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6mm Evo Tiles Reviews

6mm Evo Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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High quality
Self-installed in Spare Bedroom
from Frederick, MD wrote...
This flooring is a thick, sturdy material. It is easy to clean - we just use our vacuum on the lowest setting or clorox wipes. We purchased 4 squares and were able to fit a stationary cycle bike, and a small treadmill with plenty of room around them. This was the perfect fit for our in-home gym. We even put ours on top of carpet and it stays put. However, I do disagree with some who said the interlocking system is so good you can barely tell. This may be the case on hard floors (maybe), but I wouldn't even think then. But, on top of carpet you can still definitely see where they interlock. But, it is still attractive enough that we do not mind it. There were a few specks on one piece, but they are now covered up by the treadmill, so they are almost completely black.
Good Quality
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Orlando, FL wrote...
Good quality rubber flooring. Arrived pretty quickly. As others have mentioned there is some inconsistency in the pattern - one or two tiles had some denser speckling. I was able to flip the tiles over to the other - looks fine to me. The rubber does have a moderate odor for about 2 weeks. These tiles are working very well in our home gym. Provides adequate cushioning. The weight of these tiles allow us to do functional athletic development (plyos, agility, etc) without the tiles slipping. But all in all I am very satisfied with this purchase and would purchase them again.
Much better than anticipated
Self-installed in Garage Gym
from Lynchburg, VA wrote...
I was hesitant to order this tile due to the lack of reviews and cheap price however I am amazed by how nice these tiles are. Yes the color does vary some between the tiles however it is barely noticeable to me unless I am down on my hands a knees. There are some random color flecks here and there and some tiles are all black pretty much basically. The thing is I bought these to put down in a small area in my garage where I work out from home with a bench and some free weights on occasion. I don't really care about it being pretty, I just want the flooring to be functional. The tiles lock together super tight and appear virtually seamless once connected. Seriously for being the cheapest tile I found on the internet, these things are a killer deal.
Self-installed in Basement
from SaddleBrook wrote...
Our basement was flooded recently and the carpet down there was destroyed. I didn't want to go through cleaning up that mess ever again. We found these tiles online and they have been great. My only complaint is that they are all black and it makes my basement seem darker.
Great Tiles
Self-installed in home gym
from Sanger, CA wrote...
The tiles turned out great for our home gym. I husband was surprised at how he couldn't even see where they interlocked together. Satisfied customers!
Man Cave
Self-installed in Basement
from Goose Creek, SC wrote...
Worked great for my man cave!
Home Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Plano, TX wrote...
Tiles look great, I don't even notice the seams. I was looking for something cheap but would last a long time and they recommended these tiles for me. They told me that I would get a random color fleck here and there on the tiles but mine turned almost entirely black. I think I found a total of 8 color flecks on my entire floor. Also, I just have a treadmill and a universal machine so I didn't need anything too heavy duty. My floor looks great and I am happy.
Great Deal
Self-installed in In our home gym
from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
Let me be straight, I am a nut about recycling. After reading about these tiles being made from 100% post consumer and post industrial recycled rubber, I had to pick these. Oh and I love them. They look fantastic. Thanks Rubber Flooring Inc :)
Good product, not great
Self-installed in
from Odessa, TX wrote...
The tiles do lock together very tightly. I guess its the same exact locking system as one of their premium tiles. At least that's what the customer service person told me. The color does vary slightly between tiles however I didn't care since I am using it as a floor in my woodworking shop.
results 1-9 of 9