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5/8" Reversible Soft Tile - Seconds Reviews

5/8" Reversible Soft Tile - Seconds
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$3.96 Tile
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Average Rating 4.6/5

Customer Reviews

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perfect for my special needs child
Self-installed in Family room; kids bedroom
from Sterling, VA wrote...
I needed something safe and soft yet durable (and waterproof) for my 13 yr old son to roll around on. The tiles are a good thickness, clean easily and the price is great. I was concerned that my dog's nails would tear it up but so far, so good. I'm ordering another set for another room. I wish it came in more colors.
less dense & reversible not a benefit for me
Self-installed in Jobsite
from Cumberland, RI wrote...
Reversible sounds great...and it probably is for many people. My tiles are used over dust protection to provide impact protection for wood and tile floors during my remodeling work. Effectively, all foam tiles are reversible, but the foam these foam tiles have a textured pattern on both sides, whereas my existing pads have a textured side only on one side...the other is smooth. the smooth side is easier to clean (sweep, vacuum,etc...)than the textured tile. My other tiles are slightly denser than these as well. The denser foam provides better impact protection for my application and it's easier to move equipment around on them. On the other hand, if the mats I'm reviewing were to be used for play pads, I believe they'd be a better match from the standpoint that the softer cushioning would be better than my older harder mats. Lastly, the mats come with two of the 4 edges cut into the interlocking shape, but with the 'cutoff' piece still attached. I suppose that if one were to set up a mat installation which wouldn't move much if at all, it might be nice to have the straight edges (for aesthetic purposes only). For my purposes, the mats are constantly being sent to a new jobsite and installed then broken down and moved again. I found the extra pieces on the edges to be a hassle and almost immediately tore them all off and threw them in the dumpster. I like the product. It's good quality. The delivery went fine. If I had a choice now, I'd choose my denser older mats with the one smooth side...but that's just for my purposes.
Excellent product ata great price
Self-installed in Dining Room converted to Tailwind room
from Kansas City, KS wrote...
Fast delivery and after using for several weeks the product has performed ad expected. Saved a lot of money with free shipping other sellers I researched all had quite high shipping.
Self-installed in Back of our Subaru Outback
from Shoreline, WA wrote...
I'm not sure why these were seconds, I could find no flaws. I cut these to fit (perfectly) in the back of our Subaru Outback for sleeping. We haven't actually camped on them yet, but I think they're going to work very well. An electric knife (like Grandpa used to carve the turkey) works great to make nice clean cuts on these tiles.
tile review
Self-installed in church nursery
from Duluth, MN wrote...
We used them for our church nursery floor, worked great, we love them.
Good deal and not too bad
Self-installed in Children's room and living room
from Oakland, ca wrote...
These factory seconds are actually not bad. I see minor blemish such as discolorations in few spots (looks wet). I would buy again.
Very useful, easy to clean.
Self-installed in Play room, kitchen.
from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
We have the 5/8 inch mats in black and brown. They are used as play area flooring and kitchen flooring. They are easy to clean, easy on the feet if standing for a long period of time, and a great place for baby creatures to play. They are also easy to put together and putting them in different patterns is fairly easy.
Gym Floor Garage
Self-installed in Garage
from Philadelphia, PA wrote...
I ordered this material because I had to convert part of my garage into a gym for my son to work out. It could not have worked out any better. The price, delivery and installation went great.
Great for a karate school
Self-installed in
from Louisiana wrote...
Good quality, great price, shipped fast
Almost Perfect
Self-installed in Preschool Play Area
from Amarillo, TX wrote...
These tiles are great for low traffic areas, but not the best for a high traffic areas. I still use these in my high traffic area because the price is unbeatable. It is cheaper to purchase these every 2 years (once they have been worn out), than it is to buy top of the line flooring. They seem difficult to clean without damaging the tiles. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product.
Self-installed in Basement family room
from Watertown ma wrote...
Good Product
Self-installed in Home
from Atlanta, GA wrote...
Happy with the product and process to receive.
Self-installed in
from LA wrote...
can't beat the price... these tiles were the perfect item for my outdoor workout area... easy to clean and very durable.
Best Floor EVER
Self-installed in Viewing Stand
from Summerfield, NC wrote...
When observing wildlife in the great outdoors from an elevated viewing station every sound counts when the subjects can hear and see much better than the observers. These panels meet that need and keep every little movement and careless drop to a minimum volume. We could not tell where the flaws in the factory seconds were and they installed perfectly. Looking forward to the experience theses panels will help us share.
5/8 reversible tiles - seconds
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Florida wrote...
These are great tiles for an inexpensive gym floor option! The product is great. Couldnt have been easier to put down. My only issue is that I felt the Shipping Charges were ridicously high!
Basement spare bedroom
Self-installed in Basement spare bedroom
from Saint Joseph MO. wrote...
Needed something soft that would not absorb water like carpet, tried these tiles went togather fast and easy look better the more you use it, all the seems blend better after use, for the price it make a very good floor covering in any area but works very well in damp basements.
A Steal
Self-installed in Trade show
from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
I bought 6 boxes for a trade show and all tiles interlocked perfect and looked great. I only received complements on the flooring. Perfect budget floor!
Really good deal
Self-installed in Home gym
from Tucson, AZ wrote...
These tiles delivered fast and as described. The gray side seemed to show some minor bleeding through of the black color from the other side of the tiles so I just made the whole floor black and it looks pretty good. The gray sides really weren't that bad though A few of the tiles had some spots that looked wet but we had extras and just didn't use those. For the money, these tiles seem like a great deal if you are looking for cheap foam tiles and appearance is not overly important to you and they still worked out well for us.
results 1-18 of 18