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6mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment Reviews

6mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment
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$178.00 Roll
reg: $1.19 sqft
roll $237.33
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Average Rating 4.9/5
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  Small Commercial Gym Owner
Self-installed in Commercial Gym.
Ann Larese from Watertown, TN wrote...
I love this glooring. Its strong. Looks great and very easy to install. Im already planning on a third room to cover because I love this product so much.
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  Good for hardwood underlayment
Self-installed in Home
Kent from St. Louis, MO wrote...
I bought this rubber underlayment to put under a floating engineered hardwood floor. The underlayment is gypsum concrete. I wanted the best soundproofing I could get for my money because I'm in a 2nd floor condo. I have to admit that I was skeptical because the price was so much lower than competitors, but I had no problems with it. I ordered over the phone and customer service was great!! They said shipping could take 2 weeks, but it arrived in 1. It's actually 6.4mm, which is exactly 1/4″. It absorbs sound very well. The only cons are that the rolls are very heavy and its difficult to cut, but that's to be expected because it's rubber.
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  Rubber Flooring For Bedroom Underlayment
Self-installed in Bedroom Underlayment
William Jermain from Chicago, Illinois wrote...
I was extremely happy with the product and company. The website made it easy to review rubber flooring options. My call to the company was answered immediately, and the representative helped me setup my order of rubber flooring and glue. The packages arrived ahead of schedule. I am an amateur home improvement guy and the install was simple. The glue worked great and the flooring is complete. (The off-gasing is a little strong, but I am airing out the room as much as possible.)
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  Worked well in footfall sound reduction project
Anonymous from Boston, MA wrote...
Worked well for my project but very strong rubber smell made my VOC meter record very high levels. Once it was covered with hardwood, I used permanently flexible caulking on the perimeter, and that helped the VOC levels go down and the smell to be less intense to the point of being nearly undetectable now. Overall I’m quite satisfied.
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  Happy customer
Verified Purchase
Phiemie M. from Berrien Springs, MI wrote...
I am very happy with their fast service. The products are good. Thanks.
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  Happy customer in Florida
Self-installed in attic/work
Happy customer in Florida from Florida wrote...
I placed the underlayment on top of plywood flooring in a second floor attic/work room newly created out of raw attic space. This room is over the den area of my home so it was a concern that noise from that area would be heard downstairs..including the use a stationery exercise equipment. We mostly followed the instructions on the packaging making it very easy to install. Where we short cut was to lay it out in the air for a period of time before installation. The result is terrific.. The underlayment provides an excellent sound barrier for downstairs and a cushion for working in the room. It did have a distinct..not repulsive..odor for a couple of days and we laughed about partially following the instructions. Working wit the company, i ordered the correct product and the correct amount for the space...creating little waste. I am very pleased.
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  Under Carpet
Self-installed in Under Carpet
Nan K. from Escondido, CA wrote...
We purchased the rubber underlayment for under carpet tiles in my home office. The purpose was mostly to add a little height so it would be closer to the adjacent hall wood floor. The very slight added cushioning and insulation is a bonus. I was initially concerned about the strong rubber tire smell but I washed it down with soap and water and aired it outside for two days before my husband easily installed it. With the dense industrial carpet tile that cover it, there is not a hint of odor now.
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  Great Product -BEST service!
Installed in 1400 sq. ft of 3 BR vacation beach condo above ou
Pat Blevins from Watsonville, California wrote...
We recently purchased 1400 sq ft of the 6 mm rubber underlayment to be installed below the carpet and pad of the beach condo above ours in hopes of being able to enjoy some peace and quiet in our condo for the first time in 8 years. The condo upstairs is rented out all year long and because of the two sets of bunk beds has kids running and jumping ALL the time. No fun for us, until this wonderful product did what they said it would do-- reflect vibration from foot ″steps″ up into the room instead of down into the timbers and our condo. I started to look into the purchase in Jan 2014. The customer service people worked with me throughout the long wait for the owner of the condo above ours to re carpet his condo. Nine months actually elapsed since I made the first contact and they held true to the discount they offered us for the nine months it took to order the product. Luis Montano gave me such excellent and consistent customer service and support far beyond any experience I've received from any other company. Luis is a true asset to Rubber Flooring, Inc. and anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Luis will not be disappointed. Our order had many atypical nuances and he worked with us individualizing the ordering process to accommodate our needs. We worried the product would not arrive in time to coordinate with the carpet installation, but there was no need to worry. The product arrived in just 8 days after ordering. The professional capet installer said the product was very easy to work with and in no way interfered with installing a thick carpet pad and upgraded carpet over the underlayment. The owner of the condo being carpeted was very pleased with the look and solid feel of walking on all three layers. We worried about the odor of the rubber in a rental unit, but there was no need to have worried. The odor quickly dissipated before the carpet installation was complete. I give this experience the highest rating of approval. Luis Montano and his superb customer service, the shipping and handling component and the product doing what it was designed to do, not to mention a very fair price, are the reasons I have rated this company, its product and our overall experience with 5 stars!
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  Great Product!
Self-installed in home
Anonymous from Wisconsin wrote...
I used it under my model train track. It has exceptional sound deadening qualities.
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