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6mm Energy Rubber Tiles Reviews

6mm Energy Rubber Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Home Gym Flooring
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
from Rockford, MI wrote...
I don't write reviews for products very often - if I do, it's because I was either very impressed or very disappointed with a product. In this case, I am extremely impressed with the 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles.

The dimensions of the room I did are approximately 13' x 11'. I finished off a room in my basement for a home gym and installed them right on the concrete floor. I ordered 45 tiles (5 boxes of 9) and had 4 full tiles left over. I was very happy with the color fleck in the tiles (violet) which in my opinion appears more of a light grey than violet. I have grey walls, so the tiles matched the room very well.

Install was a breeze, the fitment of the tiles are so precise that it's difficult to even see where the seams are. I needed to cut the final row to fit, which was just as easy. Took me about 1.5 hours. All that is needed is a sharp blade and straight edge, and the tiles cut straight in seconds. Very low rubber odor, almost non-existent. These tiles are plenty thick for home gym use.

I can't say enough good things about these tiles, it looks like a pro installed them. If you're on the fence about getting them, you won't be disappointed!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Studio Floor
Self-installed in Studio/dogs room
from Chatsworth CA wrote...
The only problem I had with the product was that nobody or nothing stated to look at the arrows on the back of each tile. Things were not fitting just right and when I called and spoke to Kim Goldtooth she mentioned that the arrows should all point in the same direction. Might be nice to say something on the packaging about that.
We love it!
Self-installed in Garage Gym
from Roswell, GA wrote...
We just recently installed your rubber flooring in our garage for a home gym area. We love it!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great flooring!
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Boulder, CO wrote...
As advertised, and just like commercial gym flooring.
perfect fit
Self-installed in
from NM wrote...
Product assembles so well that you cannot see any lines. Great for trade show booth. Fast shipping as well.
Amazing home gym product
Self-installed in Basement
from South Jersey wrote...
This rubber flooring is perfect for anyone who wants to set up a home gym in their basement. It provides the right durability for all types of exercise equipment. Install is easy and having it come in multiple, easy to connect puzzle pieces makes it possible to arrange the flooring the best way to fit your needs. Highly recommended!
No more flooding of carpet!
Self-installed in Basement
from Seattle wrote...
Our basement flooded last winter with the heavy rain fall. Just a year ago we had some new carpet installed, but after the flooding we had to tear it out and throw it away. I thought long and hard about what to replace the carpeting with, not wanting to repeat the previous costly disaster and came up with the idea of rubber tiles. It became obvious rather quickly that Rubber Flooring, Inc had a big selection and offered the best prices. I called them and they gave me expert advice on which kind of tiles to use. They shipped out within about a week. With the help of two of my friends we put down the 220 square feet area in about 6 hours. None of us had ever done this before, but with some utility knives (lots of extra blades) and a couple of T squares we managed quite well. We had to cut a lot of tiles since the floor consists of multiple configurations and is by no means a square or rectangular room. Our basement has a pretty rough floor, but the tiles feel solid and flat under our feet and they look really NICE! Since these tiles are recycled from actual car tires we are no longer afraid of flooding even if we have to take up the tiles. They can be easily put back if for any reason they need to be removed. What a great solution to a messy problem! Rubber Tiles customer service is absolutely tops!
Love it!
Installed in Home Gym
from Baltimore, MD wrote...
Love the product! It turned out amazing!

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Visitors can't tell it isn't a solid sheet
Self-installed in Basement
from Cleveland, OH wrote...
We put this (6mm Energy Rubber Tiles) on half of our basement. The other half is foam tiles for the kids to bounce, etc. If we had done these rubber tiles, first, I may have done the whole basement in these and just had a small area of foam tiles over them (though the foam tiles have also worked well, though get beat up more so won't last as long). These are great. You can't see the lines unless you know they are there and really look. And that is in the Winter. I learned a lesson with laying various types of flooring. We are in Ohio and it is better to lay in the Summer. Then when flooring slightly shrinks in the winter (dry), it isn't a problem and isn't noticeable. If you lay in the winter, when things expand, if you didn't leave enough space (thinking of strange angles areas as well), the slight expansion can bubble. We have had no problems at all with these rubber tiles. We laid them almost a year ago, and they look brand new. With how they are made, I figure they will last forever. I even (purposely) put a nail through one on two corners to hang it up as a backstop in our basement. When I pull the nails out (after hanging for several months in two small areas) you can't even tell the nails were there. They seal right over. They aren't as thick as some other rubber squares that are sold, but for out purpose they are perfect (and save not only on the product, but on shipping as well). One thing to consider, if you will be rolling heavy items on they, they will bend up under the wheels. It won't damage the tile, but you would need to put them back in place. This likely wouldn't be a problem with the thicker tiles, but I am not sure. I would buy again, and likely will in a few years when my young kids don't need the padded foam floor (and the foam has been adequately destroyed by all of their adventures), to replace it with these rubber tiles. One installation note (MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE ARROWS ON THE BOTTOM, WHICH YOU WON'T NOTICE UNLESS YOU LOOK ARE ALL FACING THE SAME DIRECTION). Otherwise, the squares will not lock nicely together. Another Note: We have the "violet" color. It looks white unless you have white right next to it, so don't worry if you don't want "violet" (I did order samples first to check the colors.) Another note: These are next to impossible to cut with a knife. However, a really good pair of scissors (that I use for cutting anything from paper to small branches, and even thin metal) cut right threw them and was definitely the way to go. It cut well and precise (right around the basement support pole, etc.)
Self-installed in home gym
from lynchburg, VA. wrote...
great solution for home gym, you will still need a body length foam mat on top as its a little hard on the body if doing floor exercises. but it holds out great under my home gym frame and its fine to walk on with pumps, protects the wooden floor and i can put my weights direct on it no issues about damaging the floor.

it was easy to install, took about an hour, the smell is ok it is not strong at all, it reminds me of a regular gym which is nostalgic and atmospheric, I would have gave it 5 stars but the confetti design i brought was a little un colorful, it seemed to look more white than other colors, I would buy a single color if i did it again. I used 30 mats @ 120 sqft and it covered an area 11-1/2' x 10-3/4'

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Excellent product
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Morgantown, WV wrote...
We purchased this flooring (in violet) for a basement gym and installed it on a cement floor that had many imperfections. It installed easily (I actually thought it was fun), cutting and shaping was much easier than I thought (be sure to have a new package of utility knife blades and use them generously), and it looks and feels great. We are so happy we went with this purchase and highly recommend it.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Iowa wrote...
Great flooring and great transaction!
Looks great, strong material
Self-installed in home gym
from NY wrote...
Easy to install. Doesn't fade or ware.
140 sq ft studio
Installed in Home gym
from St Pete, FL wrote...
I bought them to redo my studio floor. Easy to install, cut (well a professional did it) Would buy again if i was in need
cheap price doesn't always mean cheap quality
Self-installed in home gym/closet
from Joplin, MO wrote...
I am very happy with my purchase of the 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles. I spent hours searching for the "perfect" rubber tile for my home gym and decided to go with this version based on price. I was also tiling a larger closest that connected to the gym so I didn't like the idea of having to decide how many border/corner tiles i would need. You have to cut off the edge on these for the borders but they are very easy to cut with a razor blade. I had a couple walls that I had to cut around. If this flooring came with grid lines on the back, it would make cutting/measuring much easier. I'm sure this doesn't exist with any rubber flooring today but would be a great idea!
Great Gym Flooring - slightly labor intensive
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Richmond, VA wrote...
I have a 15'x13' room which I converted into a home gym. I purchased 6 cases (9 tiles per case = 54 tiles total). The material of the tiles is definitely high quality. After installation, you can't see any seems or any teeth between tiles - which I thought is very impressive given all of the other types of tiles available on the market (which are cheap and show teeth). The labor was slightly intensive to finish off around the edges of the room. No room has perfect 90* corner walls so the motto of "measure twice, cut once" is imperative. The job took a solid 6 hours of measuring, cutting, & installing (I do wish I had the proper work bench so I wasn't hunched over on the ground cutting all day - it did take a toll on my back and I am fairly sore the following day. I did run out of the correct side of tiles to use while finishing off the final 2-3 feet of edge on the room. I had to be creative a little bit so I cut all of the teeth off of the edges to make a rectangle about 4 inch by 20 inch to finish of the room. I will say though, the work paid off! The gym looks amazing and the floor seems sturdy as ever. I plan to do the 21 day fix with a mixture of p90x in my gym so I need to be able to run around without the tiles NOT splitting or moving. I feel pretty good that these tiles are staying in place due to the quality of the product. VERY IMPRESSED! I will come back and do a final review after some time of trying it out.
Even A Girl Can Install This Stuff!
Self-installed in senior exercise studio
from Wildomar, CA wrote...
After receiving samples of several different materials, I ordered the "violet" 6mm interlocking tiles; the color is so subtle it really looks grey. Followed the instructions and installed the "center" of my 680 sq ft floor first, making sure the arrows on the underside all face the same way. Every single tile on the perimeter had to be cut, which really slowed me down. Had only one extra full tile, so the website calculator was right on. Floor looks great, seams are nearly invisible. Does not show dirt, and is easily broom-cleaned. Will be used in a fitness studio for older adults, with mostly chair-based exercises. I expect the flooring to last for a long time. Ladies, you can install this flooring!
Great product
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Winchester, Ma. wrote...
Great pricing and shipping. Tiles are well made and fit together tight. Great looking! Very pleased with purchase.
Self-installed in Basement home gym
from Hays, KS wrote...
This was definitely the most appropriate choice for our basement gym floor. We have an uneven surface, some cracks and chunks of loose concrete and this covers so nicely. I didn't think this thickness would be enough - 1/4" - but it is more than enough! Hardy, sturdy floor that feels great underfoot and very easy to maintain. Warms up the floor a bit as well. My husband and I are most happy with this purchase!
Excellent Product!
Self-installed in Key room
from Newcastle, WY wrote...
We purchased the hard rubber flooring for a key room. It came in squares and they were very easy to install and looked great! You have to look very hard to even see the seams. Excellent product!
results 1-20 of 97
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