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Regrind Rubber Tiles Reviews

Regrind Rubber Tiles
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$8.36 Tile
reg: $2.79 sqft
tile $11.15
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Average Rating 4.9/5

Customer Reviews

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True to their words
Self-installed in Basement
from PA wrote...
Everything they said was true , no glue, no mess , cleans easy, I just wish they made stair treads. The best thing was no odor. The innerlocks fit great.
Nice, used for soundproofing
Self-installed in runners in whole house, bedrooms wall-to-wall
from San Jose, CA wrote...
Bought a new upstairs condo, the floors are very thin, and I have allergies so can't have carpets. Rubber is the best material for acoustic reduction, and it is frequently put underneath hard flooring. I wanted to soundproof an existing floor so I put these tiles on top. The regrind tiles come with edge pieces which makes them very flexible. Because of the edge pieces it was easy to make runners throughout the house with minimal cutting, and I did wall-wall in the bedrooms for less noise while sleeping. The runners are to stop footfall noise for the neighbors below, and the wall-to-wall for a two-way sound barrier. I kinda fell in love with the stuff so I put it under anything that moves to protect the floor. The downside is the smell. It's been a month and the smell is slowly going away, but is not gone yet. The regrind ships with some rubber sheeting as packing material, which is another product you can buy from their site, and it's smell is going down at a similar slow rate, so I suspect it isn't the regrind per se. The smell irritated my throat for a while, but that seems to be fading finally. I had doors and windows open a lot for a while. On the plus side, the soundproofing helped, and the floor underneath is protected as an added bonus. The tiles themselves are excellent quality, perfect fit, a little thicker than they say (closer to 7 and 9 mm, instead of 6 and 8). Tin snips are your best friend for installation, as well as a box cutter and a straight edge. You can't cut all the way through in one pass with a box cutter, I just did repeated passes while holding it slightly bent and it cut easily with no effort. The surface is a little rougher than a smooth floor, so vacuuming and mopping is slightly more effort than a smooth floor.
Regrind Rubber Tiles
Installed in Sensory Gym
from Granville, OH wrote...
We are loving our Rubber Flooring. Our program is for children on the Autism Spectrum the floor is great for our new sensory gym we are creating. It looks nice, easy to clean we could not be any happier.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great basement flooring
Self-installed in Basement
from Oak park wrote...
I ordered this flooring about a year ago after water in our basement destroyed our carpeting. It wasn't the first time, either, so I was looking for flooring that could be dried out if necessary, and would basically be Impervious to water. I installed it myself, but I am a "measure once cut twice" type, so installation wasn't perfect, but even so, it came out pretty well for a basement rec room. I've had the flooring for about a year now, and can say that I would buy again. There is the issue of the smell. There is an overpowering rubber tire smell at first; I let it air out for a couple of weeks in my garage, then washed the tiles. Even so, there is still a light rubber smell that has dissipated with time, and it helped that I was able to open windows in the basement this past summer. I also put some charcoal bags down there to absorb the smell. The smell is now very light and I even find it pleasant, not a bad smell at all after a year, and totally worth it for about half the cost of junky carpeting. I've laid some ikea area rugs down there and the rubber flooring acts as a great carpet pad. The flooring is comfortable and soft to walk on and I'm so impressed I'm currently looking at further rubber tile product for our entryway. Finally, the claim that rubber is static free is true; we have dogs and the shedding hair is no problem when it comes to vacuuming.
Great Stuff!
Self-installed in Bedroom
from Sheboygan, WI wrote...
This has turned out to be a fantastic addition in my "dog room." Yes, the animals have their own place to call home at bedtime and while we are away at work. This flooring is wonderful and so easy to clean. I have three dogs, two whom are older, and the looring provides great traction for their footing as well as a place where spills and accidents don't leave me running for the steam cleaner!
as easy as it gets
Self-installed in garage
from Chesterfiled, Va. wrote...
I thoroughly enjoyed the flooring and the customer service! The nice lady I spoke with was very helpful and efficient with getting me what I needed and getting it to me before the prospective arrival date. Once it arrived and I began to work with the flooring I found it very easy to put down and just as easy to fit around whatever it was I needed to cut around. I will be working with this company and purchasing their products in the near future.
Great product
Self-installed in basement
from West Fargo, ND wrote...
Delivery was fast, tiles looked great and was simple to install. Easy cuts with a utility knife and a straight edge. I had a roll of foam for under laminate and I tried that under the tiles, the tiles were warmer and much softer where there was foam. We are very happy with our new floor.
Nice flooring
Self-installed in basement home gym
from Monroe, Michigan wrote...
I was really pleased with the quality of the tiles that showed up. The edges were always a perfect match with one another. The installation was without a hitch and I am pleased that there is no odor and nor does the surface blacken your socks. The price was great. I would recommend this product to others.
Great tiles at a great price.
Self-installed in Personal training studios
from San Francisco, CA wrote...
The regrind rubber tiles are wonderful. They are very cost effective and have the look of a professional gym floor. I've been standing on them for hours at a time and they really are anti-fatigue. Additionally, they seem to be able to take a beating without creating marks or scuffs. Great choice!
easy installation and good quality
Self-installed in home gym
from Reno, NV wrote...
My only complaint is the fact that the companies tile estimator grossly over estimated how many tiles I needed and I ended up with 15 extra tiles. The tiles go together super easy and after many workouts in the room are staying put and looking great. Some people talk about the smell in their reviews but I don't find that my tiles had a strong odor at all. I installed them the day that they arrived and worked out in the enclosed room the next day with no issues. I love the confetti pattern.
results 1-10 of 10