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3/8" Reactive Rubber Tiles Reviews

3/8" Reactive Rubber Tiles
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$13.25 Tile
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Customer Reviews

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Soooooooooo Easy
Self-installed in Home gym
from Fletcher, NC wrote...
This was my first time laying any kind of flooring and I have to say it was a blast! The tiles went together easy and snug. The floor looks terrific with little odor. This was also a surprise. Time will tell as to how well it wears and holds up but for now I give it a great big thumbs up. The only caution...if you have to do much cutting, a utility knife will be labor intensive. Using a utility knife requires making several cuts before making it through the 3/8" rubber. I used a special tool my friend had that made this part of the process a wiz. It is a cutting tool that vibrates. Don't know where he got it but it was perfect for cutting rubber.
Excellent quality product
Self-installed in Small Garage Gym
from Carlsbad, CA wrote...
These tiles are so satisfying to put together, like a super easy puzzle. Didn't have to cut anything except the plastic wrap. No smell that I could detect --unlike my cheap bumper plates. My (4 tile)x(4 tile) flooring is solidly supporting my 3"x3" 11-gauge steel tube power rack (Sorinex XL) while I do squats, presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, and arm swings (just for fun. No slipping of my rack whatsoever, despite my garage floor having a noticeable but small negative slope leading to the door. The tiles help to reduce noise as well. Love these tiles!
Great basic flooring for home gym
Self-installed in Basement, home gym
from Atlanta wrote...
This product was very easy to install. I put it down on top of concrete using double-sided carpet tape. It laid down nicely and fit together well. My only comment is there is not a lot of cushion with this floor. There is a mild rubber smell, but I am sure it will go away soon.
home gym
Self-installed in home gym
from indiana wrote...
slight odor which is disappearing- easy to lay down and is easy to cut for the edges - would recommend to anyone.
3/8" Reactive Rubber Tiles
Self-installed in basement home gym
from Oxford, IA wrote...
The 36 tiles came by FedEx freight laid them out in one of the garage stalls for about 2 weeks, then moved them to the porch and stacked them again. When I finally got around to laying them the hardest part was figuring out which edge pieces would line up. Installed fairly easy if you rocked each tab into place. Cutting with a new razor blade was no harder than cutting drywall. Odor was minimal and seems to have gone away after about two weeks. The only bad thing is now I have a bunch of edge pieces that I don't know what to do with.
Self-installed in Home gym
from Wisconsin wrote...
I purchased this flooring for a small home gym because it was the only one I could find where people didn't complain about the odor. They're right - the smell is minimal (even to my husband who has a very sensitive nose) and the flooring is sturdy and looks great! I installed it myself, with no prior flooring experience, and the only tricky parts were the odd angles I needed to cut around the door and closet facings. My only complaint is that in daylight you can see the puzzle pieces pretty apparently, but with the equipment in the room I don't notice it or really care. If you want to minimize the puzzle look, install with good lighting and check the direction of grain and the shading of each tile before you install it. Finally, I have a great big thanks to Rubber Flooring, for when FedEx misplaced my order, Rubber Flooring Inc (thanks Alecia!) worked tirelessly to help find it and discount the shipping charge.
Weightroom Floor
Self-installed in Home Weightroom
from Minot, ND wrote...
Your product met all of my expectations. Almost no odor, easy assembly and application. A quality product in every way. Only had to cut a very few pieces. Very heavy; made carrying down basement a chore. Well worth investment.
As expected
Self-installed in Basement
from Webster NY wrote...
Easy to assemble, impact resistant. If softer floor desired, these are not for you.
Home gym
Self-installed in Home gym
from Athens, ga wrote...
I agree with the other positive reviews. These are exactly as advertised. Easy to install and no smell
Basement exercise area
Self-installed in Basement
from Chicago, IL wrote...
This flooring was easy to install and looks great. We are very happy with the purchase.
exercise floor
Self-installed in home gym
from san antonio texas wrote...
The squares are nice heavyweight product. The instructions were alittle vague explaining the top or bottom. I think when project is completed, it will be exactly as pictured on the website and will last a lifetime.
loved these tiles
Self-installed in home gym
from Portland, or wrote...
This stuff was so easy to install and is much higher quality than I expected. Would really recommend it to anyone.
Outstanding quality
Self-installed in Bicycle Room
from Washington, DC wrote...
Fantastic product. I installed it myself and cut it to proper dimensions. Be sure to use a heavy-duty utility knife, as this rubber is very dense.
Looks Great!
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Birmingham, AL wrote...
The flooring was quick and simple. I finished 90% of it in like 3hrs I think my home gym looks great!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
GYM Floor
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Virginia wrote...
We purchased this for an unfinished room in our basement that we wanted to use for a gym. The room size was about 210 square feet. The entire process was easy from ordering to installing. We really like the flooring so far. Thanks! Larry
Fantastic flooring for home gym
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Clemmons, NC wrote...
After water damaged our carpet in our home gym, we decided to replace it with the 3/8" Impact Rubber Tiles from Rubber Flooring Inc. The tiles arrived within 7 days of placing our order in excellent condition. We were concerned there would be a strong rubber smell, but it's actually quite faint and there was no need to "air out" the tiles. We did the installation ourselves, and we're very proud of the results. We have a bathroom off of our gym, so we had quite a few intricate cuts to make especially around the door frame. Our advice is to just measure, measure, and measure again. We were quite slow and meticulous getting it done, but all the cuts turned out perfect. The tiles also fit together nicely, and you literally have to look closely to find a seam. Only one thing to watch for - these tiles come with two perpendicular edge pieces that are held to the tiles with small uncut nibs. You just pull the edge pieces off if you don't need them. However, inspect the tile edges carefully once the edge pieces are removed, since sometimes a small piece of rubber is left which when connected with another tile, will result in a visible seam. Just shave off the excess with a utility knife and you're all set. We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of our gym. The floor looks great and makes the room look so much larger.
Home Gym
Self-installed in home
from Ashalnd, KY wrote...
Great Product easy to install.
Great look and thickness
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Iowa wrote...
I had flecked rubber rolls installed in my current home ordered from carpeting store and it does not compare to the appearance, softness and quaility of the 3/8" interlocking tiles ordered for our new home. Installation done myself was easy. Matching the locking tiles and cutting around doors was the only challenge and went very smooth. The lines are barely noticable and ease of cutting makes install a cinch. The amount of fleck in the Cocoa/Eggshell is perfect and looks great. Anxious to see how it wears and keeps clean but I have confidence in the product and if a tile needs swapped it will be easy. Shipping is expensive, but this product makes it well worth it!
Excellent product
Self-installed in home gym
from Bronx,New York wrote...
Floor was wonderful. Fit like a glove easy to cut to fit cornersl. Floor was perfect with the edging corners. I recommended site to a friend with a garage to get his flooring from here. Flooring was just as promised and.shipping company was excellent with there delivery.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Lexington, KY wrote...

Images sent in by happy customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
results 1-20 of 93
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