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5/8" Reversible Soft Tiles Reviews

5/8" Reversible Soft Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Worth the investment
Self-installed in Living room
from Toledo, OH wrote...
My son is just learning to walk so he falls a lot. These tiles have made our living room a lot safer for him, which means that we can all spend time together more easily. The water resistance is good for spit-up. I'm really pleased with this purchase and if we decide to make more play areas in the house that need to be kid-friendly, we'll be back for more tiles!
New gym floor
Self-installed in Home gym
from Cedar Falls, IA wrote...
The people I talked to on the phone from Rubber Flooring were very helpful. The product arrived quickly and the tiles were very easy to put down. My only disappointment was in the color variation of the tiles. The gray ones ranged from light gray to dark gray and were supposedly all from the same batch. This was very noticeable when the tiles were placed next to each other.
Great Product
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Boulder, CO wrote...
Easy to install, forgiving when I made a mistake and looks great. Much better than I expected.
Very soft material
Self-installed in Exercise room
from Acworth, Ga wrote...
I installed this in an exercise room with a treadmill and weight station. For exercising on the floor it is the best. Be sure to put protectors on the feet of everything that will sit on the floor as the soft material take s the imprint and it does not ever fully recover. Installation was a breeze. Plan, plan, plan.
Self-installed in living room
from New York wrote...
these were easy to install and are perfect to protect our little one when he falls.
Great Floor; Outstanding Service
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Arvada, CO wrote...
I love our new floor - it is perfect for our exercise equipment. The customer service we received during our decision making process was outstanding. I would recommend this company to anyone, anytime. We can't allow our cats to run a muck on our new floor - they try to knead it with their claws. We've been keeping the door closed. But if they do ever sneak in, we can always turn that tile over. It is an amazing floor.
Fast Delivery
Self-installed in Game room in basement
from Ogden, IA wrote...
I could not believe how fast these came to my door and FREE SHIPPING ! The tiles were a little softer than I expected, but they went together really easy. I have a little firmer tile over where my exercise equipment is, I don't think these would hold up as well over there. I did about 440 square feet in my game room- where I have a pool table and air hockey table so the soft comfort under feet will be a welcome choice.
Great value
Self-installed in Basement activity room, over concrete
from Lynchburg, VA wrote...
I ordered about 300 sq.ft. of the 5/8 foam flooring, which arrived promptly and undamaged in sturdy boxes. My first impression was that the black was really a dark grey, but I deemed it acceptable. The tiles are soft on the bare foot but support well. I have some 1" tiles that are firmer so I would say these tiles are definitely medium softness. Still great for most purposes, exercise, play, etc. I would expect them to show dimples from furniture, so if you plan to put down anything heavy it would be wise to place wide supports under the legs, something like 1/4" plywood works well in 6x6" squares, or larger, to distribute the weight. Each tile has two edge pieces attached which should provide plenty of edging--too much, in fact, for most rooms. After laying them out and having to cut the sides to fit the room, I am left with a large pile of edge pieces. My only complaint about quality is that some of the edge pieces didn't get fully cut and consequently require a careful tug to remove without tearing. Otherwise, the tiles join easily and accurately. The joints are still visible (as expected) and some have very minor bumps where one tile raises above its neighbor, but most of these spots can be coaxed flat. If you are concerned with smell, don't worry, there is virtually none. I would not hesitate to buy these same tiles again. I only gave 4 stars because I thought the color could have been darker. Guess I'm picky.
Great product great service
Self-installed in Home gym
from New york wrote...
Just as I pictured...delivered quickly and easily...highly recommend
Self-installed in Home gym in basement
from Machesney Park, IL wrote...
We ordered this floor for my new home gym. I love it. It was very easy to install. My husband installed it in about 2 hours. It has plenty of cushion for doing my workouts and my kids have fun tumbling on it. It is very easy to clean and is warm. This was just want I wanted. I recommend this floor for home gyms and kid play areas.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Looks and feels great
Installed in
from Lake Havasu City, AZ wrote...
Put on the floor of my travel trailer camper.
play yard
Self-installed in
from New york NY wrote...
I put these tiles under the play yard for my grandson and they are great. Even though I have a carpet these give extra protection. Only thing on the carpet they come up once in a while but they do the job. Would be better on a hard floor.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Trade Show Booth Flooring
Self-installed in Trade-Show Booth
from Arlington,Texas wrote...
I ordered the 5/8" Reversible Soft Tiles to use for our trade show booth this year. I used the green side to go with our fence background. Not only did we receive a number of comments on good our booth looked from propective customer, but all of the salesmen that worked the show were impressed with how comfortable it was to stand on. We actually spilled some oil base stain on the floor during set up and it came right up with some cleaner and a rag. It was very easy to put down and take up. We now have it stored in the boxes it came in to use next year. It made a huge difference in our booth, its great for trade shows!!!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Easy install great product
Self-installed in Basement
from NJ wrote...
Used the product for a basement gym right over the painted concrete floor. Installed 51 tiles in a checkerboard pattern that looks excellent in about 2 hours with some cutting. Install is easy although you need to take time to lay it out to get the right look and best use of full tiles. The tiles are firm but I noticed some holes from the dogs nails after a couple of weeks. Quality is very good although different dye lots made same color tiles look different so I decided on checker board which looks great. Original order was delayed, Rubber Floor inc customer service helped by upgrading to this product, they were excellent.
Great Product
Self-installed in Spare room used for laundry, closet storage etc.
from Attica, NY wrote...
Great product. Very easy to install and added a nice cushion to floor. Also made the room warmer.
Great for table tops
Self-installed in Bedroom table top
from Graham, WA wrote...
I recently built a table for my grandson to build all his Lego creations on. I was looking for a non-slip but attractive top. These interlocking foam tiles worked out better than expected. The color selection worked out perfect as well. Thanks for having the right product.
Self-installed in Kids Playroom
from Simpsonville, SC wrote...
We ordered and installed these tiles for the playroom for our grandkids. Ordering was easy with help of the online chat to figure out exactly how many tiles I would need, our order got here within the week, and we were able to install it in about 4 hours (it's a large room and we had to do cutting/trimming on two walls). I am happy with the way it looks and most happy that now I can sit on the floor and play with the kids without a sore behind or backache.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
gym floor
Self-installed in Home gym
from Berkley, MI wrote...
I purchased the 5/8" tiles to use for my basement floor which serves as my gym (11' x 11'). The tiles arrived very quickly and were a cinch to install. They work wonderfully in absorbing the shock to my knees when I do my cardio routines. I also do martial arts and the tiles have been a blessing. I covered the tiles with a thin piece of carpeting so that I don't damage the surface and to keep them from moving around. The carpet has not reduced the cushioning effect of the tiles.
Reversable tiles
Self-installed in finished basement
from Indianapolis, IN wrote...
The reversible soft tiles that I bought were easy to cut and manipulate into a few tight spots that I was putting the floor around. In other words, easy to install. I think it looks great. I used gray and black on a basement concrete floor to convert a old bedroom to a workout room. Be aware that the word soft in the title means exactly that. They are easily marked up by chairs or other heavy objects that are set on the tiles. If that is a problem for you then make sure up get a harder tile. I myself am very happy with the product that I bought. Shipping and delivery was fast and easy.
Images sent in by happy customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
A beautiful insulated floor
Self-installed in Shed
from Oxford, ME. wrote...
After looking at a number of different kinds of insulated flooring this one topped the bill. It was easy to put down, easy to cut. The tiles are two toned so you can mix your flooring and make some what of a pathway or just a checkered pattern. This flooring is easy to clean and sweep. The 5/8" thick Rubber flooring insulates well, adds about 10 plus degrees of warmth to the floor. This Rubber flooring was cheap compared to other such flooring. Thanks for the fast ordering and delivery service.
results 1-20 of 119
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