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Shaw Intermix Carpet Tile Reviews

Shaw Intermix Carpet Tile
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  Basement Installation
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Minneapolis, MN wrote...
We purchased the Shaw Intermix Amalgamate carpet tiles for our basement flooring after having to deal with moisture and flooding problems that created a serious mold and mildew problem. Our home is a Craftsman Bungalow and wanting to keep our decor choices within the classic themes of the house, we chose the Amalgamate design and installed it in a linear fashion in order to recreate the look of an antique wool carpet. Installation was easy and completed in a weekend. We used the double stick adhesive tape so that we could easily remove tiles for cleaning or in case water re-entered the basement. There was no overwhelming smell to the tiles; they appear to be sturdy and vacuum up easily. Rubber Flooring Inc. handled our order(s) quickly — we had to place a second order due to the manner in which we were laying the tiles (linearly) which required a specific number of each tile configuration. In fact my only complaint would be not being able to purchase individual tiles, but now we have plenty of leftover tiles should some require replacing for any reason. It really is the ideal product for basement floors that might come in contact with moisture.
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