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Foam World Map Kit Reviews

Foam World Map Kit
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Customer Reviews

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Self-installed in great room
from Pylesville, MD wrote...
Oliver (8 mon.) loves it - when he happens to fall down while playing on the world - he laughs. He also likes to dismantle the world - When he has a piece in his hands he usually bangs it down on some other country or body of water causing untold real world implications. Not sure why he prefers to sit on South America - or why he rolls (his toys with wheels) over Europe - possibly frustrated with the current banking crisis. Yesterday he pulled up part of the Artic - which certainly caused the birthing of some very large icebergs. Overall – a wonderful product - just wondering what complex or alter ego Oliver might develop – Mothra perhaps?
Pretty happy
Self-installed in Bedroom
from Orlando, Florida wrote...
I bought this floor for my 2 year old's bedroom. I give it a mixed review because he loves playing on it and identifying countries and flags and it's a great size, but I've noticed that the paint is already starting to come off a bit and I just bought it. There are little white spots fading in, and I worry it will soon be too faded. Other than the paint, I really like it.
Great concept but wish it was more durable
Self-installed in
from Canada wrote...
The world map is lovely and educational but we've had it for two weeks and are finding it scratches somewhat easily, which peels the image off. Also even after wiping it a few times, I find that it still has a slight rubber smell to it.
Great learning tool and practical too
Self-installed in Child's playroom floor
from New York City wrote...
This is a great way to introduce children to the world. Our four year old enjoys asking questions about all the countries, spots similar flags and generally engages frequently with the map. In addition, it is soft and large enough that it forms a great base for his play area and muffles the noise (important in a New York apartment)
love it!
Self-installed in living room
from Tx wrote...
We bought this for our 4 month old. It makes a great play mat on our concrete floors. I was pleasantly surprised that my 15,13, and 10 year old nephews loved taking it apart and putting it together too! I think it will be a great learning tool.
Very pleased with my purchase
Self-installed in My son's room
from West Haven, Connecticut wrote...
Item was shipped very quickly. It was very easy to assemble. Colors are very vibrant, illustrated well that's easy to understand even to my toddler son. Very informative. He loves it! I'm very pleased with this purchase.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Great Kids Learning Tool
Self-installed in Kid's Play room
from Laramie, WY wrote...
We just had new hard wood floors installed in our house and we did not want the kid's play room floors to get damaged from all of the play and rough and tumble activities. We chose 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles as the base floor and then I cut the floor to accept the world map so I can show my kids where I will travel for work. They love it and it matched perfectly to the 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles. We also just got a puppy, and accidents wipe up very easily. I use paper towels to soak up the mess then a wet wipe or disinfectant wipe to clean the surface.
Baby on a Roll
Self-installed in Living Room
from Houston, TX wrote...
I have a six month old who is a rolling machine. He loves laying on his map. :) Great quality and will make for fun when he is old enough to take the puzzle pieces apart.
World map mat
Self-installed in Infant's play area
from Columbia, SC wrote...
The world map is BEAUTIFUL! I'm using it for my 6 month old's play space that is on a hard wood floor, and I feel assured that if he topples over while sitting up, this mat will keep him from getting hurt. I'm also looking forward to him putting the puzzle together and learning about the world when he is older. It arrived promptly and in good packaging. I would definitely order from Rubber Flooring Inc. again.
great map puzzle for a school library
Installed in School library
from Houma, LA wrote...
Put this puzzle on a table in an elementary school library grades pre-school to sixth. Kids loved to race each other to see who could put puzzle together fastest. Puzzle was a magnet for drawing kids to that part of the room. Great product!
Learning is fun
Installed in Family room
from Michigan wrote...
I bought this for my 3 grandchildren. They loved putting it together and learning about the world. We talk about every place we and family members have traveled to.
Well-made and sturdy
Installed in
from Minnesota wrote...
My 7yrold is obsessed with maps so we bought this for his room instead of a rug. It is high-quality and did not have an off-gas smell, and the mats do not slip and slide. Customer service was excellent when I had a problem placing the order. Very nice product.
world news
Self-installed in Family room
from Boston, MA wrote...
Hi Our kids are 8, 7, 5, and 4. We use our floor map along with TV world news, our children are also surprised at how small an area their "world" covers. They ask about different countries and we research them together. This map has drawn them into world exploration. We love it. After only a few weeks they already know where the pieces go by the countries on them. We love knowledge through play and this is great.
Great item!
Self-installed in
from Seattle, WA wrote...
World foam Map
Installed in Livingroom
from Austin, Tx wrote...
Love the foam. We use it as a back up cushion for our baby girl. Also a great conversation starter. Place it in the livingroom.
World foam map
Self-installed in Basement kids play room
from Greenfield, WI wrote...
I enjoyed helping my daughter put the map together. She had soo much fun traveling the world. It's a great learning tool but fun for kids!!
Low Cost, Excellent Value
Self-installed in Living Room
from Raleigh, NC wrote...
I compared several options from several different websites and ultimately decided to purchase the Foam World Map. It's excellent quality as well competitive price sealed the deal for me. My 7 month old is learning to stand and takes quite a few tumbles. She is much more willing to practice her new skill on this mat as opposed to the hardwood floor. As an added bonus, my 3 year old is showing interest in pointing out new places on the map she has learned.
world map
Self-installed in playroom
from Indianapolis wrote...
Fun and educational for all ages. Sturdy
Awesome World Map Foam Puzzle
Self-installed in Home play/homework area for kids
from Mission, Texas wrote...
My kids love this enormous foam map with the world spread out in front of them! They love taking it apart and putting it together. I love that they can play on it, and become knowledgeable about geography at the same time. It was on sale when I got it so I think I got an excellent deal for the product. I also like the fact that it doesn't come apart when the kids are playing on it,or when you move it around. Very sturdy and thick. I highly recommend.
Cool floor kit for the kids
Self-installed in Living room when brother's kids visit
from Milton, MA wrote...
I bought this for my nephews and nieces to play on when we have family get togethers at my house. Normally everything in my house is ceramic tile so its not exactly comfortable for little kids to play on. I figured I wanted something portable since it would only be out when they came over and I found this map kit. Its great. Its soft, fun for them to put together, and they can hang out on the mat and play with their toys. Oh and its super easy to clean. One of my nephews spilled a whole plate of spaghetti on it the first day we pulled it out. I was able to just put the pieces under the sink and wipe them off and they were good as new. Maintenance free. I love that.
results 1-20 of 20
1 2