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Berber Carpet Tiles Reviews

Berber Carpet Tiles
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Customer Reviews
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  Berber Carpet Tiles
Anonymous from Menomonee Falls, WI wrote...
Who says two neutrals don't go together? I purchased the smoke and sand carpet tiles. We laid them in a checkerboard pattern in our basement rec room. I must say along with the freshly painted walls, it all turned out really nice! The tiles were quite easy to lay, although peeling off the sticky back was kind of challenging, especially if you don't have long finger nails. I give this product 4 out of 5 stars.
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  Carpet Tile Install
Anonymous from Alpharetta, GA wrote...
Found the product was as described and of the expected quality. My only complaint would be that not every tile was the same size therefore it added a little extra difficulty to the install.
  Great Carpet for the price and ease
Self-installed in Church Parish Hall
St. Justin's Episcopal Church from Canton, Texas wrote...
Bought 26 cases to remodel the Parish Hall in our church. Was surprised on how light the carpet squares were. I had my doubts at first. Laid the whole floor in a few hours.The backing is kind of hard to peel off but with one person peeling and one laying the tiles it goes pretty fast. Looks great and so far it seems like they stick pretty good to the linoleum tile underneath. I did rent a sander to get all the old layers of wax off though. We will see how it lasts in the future but so far everyone including myself thinks it was a great deal. Father Ron+
Customer review image of  in Kid's play room
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  Quick & Easy,, but will it last?
Self-installed in Kid's play room
Mike from Bloomington, IN wrote...
Delivery was good, price was right and installation was easy. For all of this I would give 5 stars. BUT, after about 5-6 weeks of use (in kid's playroom, a semi-high traffic area) the ″pilling″ of the carpet has not stopped. Initially I thought this was just the product breaking-in a little, but everyday there are more ″pills″ all over the floor that I must vacuum up. The carpet does look great, and I'm not super worried about it, but it is a nuisance so 4 stars.
Self-installed in basement
Ski from Wyoming Valley, Pa. wrote...
These are great, but, they are discontinued so if you decide on using them, make sure you buy all that you need. Also, now there is only a limited choice of colors. The plastic is sometimes hard to pull off, but, if you put them in the refrigerator for awhile, it comes off easier. I start it in the corner with a craft knife.
  Will order again
Self-installed in bathroom & bedroom
Ann Petersen from Pine River, MN wrote...
Got the sand color to do a small bathroom, it was easy to install and not to difficult to cut to size. Ordered the smoke color to do a bedroom, laid it out then started to glue it down, was about 1/2 way through b4 I noticed the color was not consistent some squares were very much darker than others-don't know whether it was from different boxes or the colors were inconsistent in the same box. It's not as noticeable in day light but at night under lamp light it is very noticeable. If I had realized I could of laid it in a pattern or put the darker so it would of been under the bed. Would recommend this carpet but suggest you check carefully to be sure the color is consistent.
  Rough but pretty.
Self-installed in Master bedroom/closet
Catherine from Houston, TX wrote...
This tile really looks good once laid and the installation is a breeze. It's much rougher than I would have liked, but since it's for a room that experiences dog traffic, it will be just fine. It's not uncomfortable to the bare foot, mind you, but it's not a floor children, for instance, would find comfortable. Still, I really like the look.
  Worked out perfectly
Self-installed in bedroom
Melissa from Charleston, S.C. wrote...
Ordered these tiles to replace worn out carpet in my extra bedroom. Great product at a great price. I put them down myself- super easy. Room looks a thousand times better! I would definitely recommend these tiles to anyone who asks.
  Love it, looks great.
Self-installed in Hobby room and small hallway
Anonymous from MN wrote...
I've loved this Capet for years having dogs and a child it is awesome to be able to replace a few pieces of carpet if neede, and with little puppies or babies that may happen sometimes. In love the flexibility of making your floor as fun and interesting as you want with patterns or not different colors or not. Only thing I wish is that there where more colors in hand including more ″girly″ colors I would love that for my kids room.
  Carpet Tiles That Will Fit Small Spaces
Self-installed in Small Bathroom
Anonymous from Chicago, IL wrote...
I like these carpet tiles for a small bathroom and I will use them until I can get my whole bathroom updated. They are the right thickness and have a little bit of cushion under your feet.
Customer review image of  in Bedroom
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Self-installed in Bedroom
Marlana Kondras from Hoffman estates il wrote...
Awesome rubberflooringinc you guys were prompt in shipping, priced great and match what I had to a T!
  Shaw Carpet Tiles-Sand
Self-installed in Craft Room (formerly a bedroom)
Linda Miller from Ashton, IL wrote...
Received order in timely manner and in excellent condition. We had installed this carpet tile in another room several months ago. We easily installed the carpet in one room once tiles arrived. We plan to do another room in the fall with this order. The carpet tiles look very nice in our home. Having the tiles is a convenient way of staging our projects. The tiles have really warmed up our home in the winter.
  perfect for my outdoor patio
Self-installed in covered patio
lisa r from palo alto, ca wrote...
easy to install, looks and feels great. couldn't be more pleased!
  Easy to install
Self-installed in Covered, screen patio
Anonymous from Lakewood, CO wrote...
For the price, the tiles seem to be a good value. Only time will determine if the quality stacks up to the previous reviews.
  Carpet Squares
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from South Lake Tahoe, CA wrote...
The carpet squares were easy to install and look great!
  Love the tiles
Self-installed in Basement
Bob from Royal Oak, MI wrote...
We ordered the Ocean Blue tiles for our basement and are happy with them so far. They arrived quickly. Installation for our 500 sq ft area took only a couple of hours and they look great. We ordered a couple extra boxes just in case, but tiles have survived a couple big parties already without any issues with durability. Thanks
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Basement Renovation
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Chicago Suburbs, IL wrote...
Very satisfied with the quality of the product. Easy installation - perfect for a basement situation. Seems to be standing up well to wear-and-tear... have tested already with many teenagers and still looks pristine. Also working well on the stairs where we installed it as a runner (supplemented with staples).
  Great product
Self-installed in Basement
Jeanne from Lancaster, PA wrote...
We purchased two colors for a two-toned look in our basement. It looks great and is easy to install
  Exactly as described
Self-installed in Hallway
MLehotsky from Philadelphia, PA wrote...
Our tiles arrived quickly and we were able to use them exactly as we had planned as a entranceway rug. I would recommend this product and supplier.
  Love this carpet!
Self-installed in Bedroom in a cape cod style home
Tracy from Coventry RI wrote...
I've bought this carpet before and it is very easy to work with. I did a 12x14 room in about 2 hours. I've read some comments that the backing is hard to peel off, if you roll the corner back and forth a few times it comes off easier. The quality is awesome, I bought the Berber style which is thicker and did not need a pad.
results 1-20 of 89
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