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Zeolite Max Reviews

Zeolite Max
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  ZeoFill is such an amazing product - Works Great!
Self-installed in Two places Mesa, AZ and Florida
Anonymous from Mesa, AZ wrote...
Not sure why this is called Zeolite Max when the bag clearly shows ZeoFill. I have used DuraFill / EnviroFill on some of my homes then quickly learned EnviroFill products do not work with dog odor at all. Doing my research, the EnviroFill only works if urine liquid is on the granule for 30 seconds or more. I feel it is impossible for the urine to be destroyed as the urine liquid travels past the EnviroFill granules at a fast rate to the bottom of the turf. EnviroFill never has the chance to kill the bacteria. I personally purchased my ZeoFill directly from your store. Once I installed ZeoFill the urine smell instantly disappeared. My research with ZeoFill is the gases made by the urine get sucked up into the ZeoFill granule like a magnet which instantly removes the smell. I also learned on the ZeoFill site that it is best not to add another infill with ZeoFill. The more ZeoFill in the turf, the better the urine is removed.
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