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All That Jazz Vinyl Plank Reviews

All That Jazz Vinyl Plank
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  Office flooring
Installed in Office floor
Ash from Arizona wrote...
This flooring is put down in our custom built new office and we get compliments from vendors on it all the time! I personally LOVE the grey look and the combination with the herringbone/chevron look is super on point. It's the most unique flooring I've ever seen.
  For my new laundry room
Anonymous from Carlsbad wrote...
I wanted something unique and kinda feminine for our new laundry room since I spend a lot of time doing laundry between our kids and my husband. Moonlight cocktail is the color I chose with the metallic gold flecks in it. Turned out beautiful!
  Such a unique, gorgeous flooring!
Installed in Office
Anonymous from Mesa wrote...
I get compliments on my new floor ALL the time! The Yesterday All That Jazz Vinyl Planks are beautiful and unique - people are always asking where they came from! I finally get why everyone kept telling me to check out vinyl. So happy!!
results 1-3 of 3
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