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Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles Reviews

Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles
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Self-installed in yard
from Staten Island, NY wrote...
I live in one of the boroughs of NYC. Our property is 80 x 100 so the back yard is not too large. We have a nice size shed and a 12' above ground pool, grill and nice outdoor furniture. The concrete was cracked and would be such a pain to replace. My husband had filled the cracks with a silicone and needless to say, it did not go with my decor.... ha ha... I would purchase a large outdoor carpet every summer to try and hide the cracks and finally decided to purchase these tiles. My husband was very concerned on how they would hold up with the winters in NY or the summers for that matter. I have to say this has been the BEST purchase ever. When it snows, we have to shovel the back and three is no issue at all as a matter of fact, it is so easy to shovel. I just said the other day,, all the sidewalks in NY should have these it makes it so easy to shovel. The freezing cold winters to not crack the tiles at all. We had a basketball hoop in the back and my son would play ball on it,, bouncing the ball like crazy on them, jumping up and down to the hoop and they have stood up beautifully. We have the tiles in the yard for at least 4 or 5 years now and they are as good as when we first bought them. We scrub them down a little when the warm weather comes and give a little shot with a power washer (on light). and they look brand new. If you are hesitant to purchase these, dont be, not matter what weather they hold up beautifully.
Very Happy
Self-installed in Kitty Room
from Tampa, FL wrote...
This is Coki, our cat, with her litter box behind her. The flooring traps all of the kitty litter so none of it gets past this room! Any cat owner can appreciate that!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Balcony
from New York, NY wrote...
Happy Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Self-installed in Balcony
from New York, NY wrote...
I cannot say enough about how these interlocking tiles have filled the bill! We have a balcony with a view of the Hudson River. It was okay before, but the floor was concrete. Now that I have laid these tiles (forest green) it is a great pleasure to be out on the balcony! In less than an hour! We can now walk barefooted on our balcony, without discomfort. We eat our dinners out there in good weather. It feels like an extension of the apartment. Whenever we decide to relocate, I can unsnap this flooring and relocate it with us! I don't usually write reviews. but I just want to share with others the pleasure we have derived from this home improvement!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Sport court 25x30
Self-installed in Backyard
from Amherst, OH wrote...
I used this tile to creat a 25x30' sport court in our backyard for the kids. This is the cheapest tile available on the market per sf. It was a breeze to install and it looks great!
Flooring for the Hot tub
Self-installed in Outside on concrete patio
from Williamstwon, NJ wrote...
The flooring was better than expected and holds the hot tub off the concrete very well. Also it is high enough that I can drain the water without touching the bottom of the tub. Also is good on the feet barefoot and looks good. I installed 12 X 9 ' area in 15 mins complete, and that includes using a utility knife to cut the 12' edge.
Self-installed in Utility room
from Horseshoe Bend, ID wrote...
I had a unique basement utility room floor problem. The concrete was never finished, so it's very rough and bumpy. The room has also flooded at least 4 times in 20 years, 2 water heater disasters, one washer hose rupture and one drain problem. And I didn't have much money to fix it. As a result, my options for floor coverings were exceedingly limited. This product solved all my problems, it's thick enough to smooth out the concrete, it's strong enough to support 2 freezers and washer without denting, and it's "vented" if we flood again. It was under $500 for a 12 x 14 room. It was very easy to install, once we figured out how, (some very minimal instructions would have been nice on how to snap them together as well as the best method to cut them,) and went down very quickly. It's not really barefoot friendly, but some throw rugs solve that problem. We were expecting something with some give to it, so the rigidity was a surprise, but probably better suited for the room. I would whole heartedly endorse this product, actually 4 of the 5 people who have seen it took the web address so they could order some for various applications. Oh, did I mention it was ordered on Thursday evening and delivered on Monday?
Didn't match
Self-installed in Back porch
from Johnstown PA wrote...
The tiles themselves are great. Tough and serviceable but did not match the ones I had laid down a while ago. Maybe my older ones are out of production. But if you're buying them for the first time, go for it. However, if you are adding on or replacing some older ones it wold be best to ask for a sample first.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Boat
from Hillsboro Beach, FL wrote...

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
My deck
Self-installed in On my two deck
from Texas wrote...
I love it, I don't have to keep on paint my deck every other year. I recommended to anyone
great product
Self-installed in patio
from Houston, TX wrote...
very easy to install. It took me about 4 hours to complete. I wish they make an end piece for the angle cuts.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Nice Produce
Self-installed in Garage
from Wauseon, OH wrote...
Quality, nice looking product. Allows air circulation so floor dries. Super easy install.
Excellent flooring for my outdoor summer kitchen
Self-installed in summer kitchen lanai
from Florida wrote...
I purchased these very sturdy snap together tiles as flooring for my summer kitchen they are perfect.
I love this product
Self-installed in Outdoor wood deck
from Iowa wrote...
We have a large deck that had a solid but ugly floor with peeling paint, splinters and many seams., Now our deck floor is beautiful!! This was very easy to install. I’m 67 years old and weigh 103 ponds. My daughter in law and I laid this in a day. Beware that these tiles expand and shrink with the weather. Keep this in mind as you install them. I love my new deck floor!!
Great product
Installed in Apartment complex
from Richmond, VA wrote...
Ran across these online and am now redoing my apartment community's patios/decks with it. My maintenance team said it was easy to install.
Self-installed in Back yard
from Burgaw , N.C. wrote...
Wonderful thank you the flooring works perfect for my motorcycle.
Greenhouse floor
Self-installed in Hobby Greenhouse
from Colorado Springs, CO wrote...
After fruitlessly searching locally for perforated tile flooring in a style that I liked and the size that I needed for our newly installed hobby greenhouse I discovered Rubber Flooring, Inc and the wide choice of products and colors. The Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles were exactly what I was looking for, came in several colors and they were even on sale. At full price they would have been a bargain compared to what is available locally. I chose and ordered the color combination I wanted but didn't order samples as the exact color wouldn't have made a difference in my choice to purchase. The boxes came quickly and the installation was very quick and easy. Even after a flub of turning one of the very first tiles the wrong way it was a quick and easy fix to pop the tiles apart and correct the error, with the installation of the 11' X 11' (plus edging) floor taking less than an hour. I'm so pleased with the product and appearance that, when the budget allows, I'm going to be replacing my patio rug with a Grip-Loc pad!
Easy on my bare feet! A 'Snap' to install!
Self-installed in Balcony
from Clinton Township, Michigan wrote...
I have a small condo balcony 4 x 12 that has a painted board floor. It hurt my bare feet when I walked on it so I didn't go out there often in summer. Since installing my rubber flooring tiles, all that has changed. It's very easy to walk on with bare feet. I'm out there all the time now! The tiny holes allow rain to flow through easily, too, so there is no puddling. I didn't order a sample first because the pictures and installation video told me all I needed to know. And one review mentioned that it was easy on their bare feet which answered that question in my mind. The installation was a snap! :) I am an older person and managed to put the entire floor down myself. The step-on and snap-into-place system was perfect for me to manage. However, my balcony decking was an inch or so out of square in some places. I didn't have a saw to cut off the extra. But with my heavy duty kitchen sheers, I cut off the loop edging on 2 tiles to make them snap into place perfectly. It looks great! I've added a recliner, a bistro table and chairs and some potted flowers to make it a perfect retreat day or night. String lights go up next week! I will send photos once it's completed. I am looking forward to a happy summer on my balcony.
Boat floor
Self-installed in On a boat floor
from Central PA wrote...
I used the tiles to provide a non slip, easily drainable surface for my boat, which double as a fishing and duck hunting boat. Reason for NOT giving the product five stars? it is a little difficult take back apart. Which I know isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I guess I was looking for something that could be removed as easily as it was installed.
Our third order to add onto area around our large
Self-installed in Around RV- See Photos
from Oregon Coast wrote...
We are Full Time in large RV. The Rugged Grip-Loc tiles purchased from you have created wonderful surface for living, entertaining and make cleanup very easy! We Put these down over fairly level gravel surface and love how much easier it is to walk, sit and arrange furniture. Working with your people on the phone has been real good. Free Shipping sold me on this deal!
results 1-20 of 74
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