever. I loved every second of it and started working out 5 to 6 times a week. After two years I lost 300#.

After getting a second lease on life I decided to spend the rest of my life paying it forward and helping others improve their fitness so I started a crossfit gym and have been living my dream ever since.

Ari Success Story
Ari Z. from Mesa, AZ - 09/29/2016

At 23 years old, I had been overweight my entire life. Although my parents had always tried to help me choose a healthier lifestyle, I still felt like I knew nothing about healthy eating. The idea of change felt impossible, and every time I would try to begin, I would give up almost before I’d started.

My “ah hah” moment came when I, for the first time, took a hard look at myself, at my life. I was 23 years old and I was afraid to socialize because I felt like everyone was judging me, like I wasn’t worthy of being included because I was overweight, because I wasn’t good enough.

In that moment, I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t ready to change my eating habits. I didn’t know why, I just knew that I wasn’t mentally there yet. And that was okay because I knew I was ready to take the first step - to begin an exercise program.

I started working out for 30 minutes 4-5 x per week and OMG I was out of shape. But it got easier. And eventually, I was ready to make another small change. I cut out fast food. Then, after that, I cut out deep fried food. And I kept making small, achievable changes to my diet until I had lost 60 lbs.

Seems like that would be the happy ending, right? Well, unfortunately, I became obsessed with my weight / weight loss. I was the girl that would live or die by the scale and I counted every calorie that went into my mouth. I had gone from one extreme to the other, and I was shocked to discover I was more unhappy than when I started.

I can’t pinpoint the day I discovered I needed a change, but I know everything changed when I started running. Rather than punishing myself for eating at the gym doing workouts I hated, I found something I was passionate about, and I began to appreciate my body for what it could do rather than how much I weighed.

This discovery was amplified when I found CrossFit. Every day, I was doing things that never seemed possible. I had run a marathon, I could squat more than I weighed, I even placed in a few small 5ks. My body, I discovered, is actually freaking awesome.

To my surprise, once I let go of my control over food and just focused on doing what I love, I very slowly dropped another 15 lbs before breaking up with the scale for good. Now, I don’t weigh myself. Ever. Not at the doctor’s office, not for any reason. My clothes fit (minus the quads vs. jeans struggle) and I’ve never felt better.

These days, I keep myself healthy and active by eating 80% healthy foods and the other 20% is probably cookies and ice cream, and I workout either doing CrossFit or running 6 x per week. I’ve kept my weight off for 6 years, and I’ve become happier and more confident than I ever imagined. Fitness truly changed my life, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.