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Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship Reviews

Ribbed Carpet Tile - Quick Ship
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Customer Reviews

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Very Impressed
Self-installed in Home Office
from Goldenrod, FL wrote...
Our project was rather simple - my wife and I were looking for a solution that:
> Would provide a surface where office chairs rolled smoothly without the need for a plastic chair mat
> Would be easier to find and vacuum small items usually stuck in carpet, such as staples for example
> Would provide some level of sound absorbing, as opposed to a bare wood floor
> Would be easy to replace sections as needed, as opposed to replacing all the carpet in the office.
As you may know, in a home office scenario, most of the carpet will never be touched. So why have to replace areas that don't ever wear?
These tiles have so far proven to provide us with all of the goals we set out to meet, and at a very reasonable cost - unlike carpeting. We are not only pleased with the product, but also impressed that a company such as you has personally reached out for feedback.
By the way - the representative I spoke to at the time of placing the order was also a good start to an excellent customer experience, she was very helpful.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Unexpectedly Awesome!!!
Self-installed in Office
from Sarasota, FL wrote...
I needed an office floor covered fast and cheap, and this was the best deal I could find either locally or on the internet. Got two colors to do a checkerboard, and they arrived very quickly. They went down really easily, but while I was laying them I was skeptical about their durability. I was proven wrong by these things! I have had the floor down for about 6 weeks, with 8-10 hours of average rolly-chair action (and I am by no means petite), and it shows virtually no signs of wear. It is soft enough on my bare feet (work from home), looks great, easy to install, and incredibly durable...and the price is great making it an incredible value overall. Bottom line if you are interested enough in this product to be reading this review, you should get it...I was unable to find a better deal and the quality is awesome! And rubberflooringinc was easy to deal with and fast to ship...thank you!
Just what we were hoping for
Self-installed in Basement
from Chicago, IL wrote...
We were very pleased with our purchase of these carpet tiles. They are rather thin, but that is what we were expecting, for the price. We used them in our basement, which is a very uneven mix of old tile and cement, and they worked beautifully to hide imperfections in the leveling. The adhesive strips worked just right to stick on a bumpy and in some places, rough, surface.
Screen porch...worked great
Self-installed in exterior screen porch over concerete
from Mesa, Az wrote...
Installed over concrete in screen porch in Mesa Az,Easy to install, easy to vacuum. Great accent for an area rug. Shipped quick.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Very Happy
Self-installed in Basement
from Port Rebublic, NJ wrote...
I installed the ribbed carpet tile on a less than desirable floor we put down in our basement. The floor was popping up and was a tripping hazard. I was looking for an inexpensive solution rather than tearing this old floor up. I came across Rubber Flooring's carpet tiles and discovering that I could cover the area for under $400 I took a chance. It's been 2 months and so far my husband and I are pleased with the results.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
100% satisfied
Self-installed in Bathroom
from Lynnwood, WA wrote...
I recently ordered some of your ribbed, peel and stick carpet tiles. I am extremely happy with my order and was able to cosmetically improve our downstairs bathroom. We are currently renting a house and the linoleum green tile in that bathroom was horrible. With the peel and stick carpet tiles, we not only improved the look but the floor is no longer freezing. Have to say, I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase and finished product. It was a very easy DIY project I was able to complete despite recently suffering a broken leg. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Omg it's beautiful.
Self-installed in Game room
from Springfield, MA wrote...
Thank you so much!!!!! So it's definitely not like padded carpet, but I mean wow, it fit together excellently and stuck down well and it looks absolutely remarkable. Budget beauty!
Great value
Self-installed in Basement
from Cleveland, TN wrote...
Although the tiles are very thin and lightweight, they look good after installation. The light weight makes cutting and installation easy. The adhesive seems to be holding up well so far. I installed on concrete in a basement room and I am very pleased with the results.
Great Product at a Great Price
Self-installed in Sunroom, over ceramic tile
from San Diego, CA wrote...
These carpet tiles worked great in our sunroom. We laid the tiles right over our ceramic tile. Easy to cut - just used scissors. They've been in for a few days now and are not lifting. They are very thin, but work great for our needs. Kids aren't slipping on the tile after getting out of the pool and are thin enough that they dry out fast after the kids sit on them in their wet bathing suits. We bought the bark colored tiles and love them! Hope they last!
Effective Solution
Installed in Garage/Rec Room
from Marysville Wa wrote...
I purchased this product to convert our garage to a rec room. I was a little concerned about how light it was when it was delivered but it has worked out very well and made a huge difference in the space. The only challenge with the installation was in removing the backing on the grey tiles. One line of adhesive on the edge was so strong that it didn't want to release the cellophane. This was only a problem on the grey tiles, not the black. When the struggle was over the the adhesive came off with the cellophane. However, the tiles still secured well to the floor and I have not had any problems with them coming loose, even while vacuuming.
Perfect for basement
Self-installed in Basement
from Stone Mountain, GA wrote...
The carpet tiles were delivered within 2 days of ordering. They were easy to install and made the basement floor appear clean and finished. The room also seemed quiet compared to the concrete floor. I also appreciate the anti fungal anti mold properties, especially for the basement application.
Goods as Advertised
Self-installed in Front hall/living room
from Florida wrote...
I ordered these carpet tiles as an alternative to buying a rug in a high traffic area of our house. We have 18" x 18" ceramic tile so laying the carpet tiles over them was extremely easy! We have had them for about 3 months now and they look just as good (and adhere just as well) as when we placed them. We have a 70 lb dog that loves to run around the house and even that has not dislodged any of the tiles. I ordered the "bark" color which hides stains very well....My husband spilled coffee on one of the tiles a few weeks ago and I could not find the stain after 5 minutes. My main tip is that you need a good quality vacuum because the texture of the ribbed tiles tends to cling to lint and pet hair like its life depends on it.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
looks great
Self-installed in Shed
from Massachusetts wrote...
I got these carpet tiles for a shed that I'm turning into a 'she-shed'. I wanted something durable and good looking that was cheap. This fit the bill. I was able to get the whole thing done in a few hours - about 250 sq ft. It was easy to cut the pieces for the edges of the floor. They are fairly thin, but that's perfect for what I want. There is some slight varying color to some of them (I got the grey), but it didn't bother me and you really can't tell. I used them with the ribs all going in the same direction.
Our Big Project
Self-installed in Living Room
from Hazelwood, MO wrote...
Happy Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Man Cave is taking shape
Self-installed in Basement
from Meadowview, VA wrote...
I have to say I was a little hesitant to purchase the tile because the samples are just so small you really can't tell what the product is going to look like when it's down. I'm extremely glad a went ahead and made the purchase. The tile is good quality and perfect for the basement. I should have done it sooner. I'm converting the basement into my own Pittsburgh Steelers Man Cave. The black tile looks great with the yellow walls. The tile was easy to apply and cutting it to shape when needed was relatively easy. The only small complaint (very small) was that some of the tile didn't stick well. This was easily fixed with some double sided tape. Overall I'm extremely pleased with the tile. I'll be purchasing a few more boxes soon to finish the job.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Self-installed in Outdoor patio
from Sequim, WA wrote...
Installed squares on an old cement patio. Very easy to install. Ordered one box first to check quality etc. We were able to trim to fit with a regular pair of shears. Installed a month ago and so far no corners are peeling up and we have had some bad weather. Very pleased with product so far. Shipping was on time.
Self-installed in Workshop
from San Franciso, Ca wrote...
Was super easy to install and looks great! Feels very nice underfoot and is perfect for my workshop. The only thing I would say negative is that some color variation on them can look like stains. However, I ordered enough to be able to replace those tiles that bothered me. Overall, very happy with this product.
Just what I wanted
Self-installed in walk-in closet
from Oakdlale, CA wrote...
I just needed a little carpet for the floor of my walk-in closet. It didn't need to be plush, just needed to cover the paint splattered floor. These carpet tiles are perfect. I put them in myself (63 year old female)and they are a beautiful color (blue). Plus, they are very reasonably priced! I am very pleased with my purchase!
Very Happy
Self-installed in Basement
from Lawrence, KY wrote...
We have an unfinished basement and would like to turn it into a temporary play area for our two sons (4.5 and 3 years old). To cover the basement's concrete floor, we need a solution that meets our key requirements including:

1. Made in the US
2. Made of environment-friendly material
3. Affordable
4. Easy to install
5. Durable and easy to maintain

After hours of researching online (Amazon, Flor, Lowes, Menards) and browsing at the local stores (Home Depot & Nebraska Furniture Mart for Kansas City locations), we came across Rubber Flooring's products, which seemed to meet our key requirements. After reading all the reviews from their customers, we decided on buying the Ribbed Carpet Tiles from the company. We ordered 5 cases of carpet tiles in Taupe color, each case contains 16 tiles with 18"x18" measurement per tile. The total order came less than $200 with free shipping.

We placed the order on Friday, December 19th, 2014 and received the carpet tiles on Monday, December 22nd, 2014. Very impressed with the company's fast delivery amid the busy season of December.

When we opened the case, we found the product's quality very good. It is true to the color we saw online. The surface feels very soft. We installed all the carpet tiles in less than 40 minutes thanks to the clear instructions and the smart design of the tiles with each having a sticker showing the way it should be aligned. My 4.5 son also helped put down some tiles.

But one thing we recommend is to wear gloves while installing the tiles to protect hands from possible cuts from some rough edges.

The finished floor looks great. Our kids love it and we received a lot of compliments.

Overall, we are highly satisfied with the product and recommend it to others because of the following reasons: reasonable price, good quality, safe product, and easy installation. Yes, we would buy more products from the company for future home improvement projects.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Patio upgrade
Self-installed in Inclosed Patio
from Sterling, Colorado wrote...
We decided to make our open patio more livable 12 months a year. We closed it in and found your indoor/outdoor carpet. It looks great and was a snap to install.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
results 1-20 of 132
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