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3/8" Soft Wood Tiles Reviews

3/8" Soft Wood Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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needs better edge
Self-installed in trade shows.
from Novi, MI wrote...
I have used these tiles for years. The thing that is really needed is a sloping edge. When used and trade shows the flat edges can be a tripping hazard. Please consider offering a sloping/slanted edge. I would offer as a separate purchase to up-grade to. Offer them by the piece or bundled for 10 x 10 foot space minimum. I have sent more than 50 trade show customers to you over the last 8 years. People step into the booth and bounce on the floor because it's cushy. Better for feet over 3 or 4 days, easy to install.
Foam tile
Self-installed in lanie
from Ormond Beach, FL wrote...
Excellent quality and service. Had a problem with 2 tiles, customer service responded immediately, replaced tiles promptly.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
pay the extra $ for the 5/8 thickness
Self-installed in Basement
from Wisconsin wrote...
This flooring is OK. We put it in a rec room area. The tiles do not stay perfectly together (gap) and I fear the the top film will tear easily. They arrive wrapped in groups of 4 tiles with plastic, and it causes the edges of the puzzle pieces to compress down so when you try to lock it up to another piece, the puzzle pieces are not perfectly level to each other. I had ordered a sample of the 5/8 thick in Dark Oak and we decided that we would save some money and get the 3/8 thick Dark Oak. Don't make the same mistake we did and assume the color would be the same for either floor. Dark Oak in the 3/8" is much more yellow/orange toned. Unfortunately, I had already painted the room to match the sample of the 5/8 flooring. It will work for now, but I don't expect the flooring to last. The foam core is much softer in comparison with the 5/8 inch flooring. Buyer Beware.
Used at Exhibit Booth
Self-installed in Exhibit Booth at Conference
from St Louis, MO wrote...
Purchase of flooring was 2-fold: To give our booth a nicer look, and to make standing on concrete for days more tolerable. I exhibit at conferences frequently, and always have sore feet/knees after the conferences. This flooring did not disappoint in that respect! It was easy to put together. Note that the two pieces of edging on the tiles are different. This is important as you're putting the tiles together. Once I figured that out (after a long day of travel), the rest was easy! One thing I'll do differently next time, is to tape the edges all down. Our booth gets a lot of traffic, and the edges bent up quickly. Many tripped on the bent up edges. It's a floating floor, so any parts that were secured down (by tables or tape) didn't move, while the others did. This caused the tongue and groove areas to separate. The tape will damage the finish of the edging, but will be necessary to keep it from separating and bending up. At the end of the day it was a good purchase, but not as durable as I had hoped.
Love the product
Self-installed in kitchen and entryway.
from NY wrote...
I love this product and have used it both in the entryway and kitchen. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that the edge pieces were insufficient/mismatched for a vertical placement so I used far more tiles than required according to square foot. The other thing which would be a great improvement is if the edge was colored in oak or anything other than white which when visible make the fact of it being foam very obvious. Of course stilletto heels/or pet paws will damage the surface. All in all, a Great Product!
Nice soft floor
Self-installed in Basement
from North Carolina wrote...
My wife and I put this in the basement. It work great on the concrete part on the low profile carpet there were some issues. The don't lay perfectly flat over the carpet but still provide an easy to clean, soft surface for our son to crawl around on. Hindsight we would have bought the 5/8" thick. Overall very good flooring.
Soft but durable
Self-installed in Basement
from Salem, MA wrote...
We got this flooring about a month ago and so far so good! It is very easy to install. It is soft enough where we do not worry about our 1 year old stumbling and falling on it despite have a concrete floor below it. It is also durable where we can walk on it, play on it and it doesn't seem to get damaged, at least so far. We have heard that it holds up well too. It looks very nice. I would have maybe gotten a slightly thicker model but even the 3/8ths is soft enough.
Great Flooring for Our Home Show Booth
Installed in
from Berlin, CT wrote...
We got this wood patterned foam flooring to use for our booth at home shows, and it's fantastic! It's holding up well so far after two shows, and it's light enough to make transportation and set up easy. Plus, it really helps our booth stand out and look more polished than the rest. I would highly recommend this flooring!
Great Quality and Soft Tiles
Self-installed in Playroom
from Reading, MA wrote...
We used these tiles for my son's playroom that is above the garage. The tiles are soft which are great for him to run around on. They also look much better than I expected. A side bonus was that they help keep the floor warm under his feet.
Trade show floor
Self-installed in Trade show
from Hermosa Beach ca wrote...
Purchased these for a trade show booth and they are awesome! They look fabulous and everyone who steps into our booth h notices the soft floor. Easy to install arrived quickly great customer service!
great for the kids playroom
Self-installed in basement
from Washington, dc wrote...
Look almost like the regular wood flooring so it matches.
Product a bit disappointing--BUT Rubber flooring i
Installed in great room
from central florida wrote...
The 3/8 inch mocha wood look tiles are very comfortable underfoot, and although we are a light traffic household, the pattern on the tiles worn OFF within a month of use where my big dog likes to sleep! BUT after talking with Tristan (what a great customer service rep) Rubber flooring, Inc. replaced the portion of the floor that rubbed off! Thank you SO much for excellent customer service and for replacing the tiles so quickly. Your staff was understanding and VERY patient and helpful. Thanks Tristan and Rubber Flooring for everything! sincerely a lady and her big dog Zeus!
Trade Show Savior
Self-installed in Trade Show booths-6 uses so far.
from Rhode Island wrote...
We purchased the foam tiles that resemble a hardwood floor to use in our trade show booth. They are light and easy to ship, clean with a damp mop and provide luxurious cushion for 10 hours of standing. Every trade show should use these great floors. Exhibitors will thank them!
Very Happy
Self-installed in Playroom
from Long Island, New York wrote...
This is my second purchase of foam titles. I use them in the playroom for the dogs. They clean up nicely and always look good.
So happy with our purchase
Self-installed in Basement
from Long Island, NY wrote...
We received these great foam tiles that look like hardwood floor. We use them for our basement/playroom. They make the room look great but are comfy to sit on when the kids play. Easy to install and they recommended enough tiles based on room dimensions with some left over for extra. Very happy!
Fabulous Product!
Self-installed in Convention Center
from Dallas, TX wrote...
I just wrapped up a large trade show where I used the soft wood tiles as my booth flooring. I could not have been more pleased. I am a florist, so my booth esthetic is very important. The tiles looked very nice, and an added bonus is that they are somewhat soft and are so much better than carpet if you are going to be standing all day. I even had someone spill water all over my booth, and we just mopped it up off of the tiles. No damage at all. I was a little worried because I read that objects like high heels may puncture the tile, but I did not have this issue. I highly recommend this product, especially for trade shows.
Use for stage
Self-installed in Stage
from Brighton, MI wrote...
These tiles are wonderful to use on our stage for our productions. They look like real wood and provide cushioning for the actors.
Trade Show Booth Rocked!
Self-installed in trade show booth
from Texas wrote...
Loved the foam wood flooring! It made our booth look sharp and modern! And it helped that we had the padding from it and did not have to stand on the concrete all day!
Economic and high quality product
Self-installed in
from Rising Sun, MD wrote...
I have purchased from several times now starting with mma mats,eco tiles and soft wood. All have been high quality. The 3/8 inch soft wood is plenty soft yet firm enough I feel there is no need to get the 5/8 inch except there are other colors. So easy to instal and very comfortable to walk on. Ideal for basements or play rooms etc.
better than carpet
Self-installed in kids bedroom
from dyersburg , tn wrote...
replaced our old carpet with this flooring kids relly love it. we like it cause it eliminates dust and allergins that hide in the capeting. it's easy to install, easy to clean and very cushioning.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
results 1-20 of 65
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