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Measure floor to order proper amount of flooring


Step 1 - Clean Floor. Make sure garage floor is clean, dry, and free of any objects. Sweep dirt out of garage and remove any lumps or excess cement/debris that might cause a bump on the surface.

Step 2 - Unroll Floor. Position flooring at front of garage, one roll at a time. Roll flooring out front-to-back and position carefully

Use a broom to push out any air underneath flooring

Pre Install
Roll out flooring Push air out

Step 3 - Joint & Cuts. When installing multiple rolls wall-to-wall, you can:

  1. Overlap rolls (1 1/2" to 6")
    - OR -
  2. Butt Joints Trim edges to continue floor pattern by forming a tight butt between rolls. Follow guidelines for butt-type joints.

Butt-type seaming guidelines. Fold back edge of roll #1 and wipe clean. Attach tape along roll #1's edge (leaving 2" of tape exposed) and fold back into position as shown. Fold back roll #2 and wipe bottom edge clean. Carefully align along edge of roll #1. Do not stretch mat or tape when applying.

Roll out flooring Push air out
Push air out
Let the flooring "float" between exterior walls to allow for expansion and contraction. Push air out
NOTE: For custom fit, always allow product to relax in place before trimming around corners and edges.
Step 4 - Trim Trim floor to fit around poles, boards, etc. using utility/rug knife or scissors. Trim edges along exterior walls leaving 1/4" gap to allow for expansion/contraction.
Push air out
Optional - Taping After product has been allowed to relax in place, if you choose to hold down the edges or seams between two floor protectors, we recommend using indoor-outdoor carpet tape or 3-M brand 80 Rubber & Vinyl Spray Adhesive Push air out
Push air out