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Free Time Turf Rolls Reviews

Free Time Turf Rolls
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$68.25 Roll
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  Tiny backyard!
Self-installed in Small backyard
Ashley from Tempe, AZ wrote...
We moved into a small, old house that was split into two apartments back in the day, so we share a backyard with our neighbor. She has little dog so we put up a little fence to divide the yard and begin making our side more 'homey' for our entertainment. We wanted to have something comfortable underfoot for when we have friends over and grill or sit by the fire pit. Before, the yard was just mostly dirt with weeds, random nails and misc crap mixed in. We decided turf was the way to go as it is 0 maintenance and always green! In one Saturday, my boyfriend and I cleaned up, raked, and flattened the dirt out so we could lay the turf down. A weed barrier went down first then the turf on that, and then nails around the perimeter every 6″ to keep it in place. The backyard is now something that we are proud to have put some work into, and when friends come over we congregate out there to grill, drink, and enjoy conversation barefoot with our feet on the new turf. Absolutely best decision we have ever made when it comes to entertainment.
  Years later - still quality
James from San Francisco, CA wrote...
I've had the turf down for a few years now and there is no sign of fade or wear. Very very happy with the purchase even later down the line.
results 1-2 of 2
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