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Ribbed Rolls Reviews

Ribbed Rolls
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$14.85 Linear Foot
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Customer Reviews

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Very Useful
Self-installed in garage
from Brodhead, WI wrote...
Am looking forward to winter to really test this product. Should make my garage floor much easier to clean after the dirt and snow has landed on it and I can sweep or vacuum it up when dry.
Ribbed flooring (.075")
Self-installed in Garage
from Mason, Ohio wrote...
The three rolls (300 lbs btw) came in about 2 wks., faster than we expected. Grand son and I put it down in about 2 hrs with no problems, used two sided tape at the seams and at the door. It looks good, keeps water off the floor under the cars and the wife likes it!! I think the .075" material is better for garage use and would recomend it.
Self-installed in Garage over a painted cement floor
from Baton Rouge, Louisiana wrote...
I am very pleased with my floor covering for my painted garage floor. The hot tires would take the paint off the floor. Now with my floor covering I do not have the problem anymore. Thanks, Carmelite Zibilich
It is perfect and I am enjoying it!
Self-installed in outside screen room
from South Florida wrote...
This one is 10’ wide and my room is 11’ wide. I did not put this down as permanent with glue; I just rolled it out in my screen room. Since the screen room has a screen roof it is a wet room. When painted with driveway paint, the paint would peel off shortly after applying it. I needed a mold resistant rubber. I soaked the small sample piece in straight bleach for a week, nothing happened. After a few days the entire floor was flat with no ripples at all. I intend to roll it up and bring it into the garage in the summer when I leave South Florida in late spring and prepare my home for possible hurricanes. This would also be perfect for a garage and it is easy to clean with a sponge mop and shop vac. If the rolls were at least 12 feet wide I would put it in other rooms in my house too.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
sand ribbed rubber garage flooring
Self-installed in Garage
from Metro Detroit, MI wrote...
Not really the color that it looks like in the picture. It looks more like plastic Barbie doll skin color. I had to match up 8 pieces based on my garage size. The ribs did not line up as well as I'd hoped, due to the inconsistancy of the rolls. Other than that, I've had it in for 5 weeks and its working well. If I leave a car parked for a few days it disfigures the ribbing, but it seems to have memory and bounce back to it's original form after a day or so. It's being held down by the suggested two sided carpet tape. I hope it works well this winter with all the melting snow on it.
Garage Flooring
Self-installed in Garage
from Lake Charles, LA wrote...
Really great quality and very easy to clean.
Ribbed Rolled Flooring
Self-installed in Garage
from Durham, NC wrote...
This was our 2nd NEW house and after what had happened to the others or what we ended up with--we KNEW we did not want the type of floor we had at other homes. This is easy and perfect and so simple to clean. Worth every penny and as my brother has had one for 16 years and it looks as new as ours--we expect a lifetime of satisfaction!
Self-installed in garage
from Mashpee, MA wrote...
Easy to install, just as advertised. I had tried two types of epoxy paint on the garage floor with terible results both times( peeling and cracking). The garage looks like an added room now!!! Thanks
Exterior walkout deck
Self-installed in Outdoor deck over garage
from Albuquerque, NM wrote...
I purchased 3 rolls of ribbed flooring to cover a new TPO roof (over garage)that is the floor of my walkout deck. I had my roofer heat weld the three rolls together at the joints, caused a little baconing. The flooring is exposed to direct sunlight, so it shrinks and swells with temperature. Does not lay flat has some wrinkles, and has discolored some. I have not tried to glue it down to minimize wrinkles, may try carpet tape, if I can't live with wrinkles. But is protecting new roof membrane.
Exactly what I needed
Self-installed in business
from Solvang, Ca wrote...
I purchased this flooring to cover the wood floor of my floral shop. I needed a protective cover that was not permanent but waterproof in my back workspace. Looks good too!
Ribbed garage flooring, roll
Self-installed in garage
from Cedar Grove N.J. wrote...
When the roll of garage flooring arrived. I laid the flooring on the garage floor. It took about an hour with my wife's help. The floor has been down for a few weeks. The floor looks great. Very easy to sweep out any dirt that is on the garage flooring. I am very happy with the garage flooring .
ribbed garage floor
Self-installed in garage
from youngstown, oh wrote...
Your product arrived quickly and was easy to install. I purchased the smallest standard size because I have a small car. I wish I had gotten a bigger size because there is not a lot of room for error when pulling in. We have only had one heavy snow day since I installed the flooring and the snow melt was not entirely contained on one side of the car since I wasn't centered perfectly. I am happy with the flooring though and I'm sure it will help this winter to keep the melting snow contained.
Ribbed Roll
Self-installed in Garage
from NJ wrote...
I bought 7.5 x 20 forest green ribbed garage mat for my residential garage. Looks good, laid out nice on the floor - serves the purpose. But, the .55m thickness probably won't be enough since the first time I parked the car on the mat, the concrete underneath has already made an impression where the tires rest on the mat (and its a small sports car). I suppose the .75m would work better.
Ribbed vynil garage rolls.
Self-installed in Garage
from Roscoe, IL. wrote...
I use the ribbed vynil rolls mostly for winter, it catches all of the snow with the salt and sand that melts off the cars so that I can vacuum it up with a wet/dry vac. It keeps the concrete floor clean. I have used this type of product before by a local vendor but wanted a larger size roll than the standard 17' X 10'
good product
Self-installed in garage
from Buffalo, NY wrote...
Easy to install, shipped fast (despite email that said it would take 20 production days and up to 10 business days to ship), cuts easily, good customer service. My only concern, is the fact that it really holds water; I thought the ribs would cause the water to run out, but instead it pools. THis really isn't an issue wiht the product, just something for buyers to consider--does your garage slope enough for the water to run off.
Alternate Use
Self-installed in Outdoor deck
from North Liberty, IA wrote...
We purchased the ribbed, clear vinyl garage flooring to go under teak deck tiles that are on a deck with a rubber membrane. We wanted extra protection for the membrane and to stop water leakage. So far we have not had anymore water seeping through the deck and we know it is protecting the membrane from the indentations made by the back of the deck tiles. It was easy to unroll and cut the flooring to size. We are not sure how it will hold up over the course of several years, but I'm hoping it lasts for a long time.
Ribbed roll
Installed in Minivan
from Reinholds PA wrote...
Used this for my minivan. I often transport for Golden Retriever Rescue and the mat is easy to clean and sanitize. Have all the seats out of my minivan and my own three Goldens go to work with me, so once a week, I blowout the dog hair, wipe the mat with a damp cloth and we're ready to go again!Easy to cut. GREAT product.
Very Happy
Self-installed in
from Fresno, CA wrote...
Nice product and a fair price
Self-installed in Garage
from Memphis wrote...
I had painted my floor with an epoxy finish and it didn't Hold up well so I ordered the rolled flooring and my garage Looks great again. I would recommend your covering over Epoxy any day!!!!
Great product
Self-installed in Garage
from Indep., MO wrote...
I bought this rolled mat because when the snow falls off the cars and melts, it doesn't want to run toward the drain but toward the inside of the basement. While it hasn't snowed since I got it, it's rained and what's dripped off the car is contained and then easily swept out of the garage. All my friend/family who see it thinks it's great. I'll probably buy another one next year for the other side of the garage.
results 1-20 of 24
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