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Diamond Flex Tiles Reviews

Diamond Flex Tiles
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$75.89 Case
reg: $4.33 sqft
case $101.19
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Average Rating 4.8/5

Customer Reviews

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Great product for my garage
Self-installed in Garage
from New london WI wrote...
These tiles work great, look great and installation was simple. I would suggest using black wherever you have tires in contact for long periods of time. I started out with grey and the tires left marks that could not be cleaned off, I went to black and now you don't even see where the car is parked.
Self-installed in Car detail shop
from Maryland wrote...
I installed the rubber tiles in my car detail shop The floor appearance looks great! It installed easy. The only the only issue we have is the floor hold dirt and tire marks very easy and cannot be removed with any cleaning products. We every tried scrubbing it with a floor machine and to looks better but still not clean as the original appearance
Great easy to install garage floor tiles
Self-installed in Garage Floor
from Dunedin, Florida wrote...
The Diamond flex tiles were just as advertised. They were flexible enough to cover the uneven parts of my floor but rigid enough to keep the floor level. The installation was very straight forward and I was able to cut all the edges with a good pair of scissors. There wasn't any noticeable color variations from box to box so that was appreciated. The results was better than I expected. I would recommend these tiles to anyone looking for an easy to install improvement on an old worn out garage floor. Thanks, Don
best thing I have done in garage
Self-installed in Garage
from Port Saint Lucie, Florida wrote...
I installed the Diamond Flex Tiles in my two car garage. It took about 6 hours and I did not have any help. Most of the time was taken up doing the area around the water heater and air handler. It looks better than the pictures in your web site. It was the best thing I have done as a home improvement to your home. Many others have looked at it and have stated how great it looks.
Diamond Tiles
Self-installed in Garage
from NY wrote...
I purchased approximately 16 X 30 of the diamond flex tiles. I alternated between black and light gray. The project went very smoothly and took approximately 6 hours to complete from start to finish. I used a small hammer to set the tiles. I did not purchase the end pieces yet and I don't think it's necessary because the lines of the tile finish off nicely and looks great. The only mistake I made was not planning where my car would park in the garage. I don't recommend storing a car on the light color tile such as Gray because the tiles will stain and it's nearly impossible to remove it. I changed the orientation so the tires always rest on the black color tiles.
Self-installed in Garage
from Rantoul, Illinois wrote...
We shopped around for months and finally ordered samples of a couple different products. After receiving the free samples we made our choice and placed our order using their floor layout plan. We chose a checkerboard pattern of black and grey. Within about a week the truck arrived and couldn't wait to get started. The flooring is for our garage which is 20' by 25'. The next day we chalked lines and my wife and I got started. Within five hours we had all the full tiles laid and two walls cut in. We decided that was enough for one day and got up early and finished it the next day in about 3 hours. The floor itself fit perfect and I can't see how water could leak through the joints and the grandkids already proved that. When installing make sure to read directions and have a good utility knife with heavy duty sharp blades and a good metal straightedge and a couple of rubber mallets. Installation was a breeze. I installed it on the step into the house and kept the pattern continuous and it looked great. We have received numerous compliments and it is very comfortable to walk on, even in your bare feet. I highly recommend this product and it is everything it says it is, we love it!!!!! Thank you Rubber Flooring.
Doug's Garage
Installed in Garage
from Wilmington, DE wrote...
Floor turned out great. Our contractor was able to hide and conceal the uneven and cracked concrete flooring well with the tiles. Installed in April. Want to see how it stands up the the Northeast heat tempatures.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Boxing Center
from Fairfield, OH wrote...
Golden gloves boxing Center in Cincinnati Ohio.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Self-installed in GARAGE FLOOR
from Albany, NY wrote...
So easy to install. I used a rubber hammer and had it installed in less then an hour. Looks amazing and easy to clean. I had an excellent customer service experience.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Love our new garage floor!
Self-installed in Garage floor
from Indiana wrote...
We ordered the diamond flex tiles in dark grey and light grey, the 20.5" square, and made a checkerboard pattern in our garage. It was easy to install. We just needed a good rubber mallet and a sharp utility knife. We also installed the transition strips in the the front. We recommend making a good straight level line at the front of the garage door, and working back from there to get a perfect straight entrance way to the garage room. Our 2 car garage was finished in one afternoon. So far the floor has just had some basic dirt on it, and oil drips from oiling a bike or two. Both have been easy to clean up. And the tiles feel so much more comfortable to walk on versus the concrete floor. And even though it is a diamond tread pattern, since it is the rubber flex tile, that pattern still feels great if you have to kneel down or sit down on the tile floor to work on a project. I really recommend this product. Shipment was timely, and since we ordered the tile batches altogether, we had no problem with color match between tiles. We had a level garage floor to begin with, so the tiles laid down quick and easy.
Easy to install; looks great; tires leave marks
Self-installed in Garage
from Michigan wrote...
If you are installing as a garage floor, you should know that auto tires leave marks that cannot be removed. Possibly if you choose a dark color it would not be as evident.
Clean away
Self-installed in Garage
from Sylvania, OH wrote...
I have had my floor down in my garage for 5 years and have found--in response to the comment about the difficulty cleaning--that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will take up any dirt and stains.
Diamond Flex Tile
Self-installed in Home, garage
from The Woodlands, Texas wrote...
The tile installed very easily and looks great. However, I am a little concerned as to how well the tile is going to stand up to daily use. I already have a few water spots I cannot get rid of.
Grandpa's garage project
Self-installed in Garage
from Trenton, NJ wrote...
Easy to install. Most of the work ( bending etc.,) was done by my 12 year old grandson. my garage measures 22x19. The Rubber Floor tile calculator was near perfect. I laid the tiles on a concrete floor. They are not going anywhere. No adhesive. Biggest problem was moving " stuff " in the garage. I used tiles of the same color. Made the job easier.
Self-installed in Utility area
from Houston Tx wrote...
The sample I received and final product match perfectly. Easy purchase and delivery even with the shipping conditions I requested. Very easy installation and looks good. Time will tell on durability.
Good product
Installed in
from Naples, FL wrote...
Great buy! I would recommend to anyone looking.
Garage floor
Self-installed in garage
from South Carolina wrote...
Recently completed installation of tiles. Product as promised. Quick delivery and easy to install. Getting rave reviews from neighbors!
Self-installed in Customer Sevice and Check out office
from Pocatello Idaho wrote...
We installed this in our office where there is a lot of outside traffic coming in and lots of wet dirty feet. It went down easily and looks better than we can have imagined, it takes a pretty a good beating with foot traffic and equipment run across it and cleans up easily every time not to mentions staying slip resistant for our customers no matter how wet it is getting. Love this flooring and always get great compliments on it.
Great Look
Self-installed in Food Truck
from Virginia Beac wrote...
Purchased this product for the floor of a food truck. I rated this a 4 and for some applications it could be a 5. But.... If there is a chance of water getting on the flooring, it seeps through the edges and finds it's way under the tiles and stays there..... Until it oh so slowly dries. When you walk on the floor some of the water tries to penetrate the top. It Looks Great and appears to be durable
Garage Floor
Self-installed in Garage
from Staten Island wrote...
Installed these tiles in my garage.It was easy to install,I used a band saw to cut the tiles. the garage looks Great!!! Very pleased with the product.I ordered samples of different colors to see how they looked before I called a order in. The customer service rep was very helpful on expediting my order.
results 1-20 of 62
1 2 3 4