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3/4" Extreme Mats Reviews

3/4" Extreme Mats
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  Weighlifting platform
Self-installed in Gym
Paul Berkowitz from New York wrote...
I built a 4-layer sandwich: 3/4 Plywood, 3/4 EVA Foam (tatami mat), 3/4 Plywood, 3/4 Hard rubber mat. All this is so as to drop olympic barbell weights. Works Great! Used urethane mastic to glue layers together. Images sent in by happy customer
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  And in this corner, weighing in at nearly 100lbs..
Self-installed in Home Gym in Apartment (aka Bedroom)
MM from Los Angeles, CA wrote...
I am a P90X/Insanity user and unfortunately limited to doing certain exercises outside because I live in an apartment. I looked high and low for a decent exercise mat, something that would really keep noise and floor shaking to a minimum. Guess what? You will not find a quality mat at Sports Authority, Lowe's, Home Depot, or even on the Beach Body website. They are all thin and poorly made. You'd be better off jumping up and down on newspaper. Google led me to Rubber Flooring Inc. and after reading reviews I decided on the 3/4″ Extreme Mat. This is one hell of a mat. It was a workout just getting from work (where it was delivered) to home. This thing weighs nearly 100 pounds! But this is what is needed if you want to jump up and down and not make much noise. This is what is need if you want to be kind to your knees and joints. My only complaint is that it does flake a bit. More so at first and now (after a month) not too much. I vacuum the mat to keep it clean, so that's easy. If you are looking for something to roll up and move around, this mat is not it. 100 pounds! You can't roll it up and store it. This isn't a yoga mat. This is a mat for jumping or weight training. You can drop weights on this thing. I wouldn't recommend doing that as the weight will probably bounce up and land on your foot, but if you drop a weight on this mat, your floor won't know. Finally, the price on this is good (they had a free shipping deal when I ordered). You are getting a mat that is 1000 times better than what you'll find in most stores or elsewhere online and only paying twice as much... this just is a common sense purchase.
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  Even better than expected
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in 2nd floor home gym
Happy Customer from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
We bought the 3/4 inch extreme mat to cushion our treadmill, located on hardwood flooring in our upstairs home gym. The sound protection afforded by this mat is amazing. I run at least 4 miles daily at an 8 minute/mile pace and no one downstairs ever hears me - seems almost impossible but it's true. We have been more than satisfied. The rubber smell that other reviewers have mentioned has completely gone away after two weeks - not an ongoing issue at all. We also purchased 2 premium mats which we have placed under our weight rack and bench. They are also great.
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  Solid Product
Self-installed in K-9 Cage
Anonymous from Atlantic County, NJ wrote...
My Police K-9 Dog kept destroying that mat for his cage in the rear of my patrol car. I purchased this product as a replacement because it was thicker than the old mat. It was easy to cut using a utility blade and is definitely serving its purchase. The best part is this flooring is less expensive and better quality than the standard mat that comes with the cage. Highly recommended for an K-9 handlers having a similar issue.
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Verified Purchase
Self-installed in garage gym.
Ed The Bear from Long Island wrote...
I got the 4ft by 6 ft 3/4 inch mat, to replace my plain home depot mat. The Rubber flooring mat is very strong and sturdy. It is great for jumping rope in the garage. It does a nice job with absorbing sound and is so much more comfortable on the joints than a flat mat or concrete. The mat is also excellent for lifting a heavy barbell on as it again absorbs sound and protects the floor when putting the weights down. Awesome for not disturbing the wife who sleeps in the bedroom above the garage. They delivered the mat near my garage door so I only had to roll it in and tear off the plastic wrap. You will have to do a lot of cleaning up of the small chards of rubbery debris from the factory cuts. You will have to weigh down the edges for a few hours as it has a tendency to want to curl back into it's delivered rolled up shape. This mat is fantastic.
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  Could not be happier.
Self-installed in Basement Gym.
Joe Q from Port Huron, MI wrote...
I searched several sites and this is definitely the best price I could find. I wasn't sure what the quality of this mat would be so I ordered and hoped for the best. I could not be happier. This product is miles ahead of horse stall mats I saw at a local tractor supply store in both quality and appearance and there is no odor. What a nice looking product. I have it in my basement gym lying on top of low pile carpet and it works great. Stays put and it's nice and firm. I'd like to rip up the carpet and do the entire floor in this stuff but I decided to stay married instead :) Thank-you Rubber Flooring Inc. for excellent customer service and fast shipping.
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  Great for weighlifting platform
Self-installed in gym
Daniel from Los Angeles, CA wrote...
Arrived quickly - was easy enough to cut with a utility knife. Used in my 6'x8' weightlifting platform. Catches weight well and I'm very happy with it.
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  What I expected
Self-installed in Home Gym
Rob W. from Lake Orion, MI wrote...
Was delivered in a reasonable timeframe, about a week if I recall correctly. It does not come in a box or any protective covering, so if it is left outside from delivery you do have the potential of getting it ruined. The unwrapping was a little messy with all the rubber particles, but comes right up with a vacuum. The mat is thick and durable, and is cheaper than their competitors. Highly satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend and purchase from them again.
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  Not as good as the Shock Mat
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gun Room
Anonymous from Atlanta, GA wrote...
The quality of these mats are excellent. However, when they were shipped they had the top (visiable) surface on the wood side of the pallet which left permanent wear marks on the mat. The top mat was also left exposed and at some point another pallet was placed on top and it too had permanent marks left in it. So my room had two somewhat damaged mats which made the entire room look cheap and cobbled together. I ended up buying two more mats to replace the pallet damaged ones. In another room I bought the slightly more expensive Shock mat (entirely a mistake on my part) and it is worth the extra money. It doesn’t flake off and the exposed side is much more durable. The Extreme mats made a huge mess in the room with tiny bits of rubber being sluffed off each time it was walked on. It eventually subsided but the Shock mats were better quality, slightly heavier, and were good to go from day one. Both mats I cut with a utility knife, I highly recommend getting the T-square type straight edge to help with cuts. Keep the knife sharp, start from the side facing down and avoid cutting all the way through the mat. It will take up to 4 passes depending on the thickness of your mat (mine was 3/4”). Once deep enough turn the mat over and make one clean cut from the exposed side of the mat. Your lines will be much straighter and the install will look professional.
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  Solid mats but tear easily
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Honolulu, HI wrote...
The mats arrived in perfect condition and are as I expected them to be with one important exception--they tear very easily. We unloaded the first 7 mats without incident but on the 8th one of the guys let his corner go (one person in each corner)for about 5 seconds and when the corner folded downward (due to its own weight) the crease turned into a tear before he could grab it again. As long as they stay flat there is no problem but if they aren't picked up and moved very carefully the weight of the mats can cause them to tear if they fold over at all. Be careful!
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  Awesome mat!
Self-installed in Work gym
Anonymous from Los Angeles wrote...
Spoke with the representative and she recommended exactly what I needed. Customer service skills were top notched and would recommend them to all my colleague's!
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  good qulity
Self-installed in home gym
Anonymous from Muskegon wrote...
I ordered this mat for my exercise area. I have a bad knee and needed a thick mat with some give. Works like a charm. It does shed quite a bit at first which lessens with time and a few vacuumings.
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  Great for my knees and ankles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Jason from San Francisco, CA wrote...
I started doing some HIIT-style workouts in my garage: a lot of jumping jacks, running in places, jumping, etc. My knees and ankles weren't happy with the concrete floor. I tried some foam, interlocking squares, but they moved around and came undone. This stays put. It's heavy. I opted for the 3/4″ mat. I'm a solid guy, so I figured it was better to err on the side of too much. It's been great. I feel very stable during the workouts. My knees and ankles don't take such a beating. And it's very easy to clean.
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  Great for alternate uses!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Tom C from Vermont wrote...
I purchased 8 of the 4x6 3/4″ extreme mats to keep my studded snowmobiles from tearing up the concrete floor in my garage. The mats are extremely durable and are able to withstand the metal ski guides and studded tracks on the snowmobiles. Each of my snowmobiles weighs over 400 lbs. I would highly recommend these to anyone that has a similar need.
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  Gym mats for home studio
Installed in Home gym
Frankie R. from Bellevue Wa wrote...
The mats are beautiful. Came on time,, no problem with delivery .. Called customer service just to check on status and they were really informative and professional... The guy who installed them for me was so impressed with the mats he is gonna order for other projects he's working on... I totally recommend Rubber Floor Inc for your Gym/Studio needs... and NO horrible rubber smell????
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  4'x6' Rubber Mats
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Ballston Spa, NY wrote...
I ordered 2 of these for my wife's workout area. They're 3/4″ thick. The mats lined up perfectly in the space. The mats are strong and durable. Dealing with the customer service was a pleasant experience. Courteous, and friendly. We received the mats in the timeframe mentioned. We will deal with Rubber Flooring again.
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  Works like a champ
Self-installed in Home Gym, 2nd floor bedroom
Robert from Dallas, TX wrote...
I have a treadmill on the second floor of the house. I had originally purchased a 1/4″ mat from Sporting Goods store to go underneath it. The sound was deafening....was very loud and could feel vibration in the house. Although cost was much higher I bought the thickest work out mat from rubber flooring as possible. Placed under the treadmill...yes, I can still hear the treadmill upstairs when I stand directly underneath in down stairs but sounds like a dish washer running...reality is less than that. Best purchase I could have made. Only on other option was to move to first floor. Shipping was on time and easy to track. This was a great deal and decision! Thanks, Rob
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  They Really Work
Self-installed in Garage
Hector Marcayda from Stafford, VA wrote...
We own a (2) car carage with a cement floor foundation, and because our 16 year old son and his friends have recently taken weight lifting to a higher level, the floor has been exposed to heavy gym equipment (metal weights, etc.). The result from the constant ″clanging″ has been superficial cracks in the cement floor. We've tried other products and invested over $1000 in low quality products, until we found RubberFlooring INC. The extreme mats are inexpensive for the quality, have sufficient sound attenuation features, are durable and flexible, easy to clean, and have prevented further floor damage. We have also recommended the product to our friends and will purchase addt'l mats from your company.
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  Mat for exercise floor
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anthony from San Antonio wrote...
I wanted to make my own weightlifting platform. This mat absorbs all the impact of the falling plates. No damage to my garage floor.
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  great home gym product
Anonymous from Pennsylvania wrote...
This is a great product for a home gym. It arrived quickly and there is plenty of cushion for aerobic and weight training. It is on a concrete floor. The only complaint is that there are small flecks that stick to your clothing. The edges roll up a bit so we put weights on them to flatten. double sided carpet tape would probably work.
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