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Levant Rolls Reviews

Levant Rolls
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Customer Reviews

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Parking Work Mat
Self-installed in Heated Barn Workshop
from Highland,MI wrote...
Using as a large drip mat under my workshop car hoist. Good looking. Nice texture. Unrolled ok but cannot get ends to lay down flat. Bought the contact adhesive recommended and that was only a minor success on first attempt. Adhesive instructions said to spray on only one surface. Placed objects on ends to coax material flat. Even went so far as to place aluminum sheet across ends and apply heat with heat lamps to flatten it out. Still no luck after 3 weeks with blocks of wood holding it down. Weather is cold. Workshop floor is about 40F so hope warm summer weather will help. Cleans up with a mop quite well. No pilling of the mop from surface texture. Time will tell how well it performs when oil and solvent drips come into play.
Good product - good service
Self-installed in Work & Storage shed
from Baltimore, MD wrote...
The flooring was exactly what I ordered. It was easy to install. It came much faster than the original delivery date estimate (Which I appreciated.) Over all, I give the service and the product 5 stars.
great floor for my woodshop
Self-installed in Basement Woodshop
from Upstate NY wrote...
I was almost afraid to install this flooring as it had several seams involved. While my cuts were not quite perfect, it was easy to make the seams tight. Even though the tile floor I covered was a bit uneven, the heavier grade material smoothed it out nicely. An unexpected benefit is that in a woodshop, this flooring sweeps up easily. I am overall very pleased with it I want to see how it wears over the years ...
Covering old painted concrete
Self-installed in Garage
from Bartlesville, OK wrote...
Unbelievable, easy to cut and install. Our garage flooring looks brand new. Had tried epoxy liquid products which always peeled up.. easy to clean. Amazing. also installed a square left over on a slab of concrete outside garage door entrance. looks great and appears to work well.
great stuff
Self-installed in
from upstate ny wrote...
looks great. easy to work with. easy to clean. love it.
Great for indoor winter
Self-installed in bedroom
from Minnesota wrote...
When you have dark walls and you want contrast, you need a black floor, so this made sense for what I was doing in my room. This product was exactly what I wanted, very consistent, and has proven durable. The floor has been quite easy to clean and has stood up well to moving heavy equipment around on it. The rubber "settles" after a while, so the curl of it being rolled up goes away in a few hours.
Love my new floor
Installed in
from Fremont, IN wrote...
I bought 3 rolls of 9 x 44 ft of the Levant flooring to put in my garage and in 2 separate rooms in the back of the garage. We used pressure adhesive glue instead of the carpet tape for the entire project. It took 2 people for the larger garage part and we were very careful trying to keep any bubbles from forming under the flooring but in the end there were still some... not horrible though. I really do love my new flooring though and it looks amazing!
Dance Floor
Self-installed in Dance Stuio
from MA wrote...
We used this in place of the "marley" or similar dance flooring available from dance companies for our studio. Works great for tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, pointe ect.
Good Product - Good Price
Self-installed in Garage
from Bend, Oregon wrote...
This product was very easy to work with. It took about three cuts on a 9' X 44' roll in order to install it in my 13' X 23' garage. I definitely would purchase the Levant Roll again. My garage floor looks great!
Exactly what I was looking for
Self-installed in stairway
from McKinney, TX wrote...
I used this to cover the metal steps on a circular stairway. The material is easy to cut with a utility knife and looks great on the stairway. It does the job of protecting the steps but is thin enough to not get in the way.
It's Perfect!
Self-installed in Studio
from University Park, PA wrote...
I use the Levant Roll Material to cover a green screen cyclorama floor whenever it's not in use, so it doesn't get tore up. This material is perfect being light-weight, durable, thin, and best of all, made in America! It's the perfect for Film/Video/Television/Broadcast facilities. Because I don't use it as a permanent installation, I've taken 2 photos, 1 with the roll covering the cyclorama, 1 with the cyclorama exposed.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Beautiful and Tough
Self-installed in SUV cargo area
from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware wrote...
I used thick black Levant to make a custom cargo mat for the back of my new Ford Explorer. All the pre-made cargo mats only cover the area behind the rear seats. I wanted a mat that covered everything. I Rolled the vinyl flooring out to let it relax, made a construction paper template of the cargo area, cut the vinyl to match the template and it fits and looks like a factory made cargo mat only better. Mine drapes over the folded down seat backs for extra protection. The Levant material itself is beautiful and looks really good in the truck. With the ten foot minimum I had enough for two mats so I made one that is oversize. It rolls up the sides of the cargo area so I can haul mulch and such without it falling down the cracks. I am so glad I bought this stuff! So is my truck.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Levant 5.5mil rolled garage floor covering
Self-installed in laundry and warewashing rooms
from Westchester County, NY wrote...
Perfect product for our application...damp concrete floor which paint will not adhere to. After ten+ years of hearing from the Dept of Health to fix the floor, this product solved the problem. Easy to manipulate, not too heavy, looks great.
Self-installed in enclosed 7 X16 trailer we are using for go karting
from Marshalltown, IA wrote...
the product was excellant. we installed the garage flooring in an enclosed trailer we bought for go karting. Everything went fine except the first half I put down, I used to much adheasive and had to wait quite awhile before we could actually lay the flooring, the second half went much faster. I learned a big lesson! Shipping was great, way ahead of schedule!!
great look easy to install
Self-installed in garage
from spencerport NY wrote...
after fast shipping I had to wait for weather to warm, laid it in sun for 5 hrs then placed in garage next day trimmed and seamed looks great easy to put down hope it will last, epoxy paint didn't.
Great Product
Self-installed in garage
from Sunland CA. wrote...
quick delivery, great product, exactaly as advertized, easily installed, competive priced.
Great Garage Flooring
Self-installed in Garage
from Collinsville, VA wrote...
This was exactly what we were looking floor. Purchased the 60FT roll, made two cuts and it was the exact sizes needed to cover the entire garage floor. Floor had been previously painted and looked horribly. This flooring was very easy to install and looks great. Very happy with the flooring.
Great Floor!
Self-installed in Craft room/Dog room/Gym
from Baton Rouge, La wrote...
We were looking for flooring for our Craft room/Dog room and this worked out great. It looks good and was easy to put down. We had thought of staining or painting the floor and this was a much better idea. We could not have asked for a better solution to our dilemma.
Great garage floor covering
Self-installed in Garage
from Lino Lakes, MN wrote...
I live in Minnesota and have a new cement floor, just sealed in the garage. I did not want the slippery surface and have not been a fan of the epoxy painted floors that wear out in a couple years. I purchased 1 roll; 44' x 9' wide and cut it in half to fit in the center parking areas in a double car 24' x 24' garage. (22' x 19') The counters, refrigerator, shelves, and work bench that line the perimeter essentially take up the rest of the floor space. Looks great, and now the winter salt water mess that melts off the vehicles is easily brushed out the door without the slipery dangerous surface of a newly sealed cement floor. Very durable, easy to install, cuts with a box cutter, and easly to clean. It also provides some insulation from the cold cement in the winter. I really like the leather texture surface. I bought the standard grey color that accents the new cabinets in the garage. Relatives and neighbors have all positively commented and are likely to buy as well. Great product at a more reasonable price. When installing get some young muscles to help. The roll is 220 lbs plus a pallet = 300 lbs delivered. While I did it by myself, it isn't lightweight work to manuever the roll. Once you lay it down it can be manuevered but doesn't shift on it's own. Perfect for my application and expectations.
satisfied customer
Self-installed in Garage portion of my RV. Toy hauler
from Louisiana wrote...
The product was delivered in excelent condition ahead of schedule. You cant ask for more then that.I would of liked to have had more color choices but black or gray is the only 2 choices.
results 1-20 of 23
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