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Smooth Flex Tiles Reviews

Smooth Flex Tiles
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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  Happy Customer
Larry A. from Wichita, KS wrote...
Black & Red
Customer review image of  in Garage
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Great flooring!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Nathan Ludwig from South Carolina wrote...
Product was easy to install, and looks great.
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Basement
Stacy M. from Mount Joy, PA wrote...
Here is our modernized basement using Smooth Flex Tiles. Images sent in by happy customer
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  Rubber flooring photo
Chris L. from San Luis Obispo, CA wrote...
Happy with the results, photo attached! -- Chris
  Not used in a typical garage
Self-installed in Second garage
Charlie Pace from Eureka, Ca wrote...
I used this to cover a sheet of moisture barrier in a garage that is prone to have a moist concrete floor. I store my F-350 truck, utility box and 5th wheel trailer hitch in this garage. I use an engine host with steel wheels to load and unload the utility box (500lbs) and hitch (330lbs) from a shelf into the truck which requires 20 feet of travel and a 90 degree turn. After three times there are no marks and no sign I have put any stress on the flooring. Note: consider starting the first tiles at the garage door so the first thing you will see is a clean finished edge.
Installed in Basement
Anonymous from Ithaca, NY wrote...
I installed the smooth tiles in my basement laundry room area over a cememnt floor. It is a wonderful product. The floor looks great and it is good to walk on. The contractor who installed it for me said it was great to work with and he will recommend it to other customers. Very satisfaied.
  So much nicer than bare concrete
Verified Purchase
Installed in basement
Anonymous from New Jersey wrote...
Looks better, muffles sound, nicer to walk on, and warmer than the concrete basement floor. Only downside is having to lift, rather than drag stuff around on it.
  Easy install, easy on the feet, easy to clean floo
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Mud room, laundry, art / craft room
Dean from Steamboat Springs CO wrote...
My floor arrived much quicker than I expected and I installed over 230 SF in just a couple hours. Great product for a high traffic mud / laundry room. I needed to put down some plywood when moving heavy appliances or furniture because the tile will scuff and be careful with heavy objects with wheels. My file cabinet wheels sank into the floor slightly causing some minor dents. Appears to be over the top of an expansion joint in the concrete so it makes some sense the tile may flex there a bit. Good price w/ free delivery, looks great, very comfortable on the feat, good insulator from a cold concrete floor and easy to clean & sweep. We like it.
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Half bath/laundry room
Nancy from Lexington, KY wrote...
Purchased these for half bath/laundry room on slab. Older town home had ugly sheet vinyl on the floor, installed these tiles right over the sheet vinyl, and flaws in the vinyl do not transmit through. Cut moderately easily with sharp razor blade (most took two or three passes), snap together easily. Plan on changing blades frequently. After lining them up and snapping a tab or two, loads of fun to step on tile edges and pop rest into place (like walking on bubble wrap), used a rubber mallet to make sure all edges fully snapped into place. Looks good, easy to clean, waterproof. Seems a bit pricey but pretty comparable to putting down Ditra and tile (and anything is better than scraping up glued down vinyl). Plan to install in second floor full bath, once I fix the toilet flange problems!
  Easy and fun to install
Self-installed in large hallway
Anonymous from Grand Rapids, MI wrote...
This was very easy to install. It is just what we needed for a floor that was not perfectly flat.
Customer review image of  in Boat
Customer review image of  in Boat
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  Boat Restore
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Boat
Anonymous from Richmond VA wrote...
This was the most amazing look when completed. It was fast AND easy to install and looks GREAT! There was no way we could have achieved this look with any other tile.
  smooth gray locking tiles
Self-installed in garage
Harry M Bickford from Palm Harbor, Florida wrote...
I have enjoyed working with this product and only wish I had the budget to complete the job in one afternoon.
  Garage Floor Installation
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from San Jose, CA wrote...
Very easy to install. Looks great. Fairly easy to clean with a broom, however, using a vacuum, the tiles sometimes pull up. Also would have liked an edge piece so the interlocking teeth underneath wouldn't show along the garage door opening.
  Awesome solution for the kitchen with 3 toddlers
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from Reston, VA wrote...
I have three small children (3 year old twins and a 16 month old). I had a 8' x 10' carpet under our kitchen table. I have been looking for a giant ″wipeable″ floor I could put under the table for so long. The best I could find were little mats that just go under each high chair - which don't really work since no kid drops food perfectly below their chair. With three little kids the regular carpet just had so much food, milk and other junk ground into it that it wouldn't stay clean. I came across this site and it was the perfect answer to what I was looking for. Now there is no stress when it comes to feeding time because if they spill or throw food I don't care since I can just wipe it up with a paper towel. Everyone that has been to our house since I put it down all comment on how genius of an idea it is. I would recommend this to ANYONE with small children who are trying to keep the kitchen area clean and presentable.
  Hard to "Tap" in
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Nancy from Royal Oak MI wrote...
Bought these for my basement floor. I've had flooding issues in the basement so I thought these would be great. Love the look and feel of the tiles. They are easy to clean. The only issue is that some of the taps were hard to tap in. I would have the whole square tapped in, but there would be 2-3 tabs that would not tap into place.
  So far so good
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Colorado Springs, CO wrote...
The tiles were fairly easy to install. We are very happy with how they look and ease with cleaning. The real test will be snow over the winter
  Great product
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Columbus, New Jersey wrote...
Floor went down easy and looks amazing! Just what I was looking for to finish my garage.
  Great Basement Floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement Rec. Room
Martha from Westbury, NY wrote...
I really like the floor. It is in my basement rec. room and functions awesomely. The room is designed in a loft style with exposed ceiling and pipes and the charcoal flooring really works. It is so easy to clean and feels great on your feet. My adult children love it.
  Basement play room
Self-installed in Basement play room
Anonymous from Morristown, NJ wrote...
I chose the flex tiles (beige) for a basement playroom (approx 540sq ft). Once complete, the room looks great! My space is large (approx 20x25ft), and it was a little tricky to get the first 2 rows across and down to lay straight, square and 1/4 inch from the wall. However, after getting those first 2 rows in, the rest of the product went down smoothly and quickly. I recommend to start from both ends of the tile to facilitate getting 2 adjoining tiles to lock quickly. When trimming a straight edge, you can actually score the tile with the utility knife and then fold the tile to increase the ″crease″ and then ″rip″ the excess off. Seems easier to do that than try to cut all the way through with the utility knife. Overall, I am very satisfied so far (3 weeks later).
  Smooth Flex Tiles
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from PA wrote...
The tiles were very easy to install . Our 12 year old helped helped. They cut easily with a very sharp utility knife. You do have to score it several times. The only problem we have seen is that they scuff easily (we have beige tiles). You don't want to drag furniture on the floor. Easily clean up dirt with just a broom and dust pan. If you do get any kind of sticky black glue/tar it comes right off with product like Goo Gone.
results 1-20 of 37
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